Captains Log: Big Brother 8 – Episode 28

You’ll have to accept my apology on this one because my TiVo royally screwed me over and for some reason it just didn’t record the show. And then I thought my sister had taped it for me, but no, that didn’t happen either. So I’m going strictly off of memory here.

We get our recap from Julie and she automatically lets the houseguests know what is going on this week. I think they all had a bit of an idea that something big was coming, but it doesn’t make some of them any happier. Namely Jessica and Eric. So we are going to start off with an eviction right off the bat. Then an HOH competition and another nomination without any thought being given to it. The POV competition will go down and then we’ll have our second eviction.

All in the course of one hour folks!

Up For Eviction
Jameka and Jessica


The first vote is about to happen and it won’t take long since there are only three votes coming out. Eric actually was told by the fans to vote for Jameka. I don’t think he would have taken the money on this one anyway and just gone against it. Did Daniele and Dick go behind their partners’ backs and strike a deal with Jameka? They sure did as a vote of 2 – 1 gives us our first eviction of the night:


The goodbye interviews are sincere, well somewhat. Eric’s goodbye message is quite tearful and he even tells Jessica that he loves her many times. Very sweet and quite sad to be honest with you.

But now the remaining houseguests must head outside for the HOH competition which is called “Before and After.” A quick game and our next person in the big room is:


Nervousness still throughout the house as there is a lot of backstabbing going on. Eric gets a vote from America really quick on who he should try get nominated and it is Daniele. Yeah, good chance of that happening. Dick doesn’t waste much time and Eric doesn’t win this week’s challenge as we get:

Up For Eviction
Eric and Jameka


I’m telling you all now as I have been all season, Zach is silently making his way to the top of this thing.

But now it’s time to get ready for the POV competition. The houseguests had to find green balls and put them in a tube. People running all over the place, a bit of confusion, and Zach comes out on top with the big shiny medal. Zach decided to leave both Eric and Jameka on the block due to his deal with D&D. And with that we get another quick vote and one of the twists in the game is gone as by a vote of 2 – 0, the next out is:


He heads out and tells Julie that he was America’s Player and only did what he was told to do. He got this far because of the fans and had a good time doing it. I believe he ended up winning $40,000 thanks to all the tasks he was told to perform and actually did complete. That is a damn fine haul for not winning the whole thing, and not to mention the relationship he now has with Jessica. I wonder though if it will continue outside of the house as they keep saying it will.

And that is it for a really wild episode. You don’t think that Dick gets to stay in the big room though do you? There is another HOH competition coming up, but it will be revealed on Sunday.

That’s it for this week; make sure to be back with us on Sunday as Josh Clinton covers the next episode which will let us know just whose days may be numbered and who the new HOH is. And Tuesdays are covered by Richard Mauntah for the POV competition and that always gets interesting. But stay with Reality Dish everyday for coverage of Showtime After Dark and the 24/7 online coverage. Til next Thursday, this is your Captain speaking and put those trays in their upright position because this is going to be a rocky approach.

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