Possible Spoilers for TNA PPV

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WrestlingObserver.com is reporting that TNA “will be announcing a two-hour show although we don’t know the start date (believed to be early October).”

Regarding the former World Champion that is rumored TNA is close to signing, Meltzer says he knows of three they are talking with “at least somewhat seriously” and one they have confidence they can sign (and that doesn’t include Brock Lesnar who seems headed to UFC). Hmm…

Finally, WrestlingObserver.com says that Jeff Jarrett was trying to get the Tennessee Titans to allow Pacman Jones to actually wrestle in the match (if they can agree on what he is/isn’t allowed to do) with Killings vs. Angle and Sting, but there’s no word on whether that will happen or if they’ll book around it.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.