More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – My New Theme Song

So, I have a brand new theme song, and it’s by Damien Rice.

I swear that I’ve gone over my hate/love relationship with Damien Rice, but in case I haven’t, here’s a very brief version: years ago my roommate was listening to O and it nearly drove my best friend and me to suicide. I later grew to appreciate Rice’s somber songs and now I’m a fan.

Anyway, I was actually I had just finished listening to Rilo Kiley’s Under the Black Light (which I’m loving so much that I’ve almost overplayed the album) and I didn’t really want to jump back into this week’s Resolution record. I had an errand to run so I figured I’d give Damien a shot at providing the soundtrack.

And for the most part O is just providing background music; I’m not letting it dominate my attention. Then, seven tracks in, “Cheers Darlin'” comes on, and the song and I click.

That track might as well be the soundtrack to my feelings for the one that I pine for. The regret, the pain, the torture, the self-doubt and loathing, the half-hearted congratulations, it was like listening to the voices in my head, over a melody.

The song so perfectly captures my thoughts and emotions when it comes to her that I’d put it on my MySpace page if I had one. Actually it’s so perfect that it makes me want to get a MySpace page just so that I can have it on my profile page.

Now I’m really pissed that I hadn’t discovered the song earlier. I so could have used that song as a reference for people who wanted to know where I was emotionally on a given day.

But I guess it’s better late than never, right?

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