Demetri Martin. Person. – DVD Review

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Studio: Comedy Central & Paramount
Release Date: September 4, 2007
Number of Discs: 1
Running Time: 42 Minutes (not including extras)
MSRP: $19.98


Demetri Martin


Demetri Martin .Himself

The show:

If you know the name Demetri Martin odds are you’re a huge Daily Show fan, because that’s where he really started to make a name for himself. If you haven’t heard of him and you fancy yourself a stand-up comedy fan, then you just might want to check this out.

This isn’t a classic stand-up performance. This isn’t Eddie Murphy’s Raw, or Eddie Izzard’s Dressed To Kill. But you will laugh. Demetri Martin had a couple things going for him that sets him apart from other young comedians trying to make a name for themselves in this competitive business. Martin doesn’t just stand on stage and tell jokes and funny antidotes. He’s an artist, so he incorporates his drawings and cartoons into the act. He’s also a musician of sorts, and sings songs as well. Although his songs are more him talking and telling stories while playing guitar than traditional songs. Still, this multimedia presentation works for Martin and puts him a head above the rest.

Not all his jokes work, but he’s still pretty consistently funny. This may not be the end all, be all of stand-up performance, but for his first big special it’s pretty darn good. If you like funny then odds are you’ll enjoy Demetri Martin. Person.

A piece of Martin’s “Art”.

The DVD:

VIDEO: How does it look?
(Presented with a 1.33:1 full screen aspect ratio)

This DVD looks pretty good for a made for TV stand-up special. The transfer is fine and none of the humor is lost.

AUDIO: How does it sound?
(Dolby Stereo)

The sound is exactly how you’d expect it to sound. It’s a live stand up show for goodness sakes. It’s nothing special.


Commentary: This is a surprisingly entertaining commentary. Demetri sits down with his sister, Mother, uncles and Grandmother to talk about the show. The best part about this is his Grandmother with her super thick Greek accent.

Deleted Scenes: Some with and some without commentary. Most of these are pretty good, mostly Demetri either screwing up or talking to the audience. They aren’t really jokes per say, so it makes sense why they were cut.

Comedy Central Presents: This is Martin’s first stand up special. It runs about 30 minutes and is just as funny as the feature.

Bonus Mythical Creatures: Technically these are other deleted scenes. These are bits taken out of one of his animated jokes. Funny stuff.

Interview: Um, it’s an interview with Martin. And pretty much what you’d expect. Nothing special.

Other Stand-Up: Contains clips from three old Martin shows. Only a few jokes per performance; these are entertaining.

Rejected Set Design Ideas: Martin talks about set-design ideas he had for the special that were rejected by Comedy Central. Again, this is funny. Am I starting to sound like a broken record?

Behind The Joke: There was one joke during the show that just didn’t work and was cut. This featurette talks about why the joke didn’t work.

Creep Eating An Ice Cream Pop: This is just like it sounds. Martin puts on some 70’s cop sunglasses and a fake beard and eats an ice-cream pop. This is the worst extra on this disc.

Easter Eggs: I’ll tell you that there are some. I’ll tell you that they’re funny. But I’m not telling you where they are. Why should I draw you a map to the treasure? That would take the fun out of finding them for yourself.

Tiny Poster: This is the insert inside the case. See the cover art, that’s what the poster looks like.

The DVD Lounge’s Ratings for Demetri Martin. Person.
(OUT OF 10)






The Inside Pulse
This is a solid DVD release. The main performance isn’t a classic but it’s entertaining and the DVD is loaded with quality extras. If you’re curious I highly recommend renting this puppy.

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