Make Movement: McMahon-Hornswaggle Era

The big question of RAW this week was “Who is Mr. McMahon’s bastard son?” which we all knew would get dragged to the last possible minute in hopes that no one would have the urge to switch to the Monday Night Football double-header. Was it captivating or a smart booking move to swerve the audience with Hornswoggle instead of Triple H? The bigger question is, will this pay off for long-term booking?

Chances are, we’ll find out there was some mistake with Hornswoggle named as the bastard son down the line, but until then expect gags-a-plenty as RAW will be Hornswaggle-McMahon. Triple H will have plenty of ‘not measuring up’ jokes, Ron Simmons can say “Damn!” and Shane McMahon can chase Hornswaggle around the ring. Everyone will have a opinion and a chance to poke fun at Mr. McMahon. Will Hornswoggle want a WWE title shot against Orton or Cena? It seems obvious Hornswoggle will cause havoc to Regal once he returns as well as “step-sibling” rivalry as McMahon plays favorites between Hornswoggle, Stephanie and Shane. I can easily picture Hornswoggle nodding his head as Mr. McMahon lectures his children in Dr. Evil style. Clearly, WWE writers are big Austin Powers fans, as they’ve done the WWE Diva promos in the past in the similar ‘sexual object placement’ style.

There’s very little to remember from the show otherwise:
-Jeff Hardy is very over and is getting mic time.
-Batista looked good against The Great Khali, at least someone does.
-Mickie James finally is allowed to win a match on TV and still get squashed by Beth Phoenix.
-John Cena is acting like “Stone Cold” defying security and trying to convince me to take his vendetta seriously when it just doesn’t work for me.
-Orton’s looking solid as usual and here’s to hoping the title will go to him.
-Santino attacks Ron Simmons and Simmons should be punking him as soon as the pay-per-view.
-The WWE Diva Search is back, just what the WWE needs! More Divas who want a quick dollar and no nothing about wrestling! Apprantly big boobs and being blonde is always favored in these contests, at least in the beginning. What a waste of money and space that should go to someone else who has actually earned their spot.
-No Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennedddddddddddddddy in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
-No King Booker or Ric Flair.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at


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