Meltzer Breaks New Info on WWE/Signature Pharmacy Story

The Wrestling Observer in it’s latest issue claims to have been contacted by a well-known wrestler no longer with WWE, who said he began to get steroids from Signature Pharmacy in 2005 after one of the Divas alerted him about it. He told Observer owner Dave Meltzer that “everybody in the company did it”, yet only two of the names he knew for sure were customers appeared on the recent list. So far there have been confirmed 30 day suspensions for Charlie Haas, Edge, Gregory Helms, John Morrison, William Regal, Ken Kennedy, Umaga, Funaki and Chavo Guerrero, while Chris Masters received a 60 day suspension. The suspensions for Edge and Helms don’t have any on-screen effect as they are both out injured. However, bear in mind that WWE does not test people who are injured since the tests are held at large TV tapings, so Edge and Helms could very easily continue to use for the moment. Additionally, King Booker was suspended for 60 days, most likely due to failing a test in addition to appearing on the Signature list.

Randy Orton was first suspended for 60 days after WrestleMania 22 for unprofessional conduct. This was for various reasons, most notably smoking a joint in front of numerous witnesses whilst backstage at a show. He was suspended again in August that year after he failed a steroid test without a valid prescription, which was the punishment WWE is using as a reason for not suspending him now. However, he continued to receive orders from Signature Pharmacy after this and right up to February this year. He was also given a pay cut in April after he caused some $30,000 damage to a hotel room on the European tour. He has also been given various fines for misdemeanours, most notably due to his attitude towards women backstage. Perhaps coincidentally, he is slated to headline the next PPV against John Cena.

Regal made the following quote in a newspaper the day before he was suspended: “Steroids are not something that are part of my being a performer. It’s not something I’ve relied on or anything that I’ve had anything to do with. When I was in my early 20s, in fact, very early 20s, when I was still living in England and travelling the world, I dabbled in steroids but nobody ever told me or forced me to. Nowadays, we get tested very thoroughly and if guys are going to use steroids and they get tested, they’re going to get caught, and they’re going to get found out or they’re going to get suspended or fired.” Regal also admitted in private that he had been prescribed steroids by Dr Phil Astin in the past, yet quickly distanced himself from Astin after feeling the doctor wanted to press painkillers and other drugs on him.

Umaga and Funaki were the only wrestlers named in the Signature Pharmacy story who were only receiving Growth Hormone and not steroids. Umaga is still slated to face Triple H at No Mercy. Funaki is said to have only remained employed by WWE for so long because he causes no problems backstage and is always eager to please John Laurinaitis. The feeling is that now his name has come up, Vince McMahon might actually get around to remembering him the next time he clears out the prelim ranks.

The UK Sun has written a good story on Meltzer’s scoop, and Meltzer recently published a list of WWE wrestlers that Meltzer previously reported being suspended.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 10 September 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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