Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – September 10

After months of live shows, more than 10,000 auditions and a variety of special guest performances, it was time for Canadian Idol‘s final showdown between Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo on Monday night.

The show began with the standard warm-up at 6:49 PM.

Host Ben Mulroney opened the broadcast by saying that it had been a “five month trek” for the final two.

The contest almost looked like a wrestling match, with opening videos played that were designed to hype the audience even more than they already were. In his video, Brian said that he “loved Jaydee, but this is a competition.” Conversely, Jaydee said that was “just a kid with a guitar.”

Ben then asked the judges for their thoughts on the big night.

Jake said that winning the contest had all kinds of intrinsic value and winning meant “a 1 with a whole bunch of 0’s behind it because it’s worth $1 million.” Sass said something about different personalities. Farley said that Brian had earned his way into the top. Zack said that two men would enter and one man would leave. He then quoted Vince Lombardi by saying that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

The top two then came out for a quick wave to the crowd before a video promoting Bon Jovi’s appearance on the finale was played. It’s amazing that the band has sold over 120 million records worldwide!

Time for the performances to begin.

Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” by Bon Jovi
– In his opening video, Bon Jovi told Bixby that “a good song transcends a genre of music.”
– Bon Jovi also said that he sang in tune and was “very likeable.”
– I liked the song choice because it played to Jaydee’s country strengths.
– You wouldn’t even know that this was a Bon Jovi song.
– I thought the performance was okay, but definitely allowed for Brian to top it.
– Jaydee seemed nervous.
Jake: I think you sang it pretty well. I don’t feel you made the words believable to me.
Sass: I think you did what you do very well.
Farley: Apply more energy to an energetic song.
Zack: Because you held the mic so far away from you, I could barely hear anything you sang.

Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “This Ain’t A Love Song” by Bon Jovi.
– In his opening video, Bon Jovi said that “there wasn’t a lot to critique” with Brian.
– Bon Jovi also said that from what he had seen, Brian was “comfortable in his own shoes.”
– When the song started, I thought that the opening lyrics were extremely difficult to understand because Brian was singing too close to the mic.
– This was especially ironic when you consider that Zack told Jaydee that he was singing too far away from the mic.
– Just another example of how different these guys are.
– Seemed really into the song.
– Best part of the performance is when he sang without the music.
– If the live crowd’s noise level was any indication, the game was already over.
Sass: It was emotional and it was heartfelt. Really good!
Farley: I hate to repeat my same puns, but it was melodramatic in the best way possible.
Zack: You sing from your heart like a real man.
Jake: Brian Melo 1. Jaydee Bixby no score.


Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “All I Ever Wanted” (Winner’s Single)
– Song is good.
– Country twang is prevalent.
– Definitely not Jaydee’s best work.
– It is quite clear that nerves are a factor in the final show.
– This is the first week where I felt that Jaydee did not dominate.
Farley: I would have liked it a lot more if you took it more into Jaydee’s world.
Zack: Right now, you are cracking like a bad egg (under the pressure).
Jake: You were definitely believable.
Sass: I think you did a really good job of that.

A Pantene promo video was played where Jaydee’s sister and Brian’s mother got their hair done.


Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “All I Ever Wanted” (Winner’s Single)
– Solid tone.
– Destroying Jaydee on this song.
– Not really fair though, because the song is definitely cut more toward Melo’s strong suits.
– This round wasn’t even close.
– Brian seems like a man knowing he is on the cusp of winning.
– The end came out of nowhere.
– Perhaps this was because the performance was so good, that Brian and the crowd completely lost themselves in it.
– Full standing ovation.
Zack: (Talking about the week that Greg Neufeld and Brian were in the bottom and Greg left). Karma is karma. You are here for a reason my brother.
Jake: It sounds like you wrote it.
Sass: I think there really isn’t much more to say.
Farley: Pick up your heart off the floor and walk backstage.


After the break, Ben said that Idol had raised more than $1 million for Ronald McDonald House. Ben also said ‘what’s up’ to me.

Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones
– In his opening video, Bixby explained his unique song choice.
– This was undoubtedly Bixby’s best performance of the night.
– He finally seemed at ease, almost as if he was warming up with the first two songs.
– I liked how Jaydee went into the crowd, and this definitely is a major difference between him and his competition as Melo prefers to stay on the stage.
– Very good performance.
– I still think Jaydee should have gone with Elvis since that is what brought him to the dance.
Jake: Entertaining, the way you can be entertaining. Lack of swagger. It was alright.
Sass: Cool
Farley: Much more in your comfort zone.
Zack: For the cash, if I had a choice between managing one of you, I’d choose you brother.


A promo was played for Avril Lavigne’s appearance on the finale.

Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “Hallelujah” (kd lang version)
– A rug was rolled out for Brian to sing on and this gave the performance a more intimate feel.
– Definitely a nice touch.
– Amazing performance.
– Very smart song choice to end show.
– Undoubtedly the best performance of the night.
Sass: Congratulations!
Farley: You’re just a really good person
Zack: There’s a time when art transcends what our show is about.
Jake: You gave us three performances tonight that were as good as anything we have ever seen on this show .


End show.

Well, it’s quite clear who the judges are pulling for. Here’s my take. I think that based on tonight’s performance, Brian is this year’s Canadian Idol. However, if this is a competition based on the entire series as a whole, Jaydee has it in the bag.

My official prediction is Brian. However, I would not be surprised at all if Jaydee still managed to pull it off.

Talk to you after the finale!


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