[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 64 (9/6/07)

8:30 AM
Dick and Zach are up and wandering around the house. Dick goes to the bathroom and returns to bed while Zach starts packing up the HOH room. After awhile he seems to change his mind, and he stretched out on the bed and goes back to sleep.

9:30 AM
The feeds are cut for about a half and hour, and when they return all of the houseguests are sleeping in various places around the HOH. The feeds are in an out for the next several hours. For the most part, everyone is sleeping. We get random shots of the diary room hallway and some audio of Dick farting in between tunnel visions.

1:10 PM
Feeds return and the houseguests are doing the Thursday cleanup. Dick mops himself into a corner in the bathroom while Jessica cleans the sinks.

2:00 PM
Random chit-chat. Daniele asks Zach if he has been to the diary room, and he tells her no. Eric and Zach discuss the perks of the HOH room. More tunnel vision.

4:50 PM
We get a quick parting shot of Jessica and Eric hugging and chatting in the gym (she says she never wants to be on the block again after that night), and then the feeds are cut for the show.


9:00 PM
A whopping three hours after the show, the feeds return and we have Zach as the new HOH. It sounds as if Daniele was one point away from winning, and she believes that she will go home. In true Donato fashion, Dick tries to console Daniele, and she gets annoyed with him for it. She says that BB didn’t give her enough time in the competition (it sounds like a tiebreaker question?) and drops an “it’s not faaaaiir!” for good measure. Her weeklong friendship with Zach ends abruptly and she says that she doesn’t want to see his HOH room again. Daniele goes to burn off some steam on the treadmill, and Dick and Jameka make small talk about the competition and congratulate each other on coming so far. Jameka wonders aloud what Eric did while in the game that he thought would make her not want to talk to him after it was over. She promises to watch the tapes. Dick and Jameka rehash every eviction and how it happened, and Dick nervouses a bit over Eric and Jessica hating him and Daniele.

10:00 PM
Dick, Jameka, and Daniele talk about how hard the game is when there is nothing to do. Daniele says that she is depressed, and Dick rehases the HOH comp AGAIN. Daniele turns on her last week ally saying “we didn’t come this far for some floater to win. He didn’t even play the game!” Jameka leaves, and Dick and Daniele make plans for the week. They seem to expect a Dick/Jameka nomination. Dick tells Daniele to make sure that Zach plays for the POV hard and doesn’t use it. He wants her to make sure that Zach knows that he loses to Jameka in the final 2. Dick thinks that the odds are good for keeping Jameka on the block since they have three tough competitors against one who hasn’t won anything. Zach comes out and says that they have to pack all of Eric’s things. BB calls Daniele to the diary room, but she refuses to go. When they keep calling, she swears that she won’t answer any questions, that she’ll just sit there silently. She finally does go, and everyone else works to pack up Eric’s stuff.

Zach talks with Jameka and says that she has helped him get his faith back. He keeps repeating that he has so much to tell her, but he doesn’t spill anything too dramatic. He asks if she got an ultimatum from Dick, and she says yes, and he admits that he got one too. He tells her to play her ass off for POV.

11:00 PM
Dick returns and says that he is proud to be the oldest person ever to get to the final four. Everyone but Daniele chats, rehashes the POV competition, and decides that Eric is “sheisty.” They discuss Eric and Jessica’s relationship and wonder aloud if they were playing each other or if it was real.

11:45 PM
Zach gets his HOH room. He has pictures from his 10 year high school reunion, and a picture of him with really skinny legs. He gets lots of candy and carrot juice, and a blanket from his grandmother. He also gets a letter, but he says that he’ll read it later. They all get wine and beer, and Jameka says she will go in the hottub. Zach reads his letter alone, and gets a little teary eyed.

12:00 AM
Zach stays in HOH alone reading his letter and having a beer while the others are chitchatting outside. Zach mentions several lines from his letter; his dad told him to “finish honorably,” and his mom wished him good fortune. He says there is no such thing as luck. He comes downstairs and tells the others that his dad says that he is getting contacted by fans all the time and that so many people are rooting him on.

12:30 AM
Zach talks with Jameka a bit, and asks why she doesn’t like him. She tells him that it was Eric that told her that Zach hated *her*. He tells her that he doesn’t want both Dick and Daniele at the end and that he will put them both up. He tells Jameka plainly that he wants to take her to the end, and they discuss sharing winnings. Daniele and Dick return, and they chit chat about competitions, and, everyone’s favorite subject, Jen. They have all collected memorabilia from around the house. Lots of idle chit chat about the past. Zach goes to the diary room and Daniele openly makes fun of him in front of Jamela.

1:00 AM
Everyone toasts for being the final four. They talk about jury votes, and they all decide that hte final speeches will decide the winner. Jameka says that she thinks that Eric ran Jessica’s HOH’s and that Jessica told her that she wished that she had done some things differently on her last HOH.

Zach and Jameka move to the gym, and Zach says that he can’t ask her to give him any money if she wins, and he knows it was wrong to say.

Later, they all sit around the table quizzing each other. Daniele tells Zach that he always thinks that he is right about everything. After awhile, everyone splits up and Jameka and Zach end up alone together again. She tells him that she doesn’t want Dick to win because she doesn’t respect the way that he has played the game. Jameka gets called to the diary room.

2:00 AM
Dick stars working on Zach and tells him that the jury house is full of votes for Jameka. He says that he would rather take Daniele or Zach to the end because he would hate to see Jameka win when she hadn’t done anything. He all but says that he would be happy with second place otherwise, and says “we gotta get that b*tch (Jameka) outta here.” Zach says “She’ll kill us in the end.”

Jameka comes out of diary and talks to Daniele about Zach and the money split idea. They both say he gets on their nerves, but Jameka says that it is more like a brother/sister annoyance. Everyone sort of goes their separate ways and is quiet.

2:30 AM
The Zach and Jameka Peace Summit resumes, and Zach tells her that he’s grateful to be there. He says that it is huge that she gave up 5 HOH’s and is still there. He tells her that he told Jess that he would vote for Jameka in the end because of her values. He repeats that he doesn’t want the Donatos to win. They chat about Jessica, and Zach seems confused about why she didn’t like him since he thought she was great. Then, he tells Jameka that he is happy with second place, and that his dad who is his everything reminded him to play honorably. He tells Jameka that he is the instrument of God in the game, and Jameka says that she is on board for a final two alliance with Zach. He guarantees that her key will be in the box.

Downstairs, Daniele continues on her Zach hate campaign. She says she thinks that he has picked up Jen’s eyeroll. They say, again, that they have come too far to lose it all to a floater. Daniele says that she wants to be in the final two with Dick, and that she wishes that they had kept Amber.

3:00 AM
Jameka tells Zach that she is glad that they are going to work together, but asks who he is. He hopes that everyone doesn’t hate him. Jameka makes him admit that he could have won the drink/croquet POV, which he does, and he says that he didn’t want to win that one. He tells Jameka that Eric “f*cked him” in the game. Dick comes out, Zach leaves, and idle chit chat resumes around the house. Dick rambles on about how upset Daniele is, and the camera guys prove it by keeping a feed on her looking sad in the bedroom.

Zach makes hotdogs for everyone, and Daniele complains that she ate too much. Talk changes to Julie Chen’s plastic surgery and they speculate that she is twice as old as she looks. Zach goes upstairs and hangs out alone; everyone else speculates on Eric and Jessica’s relationship outside of the house.

4:00 AM
Still idle chat, some about other houseguests, Daniele talks about the Power of 10. She says that she didn’t even have a chance and that it was embarrassing. Jameka wants to see the show tapes because she is discovering all the things that she didn’t know. She also talks about how she couldn’t believe that dick poured tea on Jen’s head. Dick says that he feels bad about what he did to Jessica because he really liked her, but he had to do it for the game. Dick goes to bed, and Jameka and Daniele chat about the other houseguests, who will be loved/hated, and their real lives. Daniele hopes that Will will host the next POV competition.

5:00-6:45 AM
Jameka and Daniele talk in the dark in the bedroom. Most of it is about the show; slop, Nick, Eric and Jessica’s relationship, the competitions, and the evictions. Daniele misses the house being full because it was like having a big family. They slowly drift off, and at 6:40 all houseguests are asleep.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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