[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 65 (9/7/07)

The house was quiet until after 10 am, Dick was the first one up. Once Zach woke up Dick asked him to please not put him up against Dani. Zach responded that it didn’t matter who was up that the POV winner had the power this week.

After a brief lockdown outside the houseguests notice a new kitchen table, one that sits four. Of course Dani’s response is that she hates it!

Dani corned Zach and asked him if he was going to put her up against her Dad, saying that if he does one of them would be going home. Zach just responded that it was a possibility. Zach said that he knows that if he went to the final three with them he would not have a chance of staying, but if he goes with Jameka he could possibly stay and play for final two, After Dani left the HOH room, Zach muttered that her Dad was an idiot. Dan then went right to her Dad and told him that she hated Zach.

Dani checked with the DR and they said that whoever wins POV can only use it on them, and that Zach can change his nominations if he wins it. Dani then told her Dad that being in the house was the hardest thing she ever did, almost as hard as when her granddad died. That no one had it as hard as her in the house. Dani then tries to talk Dick into going up to the HOH and start some crap with Zach, she suggests for him to get in his face and bang pot and pans etc. She keeps saying things to get Dick mad and egg him onto beating up on Zach. Dani said that once she gets out of the house she will need counseling and Dick said that he has played the best game so far of anyone and deserves to win! Dick said that he can beat Zach in F2 and that nobody likes Zach.

Dani then tells Jameka that she wants to kill Zach! Dani tells her that Zach had the nerve to tell her that he has played the best game. She then tells her that she can’t believe she missed some questions in the HOH completion. Dick came in the bedroom and he told him that she was tired and going to take a nap,

As the girls nap, Zach was up in the HOH room talking to himself, saying what a great game he has played, and how Dani immediately ran to her father to hate on him, and how they would not think twice of evicting him etc. While Dick was outside calling Zach all kinds of names, and saying that they would win POV this week and one of them will win the game. Dick is very excited about this POV competition.

Jameka and Zach chat. Jameka tells him that Dani is a huge threat. Zach agrees. Zach said that Dick said that he only makes deals on a week to week basis and then Dani came in and said to him that they have been protecting him since week 2. He said that they always said don’t play the game with feelings or personally, and now they want him to. Jameka said that is how they are. Jameka assures Zach that she will take him to F2 if she wins. Zach said he would take her too. Zach then said that the biggest gamble he took in the game was not using the VETO yesterday, taking Eric off the block and sending Dani home yesterday!

I guess Dick complained enough about not getting any perks for his HOH win that BB caved and gave him his HOH basket. In it was Guinness beer, ice cream, a CD, black nail polish, cookies, cigarettes, a shirt and a letter from Vincent.

Dick read the letter from Vincent, He had prearranged with Vincent to write him a letter in code and let him know who he can trust. He takes Dani outside to explain the code to her. Dick said it did not come into play yet about what Vincent had written to him. Here is the conversation he had with Dani about the code:

Dick: Alright, well the code was…

Dani: So you think.

Dick: No it was. The first and last letter of each paragraph to be the initial of each houseguest that I cant trust.

Dani: Shut up (laughs).

Dick: I swear to god remember just about everyone here misses you..
So it’s either Jen or Jessica and the last letter is oh good luck and don’t give up hope. E- Eric.

Daniele: Eric and Jessica.

Dick: Either Eric and Jessica or Eric and Jen.

Daniele: Then why would he say that though.

Dick: Maybe Eric and Jen or maybe he was spelling out that… Eric and Jen remember. They had that thing going on.

Dani: You really, initial from the first and last.

Dick: Yea, that’s how we did the… the last letter of the last word.

Dani: You guys came up with that.. You’re an idiot.

Dick: Hey man if Johnny Fairplay can pull some s** then so can I.
And there was also a code for my tightest alliance. If I could trust my tightest alliance or not. He was going to say “everything is going well with my girlfriend or i broke up with my girlfriend”

Feeds then cut and they are cut for a better part of an hour. When they return we learn that Dick and Dani are on the block. Dick said to Dani that he knows that if Jameka or Zach win POV that they will drag him to F2. Dani and Dick then rag on Zach, his game play, how Nick didn’t want him there, how he has big teeth and his stupid nomination speech etc, Then Dani said that no one in the jury house was rooting for Zach that if they don’t win POV tomorrow that they would be disappointing them too. She then told Dick to spit on Zach if he had to in order to win the POV.

Dick said to Dani that they have really dominated the game, Dani responded ya it really was not fair that we didn’t give anyone else a chance. Dick said that when they are outside in the real world, that when they are not getting along they will have to ask someone to put them on the block, when they are on the block they get along.

While Jameka was in then hot tub, Dick started talking to her. He said that everything is stressful and that everything hinges on tomorrow (POV). He then said that Zach was only playing for second place that he is an asskisser and no one in the jury house will vote for him. Jameka said that some might, that they didn’t know what Eric was telling people in the sequester house and a lot of people base their vote on the questions they get to ask at the end. Dick said if it was him and Zach at the end he would get Eric’s vote because of his game play and not Zach’s that he was a fu$%^ floater!

Dani talked with Dick a bit later and told him that he has to yell and rattle Zach before the POV competition tomorrow. She also wants him to tell Jameka that Zach made some racists comments. Dick then makes fun of Zach for sleeping with a seashell that his X girlfriend gave him. Dick then told Dani that h can’t hide Zach’s competition gloves because he carries them with him.

The house guests got some arts and crafts to do. They got plate decorating kits and candle making kits. Dani complains again about the craft kits, she wished they gave her some nail art or play dough.

They make a plate and put BB 8 in the middle and put pictures around it representing all the house guests. Here is what they drew:

Jen: Daniele says a cigarette or a dollar sign. Dick says “Me me me”

Jessica: Dani says the sun, a bed or snoring. Dick says “Zzzz”

Nick: Daniele says a tetherball with a Mohawk and a mustache

Eric: Dick says a tripod. Daniele says a mouth, shark fin

Kail: Dick says a zipper lip

Dick: Daniele says a fart

Daniele: Daniele isn’t sure. Jameka says a veto.

Joe: Dick says gonorrhea; Dani doesn’t know how to paint that. Daniele later says a lobster. Dick says just the claw.

Amber: A tear

Carol: A $5.00 bill

Dustin: A crown

Mike: Baby bottle (they didn’t know how to draw a meat log)

Jameka: Ping Pong ball

Dick awhile later while smoking in the backyard had this conversation with himself.

Summary of the day..hmmm…Zach put Dani and I up…that makes 3 times this season…will we survive this? One guaranteed to…good chance we both will.. one wins POV we both stay and have a great chance of winning the game…POV tomorrow means everything.. I have things to bother Zach. Just like I have for everyone else.. this is what its all about…its important AS important as the Final 3 comps…Zach’s speech tonight…will prove he’s a retard…This is the Final 4 me and Dani wanted…and me and Dani think we can win with this group… HoH comp yesterday.. Dani wrote 53..Zach wrote 54 and it was 54 its a drag…winning POV tomorrow is everything period end of story…*belch* and that’s that ((in amber voice))…

Dani and Dick again talk about stirring things up. Dick thinks the DR is urging him to do it. Dani said to call Zach a panty muncher or anything really slanderous so it ruins his job. Ed said he will call him a panty munching perv.

Everyone quiet and asleep by 3:15 am with dreams of VETO going through their head.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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