[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 66 (9/8/07)

7:00 am
After an early night for the final four, the first one up is Dick. He complains about the ants then talks to us, “Better tune in on the internet today. It’s gonna be a good one. This is the day I’m gonna call Zach out for being a racist son of a bitch.” He wanders around a bit before sitting down and finishing his arts and crafts plate from last night.

8:00 am
Jameka is getting up as Dick is goes back to bed. He is laughing and says, “Oh my God, this is gonna be bad, but it’s gonna be soooo good!”

9:00 am
Jameka goes through some morning routine and then heads to the memory wall and appears to be studying. She does some stretches on the floor then heads to the kitchen. She sprays a pan with Pam then sprays some ants with Pam.

We get an extended Trivia on the feeds around 9:30. Must have been the BB wake up call. When we come back, all feeds are on Daniele in the shower.

10:00 am
We see Zach getting ready for the day up in the HOH before heading downstairs. He finds Jameka and says “Morning, you ready for today?” Jam says “mmmhmmm”. He tells her he has a few questions and would like for her to come up to his room to talk and pray. She says to give her about two minutes and she’ll be up there. Zach talks to himself on his way back to the HOH, “It’s not about friends, it’s about odds.” He curses the Donatos.

Dick is back up brushing his teeth and asks Dani where the panty munching pervert is. She says upstairs. Dick says the DR told him not to use the N word and we get FOTH. Dani told him the song for the day was ‘We are leaving you here on your own’ by the Bangles.

Zach is still in the HOH psyching himself up then starts to talk to himself about his ex-girlfriend, “I found a new song that reminds me of you, Sweets. Number 1, Tiesto 2006. You better be standing there at the end, that’s all I have to say. You are the light at the end of my tunnel.” Jameka comes up to the HOH and the two of them drill for the Veto comp until Jameka is called to the Diary Room. When she comes out she announces they still don’t now how they should dress for the comp.

11:00 am
Dick says, “This is it Jameka. I know you have a deal with Zach. If you two don’t win this thing, you’re going home. Good luck.” She tells them good luck too. Dick walks out to Daniele and says, “If we can’t win this over those two morons, we deserve to go home.” Dani says, “Don’t say that.” Dick says, “This is the day we win half a million dollars.” Dick takes a moment to psych himself up in the Kitchen, clapping his hands, pumping his fists. He goes to Daniele and says, “Of those 14 people, there is nobody I would rather have on my side than you.” He says he can’t wait to give the speech (regarding nasty things he will say to Zach).

Zach was in the DR and announces that BB will give us a warning and time when (the Veto comp) will start.

Dick says to Dani, “Should I wait? I think I’ll wait until we’re outside so it gets on TV.” She says, “You might want to put your makeup on.”

Zach talking to himself, “You better be here in the end or this will all be for nothing. This is for all the little guys who get stepped on. I was one of those little guys.” He continues, “You always choke. You’re not choking today. For everybody watching, for your buddies at work, for Tom, for your Dad, for Lindsay, I’m gonna do it!”

Jameka goes up to the HOH. Zach and Jameka hold hands and Zach leads a prayer. When he finishes, Jameka leads a prayer, still holding both of Zach’s hands. In contrast, her prayers fly out at lightning speed.

BB Voice: Good Morning House Guests, the Veto competition will begin in 90 minutes.

Dick and Daniele go lay down in their own beds, separate rooms. Jameka and Zach continue drilling in the HOH. Zach tells Jameka when he read in the letter from his Dad, it said ‘finish with honor’. He tells her that’s when he knew he had to give Jameka a chance against Dick and Daniele.

Zach and Jameka strategize about the comp and settle on taking Dick out if it’s a motor skills thing and taking Dani out if it’s an intelligence comp.

Dick is back up and has lots of nervous energy. He goes up to the HOH and asks if he can borrow the CD player. Zach says, “Sure but I don’t know if we can take it out of here”. Dick says BB can yell at him and we get FOTH. When we come back, Dick is listening to a CD in the HOH and Jameka and Zach have gone down to stretch in the dining room. They move to the storage room to continue comp quizzing. Dani is still in bed.

1:00 pm
Dick is shown ‘rockin out’ in the HOH, while Jameka and Zach chat in the kitchen. Dick leaves the HOH room, still pumped up. He goes to change in the round room since he’s apparently worked up a bit of a sweat. He keeps yelling to BB to get the show on the road. Dani tells him he needs to relax. He starts the air guitar again. He asks Dani if she wants anything. He asks her for a kiss. She tells him to leave her alone.

Zach and Jameka have gone back to the HOH chatting. Zach is saying this is just another day at work and we have to work harder than them. In case they can’t talk outside, Jameka suggests using one finger to eliminate Dick and two for Dani.

Dick is still bouncing around. Dani tells Dick that she’s tired of people being fake religious. Dick continues pacing and yells at BB again. He goes to check on things in the back yard. He air guitars his way back to the bedroom and reports that the big noises have stopped. He thinks they’re finishing up out there. He says “If we win this, we win the game.”

2:00 pm
Dani says, “I hope they’re running late because Will is running late.” Dick says he doesn’t want the distraction and hopes Janelle’s not there. While Dick is saying once again to get the show on the road, Zach is upstairs saying the same thing (ed. just a little less colorfully). Zach tells Jameka that Dick and Daniele are rattled because he put them both up. Nervous energy continues to build until we get FOTH at 2:34 pm for the Veto competition.

4:00 pm
When the feeds return there is a moment of confusion when we see Dick ranting and yelling at Zach that he is a racist. Then Zach tells Dick he should take some of his winnings to get English lessons as Dick proceeds back to his bedroom to let out a big “OH YES!” Next we see Jameka and Dani in the kitchen where it is obvious that Daniele won the Veto. Jameka is surprisingly calm and says “I am standing in the midst of the winner of BB8.”

Eventually both Donatos make it to one of the bedrooms to celebrate and they actually argue (nicely) about how good they feel right now. Dick says he wants Zach out, “Don’t give him another chance to win anything.” Dick says, “Zach won’t have Dustin’s, Jen’s, Amber’s, Jess’s, Eric’s or anyone’s vote. We have won the money!”

Dick comes out and sees Zack and says, “You are not going to win one [more competition]. It is going to be me and Daniele and the questions in the end. And you are going to be sitting there crying because your going home with [nothing] except for your stipend. [Expletive] you! [Expletive] you! You [Expletive] panty munching perv.”

Zach and Jameka go up to the HOH. He says he’s going up against major odds. Jameka says it’s not impossible. Zach asks her who she would take to final two if she were in his spot. Jameka says Dani because she doesn’t want Dick to get 2nd. Zach wonders if people will think it’s a good move.

Downstairs, Dick is loudly celebrating, telling Dani again “We have won the money! Do you realize, one of us has already won the money!” Dani says, “Oh my God, that’s insane. It’s not even real right now!” Dick kicks it up to the next level saying they are the most awesome team to play this game, even more than Will and Boogie because they never got to final two together. They start to talk about the next HOH competition being endurance always involving a key. Dick tells Daniele to dress warm, it’s going to be wet. He says he should have brought something waterproof. Dani says she’ll get hypothermia before she lets go.

Jameka is called to the DR. She comes down from the HOH and Dick says, “We were just talking when they announced you to DR, we are really bummed at the fact that we are so happy at your expense.” Jameka says, “Its fine. I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you 2 and the deal, so its fine. I would be the same way.”

5:00 pm
Dick and Daniele continue their celebration in the kitchen as they eat. Dani says the bad people are gonna win! Dick responds, “Don’t trust the Donatos!” and laughs. Zach comes in the kitchen and Dick takes the opportunity to remind him he broke their deal and it would have been ok if he said it was just strategy. Zach says he thought it was the only way he thought he had a chance and Dick goes off on him. Zach trying to respond through the rant, says that she has carried them, but they think he said that HE carried them to the end. Zach said if he had his father there, they’d probably tear up the game too. That little gem draws Dani into the fray and they both go off on Zach.

Jameka comes out and Zach is called to the Diary Room. The Donato’s are still worked up and take the opportunity to double team Jameka for the jury by telling her how hard it was being a target the entire game, that Zach is a racist, and they run down and all the great game plays they have made. Jameka doesn’t seem to be buying it entirely, questioning things and giving what she thinks other houseguest perspectives might be. Jameka is left talking to herself as Dick and Daniele go out back. Jameka is obviously still thinking, she pops her head out the back door to ask them about the Jessica/Eric final four deal they had. Dick explains it, but denies he said it was a final four deal, saying that Eric was the one using that phrase. Jameka asks, “Is there anything you want me to know beforehand”, so she can try to match up the stories at the jury house. Dick says, “Stories won’t match up anyway.” Jameka goes back inside.

Dani has a headache and goes to get some aspirin. Dick talks to the cameras, “Vincent, if you’re watching this, we have won this game, it’s over! Either me or your sister have won this game! It’s over!”

6:00 pm
Jameka returns to the back yard and tries to understand all the game occurrences from the Donato’s side of things. Jameka is learning some things that went on she was not aware of. Zach comes out to do laundry and Dick is called to the DR. Jameka offers to be a sounding board to Zach for any thing he wants her to take to the jury house. Zach explains his situation from the time the Mrs. Robinson alliance blew up and what he felt he had to do. Jameka asks Zach if he knew that Dick, Daniele, Jessica and Eric had an alliance?” Zach said that Dick once said that it was the five of them in the final five. Zach didn’t trust them though, especially Eric. If he would’ve felt better about Eric, he would’ve used the POV to keep Eric and send Dani home. Zach tells Jameka she played a good game. She never lied to anyone. They have a nice moment and say they would have taken each other to final two.

7:00 pm
Zach continues to share with Jameka. He hopes the producers will listen to his idea of a reality show. Maybe he’ll get a commercial out of this. He hopes that he has a shot with his ex and hopes he still has a job. He tells Jameka that he plays professional competitive chess online. He thinks that’s what got him on the show. “E.D. beat me once. Kail beat me once. But I had to help them.” He’ll tell her what he does for a living at the finale. “It’s pretty close to a graphic designer, but it’s a little more”. Jameka says she will not give Dick or Dani her vote. Zach thinks he might have Eric’s vote because he’ll respect his game. Zack wonders if the Donato’s will throw the first part of the HOH. Jameka tells him “No way!” and advises him to study everything for the remaining comps. He tells her he’s glad he met her.

Dick comes out and Zach apologizes. Dick says “Oh well, we both went off. We kept you off the block, we helped you out. I don’t think you understand that.” He goes on again about “It would’ve been fine with me if it was just strategy, but the speech made me mad.” Dick says it’s weird to be able to talk about strategy now because at this point it doesn’t matter. Zach thinks Eric was shady. Dick thinks there was still something going on with Eric and Jen.

8:00 pm
They continue going over events and Dick is now more sure than ever that Eric had an alliance with Jen because of the way he acted when she was on the block. They wonder if Jessica and Eric went to sequester together. Dick thinks they kept them separate through all the interviews.

Jameka continues listening to Zach. He says Jessica told him “I’m closer to Eric then Jameka” then she switched back saying she was not that close to Eric, she was closer to Jameka. Jameka blames Eric and says she has a lot to say to him when she sees him. Zach says Jameka should get a Campbell’s soup TV ad (mmmhmmm). Jameka says “I am completely proud of how I have done in this game.” She’s never been around Caucasian people where she is the minority.

Dick telling Dani his shoulder is really bothering him and wants to tell the DR certain competitions would not be fair to him. She encourages him to go tell the DR. Dick comes out of the DR and says to Dani, “They heard me”. She laughs and says, “Maybe I should tell them my legs hurt and can we have a laying down competition” Dick says, “Oh ok, I would be fine with that” (both laughing).

Dani tells Dick at least both of them will not have to go to the jury house. Dick says neither will go to jury house. Daniele says it’s not over yet.

9:00 pm
ShoToo Crawl: Zach is the Head of Household, Zach told Dick and Daniele that the only reason they’re still in the house is because of him, Dick confronted Zach insulting and yelling at him, The Power of Veto competition was held today.

Everyone has made it to the back yard at the same time. Jameka is hoping she can go to Mexico on Friday night. Dani says that House Calls is early and she will leave right after that.

Dick tells Jameka that she almost lost the final four “Deal” because she was in the shower too long before the final vote. He says he called it from the beginning that Eric is a lawyer. Jameka says when she sees Eric, “I’m gonna lay his ass out!” On a lighter note, Dick says he wished he could have put different colored balls in other people’s tubes in the previous Veto comp. Zach leaves to go take a shower. Dick complains that he wants to listen to his music downstairs, not in the HOH with Zach. He goes to the DR to ask for some things. Dani and Jameka rehash the POC some more.

Everyone but Zach now are in the kitchen wondering how the vote happens since it will only be Daniele voting. Daniele says there won’t be a hinky vote this week. This gets them going on Eric again.

10:00 pm
Dick mentioned knowing how upset Jameka was when he told her she was the target last week because she was throwing things in the bedroom. Jameka calls Daniele out about it since that had to come from her. Jameka denies throwing things and making noise except for a suitcase. They are all laughing about it. They switch to talking about the DRs that Eric worried about the others seeing. Dick said he thought it was funny when Eric imitated him. This leads to some more Eric bashing.

Dick doesn’t remember hearing about lockdowns when he watched the live feeds, but he remembered the ‘Fish’.

Jameka says Amber was the only person she felt she could trust in the house. Dick said “that is why we had to break you up”.

Dick goes up to the HOH to get the CD player. Zach is still listening but will let Dick know when he’s done.

Daniele and Jameka are reminiscing about the early part of the game. Jameka complains about having to wait around until Thursday to leave.

Everyone but Zach are rehashing the POV again. Dick says that he only missed one and almost won it. Two of the questions were:

Who went out on a unanimous vote (Eric and Jen)

Who won HOH once (Kail and Jen)

Jameka lets out a high pitched scream that was supposedly similar to the buzzer in the comp. She does it a second time and Dick asks her, “PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT”. Dick says he threw some things over the wall when Dani won.

Dick wondering who is the most Downloaded HG from the Wallpapers and ring tones they did. They are talking about how much air time Nick has had. Dick mentions The Power of 10 and jokes that Nick has caused him more trouble outside the house then when he was here, since he seemed to miss the questions related to Nick.

11:00 pm
Dani has gone back to the round room. Dick joins her and tries to strategize a way that Dani could get any prizes in the final HOH comps by throwing the first part. (He thinks it will be a car like last year). Dani would not hear it. She adamantly tells him she has not thrown a competition yet and she’s not going to. Dick doesn’t let it go immediately, but eventually gets the message. Dick says he just thought he’d spare them the misery of the endurance comp. Dani jokes that it would make it easy for him and jokingly calls him “old man”.

They go back out and join Jameka in the Kitchen. Jameka compares the game to the movie, Butterfly Effect. Dani can’t wait to get out of the house and go to the movies, go bowling like a normal person. Jameka jokes, “If you keep the nominations the same I’ll grant you that wish”.

Dani reads in the rule book that BB does not provide them with any show footage. It is their responsibility to have relatives or friends tape the show for them. Jameka realizes that they weren’t supposed to tell anyone they were coming to the show, so how could they have anyone tape it?! They all laugh and yell at BB. When she got her BB key, Jameka says she ran across the street and humped a tree. She could have been hit by a car, she didn’t even look. When Dani got her key she didn’t realize it; thought maybe it was maybe a top 20 thing. The producers asked her to do it again and be a bit more excited this time.

Those on Zach watch see him drink something; sit upright for a second, and then lays back down. A bit later he gets up to let Dick have the CD player.

Dick takes the CD player in the round bedroom and plays the Motley Crue CD starting up the air giutar. He jumps around a bit then takes off his Suicidal Tendencies shirt. He starts up the air guitar again and is jumping around while I start checking my PC volume settings. (BB had cut Dick’s mic so we couldn’t hear him singing and no one was talking on the other feeds.) He sits down and gets out the air drum set and switched back and forth between the air guitar and the air drums.

Dick is still rockin out in a serious way.

Feed 3 shows Jameka’s arts and crafts plate. It shows her name, big brother 8 and the house logo.

Dick finishes his jam and changes clothes; puts on a black wife beater and says his earrings are ringing. He goes out to the Kitchen and apologizes to Jameka and didn’t realize Dani had gone to bed. Dick goes outside to smoke and pat himself on the back for still being there. Getting himself psyched up for final three HOH comps.

Dani gets up to get some food. She has a headache. Jameka says, “It’s snack time”. Dani says, “Every time is snack time in the BB house”. Jameka replies, “It is”.

1:00 am
Dick, Daniele and Jameka chat more about past house guests in the Kitchen.

Dick and Dani go out back and Dick says “We have already won and now we are working on getting 50 grand and a car.” Daniele just laughs. Dick says Zach has no chance in the third part of HOH with questions. Dani told him he shouldn’t be so overconfident. They have more to do. Dick says Dani has carried him all the way through. Dani jokes saying “No Zach did!”

Inside Jameka holds up her plate to the camera. She has added all the house guests’ names to it. She goes to the bedroom to read her bible before going to bed.

2:00 am
Dick says they should win both 1st and 2nd round of HOH and then have fun with the questions round. They continue chatting and strategizing for the next comp. They say Zach will hang on to a key for a long time in endurance. They think they should wear their hats for that comp.

We get a round of trivia on the feeds and when we come back everyone is either in bed or getting ready for bed. All is quiet after very long day.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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