[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 67 (9/9/07)

7 AM 9 AM
Dick is up and outside smoking. All other house guests are sleeping. After finishing his cigarette, Dick goes into the kitchen and makes himself an avocado, sour cream and cheese omelet. After eating, he washed his dishes, washes his hands in the bathroom and goes out to the backyard where he talks to himself. He is trying to figure out what the last HOH competitions will be. He says that there will be no sneaking through. Dick turns on the hot tub and says “give it a little bit” to himself. He returns to bed, and lies their restlessly.

9 AM 11 AM
Unable to sleep, Dick gets up and puts on his headphones to listen to some music. He is rockin’ out to something and patting his foot really hard. Zach is up in the HOH bedroom and went into the bathroom to change. He grabs his shirt, mic, and some dirty dishes and heads downstairs where he puts the dishes in the sink and gets new batteries. He then goes back up to the HOH room to shower.

Dick finishes his jam session, changes clothes after checking himself out in the mirror, and goes to the restroom. He then goes to the backyard, all the while talking to the cameras. He is complaining about all the ants and wondering where they are coming from since there isn’t any real grass. He finishes a load of laundry and returns to the kitchen for a glass of OJ still talking to himself about how well they (Dick and Danielle) have done in the game. He checks to see if Jameka and Danielle are still sleeping and heads out the hot tub.

Out in the hot tub, Dick is still talking to himself. He is ranting about Zach and saying his game is over. Zach is now out of the showering and primping in the mirror. Zach grabs his mic and heads down to the kitchen to have a bowl of Kix. Zach joins Dick outside and they exchange in small talk. Dick tells Zach all about his exciting morning. They notice that the topiaries have been fixed. Zach asks Dick about what the next competitions are and Dick explains is briefly. Zach is going on and on about how much fun it has been. Dick is still being polite, but you can tell he is tense talking to Zach about the game.

Dick gets out of the hot tub and goes inside. In a low voice he repeatedly curses Zach, returns to his room and changes clothes. Zach returns to the HOH room and gets back in bed while talking to himself. Dick goes to the restroom and then gets back in bed, still cursing and talking to himself about Zach.

11 AM 1 PM
After only a few minutes, Dick is back up and in the Diary Room. When he exits he has a fresh pack of cigarettes and goes to the backyard to smoke. Nothing new happening with Dick. Just the routine spitting and farting while talking to himself. After one more long curse towards Zach, he returns to the bedroom and is back in bed.

Zach is tossing and turning in the HOH room.

1 PM 3 PM
Danielle and Jameka are awake. Jameka is in the bathroom washing her face and Danielle is in the store room. Danielle goes outside to tan while Jameka has decided to clean the bathroom. Zach wakes up and comes outside. He tells Danielle “Good Afternoon” and then joins Jameka in the bathroom and they talk about how far they have made it in the game. Zach points out that she has made is as far as Dr. Will did last year. Jameka says that she is disappointed that she hasn’t won an HOH. They both say they want to see the tapes and Jameka is sure that Eric has some. They discuss Eric and how he played the game. Zach tells her he will talk to her later in the Workout Room. Jameka leaves and goes into the kitchen to get something to drink and then rejoins Zach in the Workout Room to continue their discussion. Zach is on the treadmill and Jameka is stretching and getting on the elliptical machine. After a few minutes working really hard on the elliptical, Jameka broke it and is upset because she didn’t make it to her goal. Zach thought it was funny.

Danielle finishes tanning and heads to the bedroom to put some clothes on before getting some cereal from the Store Room. She eats her breakfast (cereal and a banana) at the kitchen table and then returns to tanning under the tetherball in the back yard.

Zach and Jameka finish working out and Zach tells Danielle that Jameka broke the elliptical machine. He also tells her that she never broke anything in the house except hearts. Jameka and Zach go over answers from the POV competition so that Zach will be prepared for the last HOH competition. Jameka wants to finish her craft project.

3 PM 4 PM
Dick is still asleep.

Zach leaves Jameka to her crafts while he returns to the HOH room to shower. Danielle finishes tanning and joins Jameka in the kitchen where they exchange general conversation and are getting along. Danielle eats a cookie and Jameka says she is still waiting on the twist. They go over competition questions and Danielle answers the ones that Zach and Jameka weren’t sure about earlier. Danielle tells Jameka that she wants to be a second grade teacher.

Danielle leaves and begins running on the treadmill. BB asks her repeatedly to put on her microphone, and she gets aggravated because she isn’t talking to anyone. Zach is out of the shower and re-joins Jameka in the kitchen. Zach and Jameka discuss the proper use of I versus I’ve for her plate. She wants to put “I Survived” or “I’ve Survived” on it.

Dick is now awake and goes to the bathroom and then joins Danielle. They partake in a little Zach bashing and agree that he will be eating alone once Jameka leaves because they both can’t stand him anymore. Danielle says that he is trying to be her friend again since she won the POV.

Dick goes outside for a smoke and curses (Zach) again. He looks tired/upset. Jameka is still painting her plate. He then comes inside and watches Jameka paint. Danielle takes a break from running and BB tells her again to put on her mic, but accidentally calls her Mike. Dick asks her why they keep asking her to put the mic on, and Danielle has to explain that she was running. Danielle returns to the treadmill, Dick gets a drink, and Jameka is still painting.

4 PM 5 PM
Danielle is finished working out and joins Dick in the backyard. He says that he is ready to give his speech to Zach and is going to say only one more to go. They bash and complain about Zach again. Zach joins them in the backyard. He is lifting weights and being extremely cheerful. Dick and Danielle give him a dirty look and ignore him. Dick says Zach has man-boobs. Dick and Danielle’s conversation changes to what they are going to say to Julie Chen and what they think the next competitions are going to be. They are laughing and talking about Zach’s ideas of what the competitions will be like being buried alive and holding their breath. Dick says they hope they bury Zach alive. Zach is trying hard to get Dick and Danielle to talk to him, but they are only giving him short answers. After asking Dick what the date was, Zach entered the house and says “He’s evil”.

More Zach bashing after Zach leaves by Dick and Danielle. They make fun of him for still thinking that Jameka could win. Dick talks to Vincent through the camera and tells him to bring a video camera to the wrap party which results in FOTH. Dick and Danielle wonder if anyone at home is videotaping the show for them. Danielle says that she is going to buy a new car when she gets home. They talk about letting go of the key at the same time in the first HOH competition if Zach lets go of his key first so that the producers will have to watch the tape in slow motion to find out who won the HOH.

Zach is inside complaining to Jameka about how mean Dick is being to him and how he feels bad that so many good people had to leave that deserved to win. Zach and Jameka have lost track of time in the BB house, because they keep saying that today is September 11th.

Dick and Danielle wonder if America is rooting for the father/daughter thing. Danielle thinks that everyone likes Amber. They both can’t wait to go home and watch the show and are looking forward to seeing everyone’s Diary Rooms. Danielle jokes that she is going to sign up for all the Dick hater websites. Danielle briefly goes inside, and Zach tries to talk to her. He asks her how far she ran today. After answering him, she goes back outside and says she wants to tell Zach, “As a courtesy Zach, will you please not talk to me anymore”.

5 PM 7 PM
Dick and Danielle again talk about what they will say during the POV Ceremony. Dick makes fun of Cowboy from a past season which causes a FOTH. Dick wants to know whether the lockdown will be indoor or outdoor. They both talk generally about the game and exchange in other small talk.

Jameka is telling Zach about The Notebook in detail. Zach is asking questions. They go on to talk about other movies. Jameka likes the movie Brown Sugar with Taye Diggs. She goes on to explain Titanic to Zach.

An indoor lockdown is called. Zach reveals that he is a master on-line chess player, which does surprise Dick. Dick and Danielle discuss that Jameka is always late and takes too long to do her hair. Dick does the name dropping thing again and is talking about clubvodka.com. Dick tries to get BB to tell him the football scores with no luck. Zach says being in the house make him appreciate the little things in life like talking on the phone.

Zach is sharing information about his life outside the house. He lives only 5 miles from the BB house and wants to write a book.

Danielle is on the treadmill again. Zach moved to the HOH room and is laying on the bed listening to music. Dick is in the kitchen pounding chicken and yelling about the Raiders. He wants someone to fly a banner over the house with the scores. He goes to the Workout Room to tell Danielle that dinner will be ready in half an hour before going outside to yell that he made the final three mother f’ers. He then is again talking to Vincent through the cameras telling him someone better be taping this, etc. He continues to talk to himself for awhile. He is confident that he and Danielle will be in the final two.

Jameka is still doing her hair in the bathroom. Danielle finishes on the treadmill and joins Dick in the back yard and the Zach bashing continues. Jameka comes outside briefly to ask Danielle is her hair is straight. Dick makes fun of her hair and she goes back inside. They talk about wanting to see the house guests that were evicted early and then they go inside to finish dinner.

Dick and Danielle prepare dinner while talking about general things. Dick states that there is a lot of beer in left in the fridge because there hasn’t been anyone in the house to drink it with in a long time. They talk about wake up songs and Dick says his theme song is “Welcome to the Jungle”.

7 PM 8 PM
Music talk between Dick and Danielle continues. Dick still wants BB to play “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry so that he can dedicate it to Jen. Danielle is commenting on the people on the Memory Wall. Dick burnt himself and is making a mess while cooking dinner. Danielle continues to talk about post houseguests and thinks that Jen is the most hated houseguest and that she made BB history. Talk turns to when they get out of the house. Danielle states that it will be close to Halloween and that she needs a costume. Dick looks forward to catching up on the news. They both talk about Michael Vick and know that he has something to do with dogs. They are speculating what his dogs had to do with him.

Jameka is braiding her hair. Zach is still in the HOH room listening to his CD.

Dinner is ready and everyone sits down to eat. They are all talking about their work and other general topics of conversation like food and children. There are a lot of feed interruptions during the dinner conversation.

Jameka is the last one at the table. Zach is washing dishes and Dick and Danielle are cleaning up. Dick goes outside to smoke and Danielle joins him. Danielle is talking about how BB is always telling her to put her mic on when she is on the treadmill when she gets called to the Diary Room.

8 PM 9 PM
Danielle goes to the Diary Room. Dick is rocking out in the backyard and talking to himself again. Zach finishes cleaning up and heads back up the HOH room alone. Jameka is back in the bathroom working on her hair.

Danielle returns from the Diary Room and re-joins Dick. They talk about TV shows that they like to watch. Danielle likes shows like COPS, the Forensic Files, and Court TV. Dick is still in shock that they are in the Final three and congratulates Danielle again. Danielle wonders if they will be treated differently now that they have been on the show.

BB calls a short outside lockdown to fix the light over the Store Room, but they don’t make Zach leave since he is asleep in the HOH room. After the lockdown is over, Jameka is seen reading her Bible and.

9 PM 11 PM
Jameka and Zach are asleep. Dick alternates between the hot tub and the pool by himself, talking the whole time. Danielle gets back on the treadmill and then takes a shower, shaves, and blow dries her hair. Dick joins Danielle in the bathroom and says he is going to take a shower. Danielle and Dick talk about drinking while Dick takes a shower. She says she could really use a margarita and that she only usually drinks on Thursdays with the regulars at home. Dick talks about taking Vincent to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday. Talk turns to past houseguests again. They talk about Kail and say she is probably a nice person, but her game was bad. They both talk about the live feeders and that if anyone is still watching they need to get a life and read a book or watch some porn. They doubt anyone is watching now because it is so boring. Danielle is trimming her split ends while she is talking.

Dick goes into the bedroom where Jameka is and she wakes up. Jameka comes into the kitchen where Dick and Danielle are and complains that she thought she slept later and knew it would be at least 2 am. Dick asks Danielle if she wants some ice cream and walks outside complaining about his lighter. Danielle joins Dick outside and says she hopes that one of the competitions involves her throwing things are people because she has been waiting for that kind of competition. Jameka joins them outside and they all say hello to Vincent on the camera.

11 PM 12 AM
Dick, Danielle, and Jameka talk about past houseguests. They think that Eric was playing Jessica. Most of the conversation is about Eric. Jameka says she tried to warn Jessica, but that she wouldn’t listen. Danielle asks Jameka what the big secret was about Amber that Eric was protecting, but she won’t answer. They all think that either Eric of Nick put the mustard on Jen’s pillow case.

Dick says that today is September 9th, which is the date on one of his marriages and a divorce. Danielle seems uncomfortable. Jameka doesn’t believe that it is the 9th. They are all bored and wanting something to do. They are all looking forward to the wrap party and meeting all the behind the scenes people that they talk to everyday but don’t get to see. Dick tells them about the Pirates of the Caribbean wrap party and how much fun it was.

12 AM 2 AM
Dick, Danielle, and Jameka move to the kitchen. Dick is lying on the floor, and the girls are looking at the Memory Wall. They talk about all the banners and agree that Eric was probably the biggest liar in the house. Dick goes outside for a smoke, and the girls continue to giggle and are having a good time reminiscing about things in the house. Zach is still asleep.

Danielle is asleep in the small bedroom. Dick is asleep in his usual spot. Jameka is still awake and looking at the Memory Wall. Jameka is restless and moving from place to place. She spends a little time on the couch before brushing her teeth and washing the dishes. Soon after Jameka is in bed as well as all houseguests are asleep for the time being.

2 AM 3:45 AM
Everyone sleeping.

3:45 AM 4:30 AM
Danielle is awake and baking cookies. She lies down briefly on the couch outside while her cookies are baking and then goes back into the kitchen. After the cookies finish, she covered them with foil and went back to bed.

4:30 AM 6 AM
Dick must have heard her and woke up. Danielle and Dick are both awake and in the kitchen. Dick is complaining that Zach did the dishes and threw away three sponges. Dick goes outside to have a cigarette and comments that it is chilly outside.

After finishing his cigarette, Dick comes back to Danielle in the kitchen. They trash Zach some more and say that his ex probably has issued a restraining order on him after watching the show. Talk turns to the jury house and the live feeders. Danielle can’t wait to see the jury houses faces during her nomination speech. They think that the live feeders are laughing at them. Both of them want to stay up late Tuesday and sleep all day Wednesday to be rested for the HOH competition. Dick is planning on putting Excedrin in his clothes during the competition. Danielle thinks that’s a good idea since it has a lot of caffeine in it and wonders if she would have access to it during the competition.

Dick and Danielle talk again about their speeches. Dick thinks his speech will make the jury house laugh and he calls out all the perverted and racist things Zach has said while in the house. They plan on paying attention to the weather over the next three days to try to predict the weather on HOH competition day and how to wear trash bags to stay warm.

Danielle gets up to go to the bathroom, washes hands and goes to bed. Dick goes back outside for another cigarette and talks to himself. He seems antsy and can’t sit still.

6 AM 7 AM
He is up and down and quizzing himself on past competitions. There is a lot of spitting, burping, and stretching as is normal for this time of morning for Dick. All other houseguests are sleeping, although Danielle is somewhat restless. At 6:37 AM he is in bed with mic off and lights out.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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