[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 68 (9/10/07)

7:30 am
The sun is up and so is Dick, thinking he slept for four hours when in fact, he just finished a one hour nap. He says he needs to go over his speech a few times, but looks at the camera and says, “But not out loud, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” He wants to know who won the football game yesterday and if the Raiders lost. No one answers.

He goes back to his room and fidgets before deciding to dry brush his teeth. After a few minutes he decides that wasn’t good enough and goes to get some tooth paste. He checks himself on the scale. Still about 170. He goes back to bed and tells us he can’t sleep.

A half hour later he yells out, “That’s it!” He heads outside, lights up, and showcases a few bodily functions for us.

9:00 am
Still outside, Dick says “It’s gonna be a good speech” and laughs to himself. He files his nails and is impressed with how large a nearby moth is. He folds a load of towels, takes them inside, and comes back out for another smoke. Later he heads back inside ‘ice skating’ from place to place before going back to bed just before 10:00 am.

Jameka has been up a few minutes when BB announces “Dick, Jameka, Zach, Daniele, please change your batteries”. Dick and Jameka inform BB they already did. Zach and Daniele dutifully get up and change theirs.

Jameka and Zach have some breakfast, then head outside. Dani has gone back to bed. Dick is in bed too.

Zach is thinking about how Dick will be if he goes out of the endurance comp first, “I hope when he is trying to intimidate me, he pops something in his brain and dies.”

Jameka asks if he already has a plan for Dick’s intimidation and Zack confirms that he does. Then they do a mock nomination ceremony:

Zach: Well, today I have to nominate you.

Jameka: Yes, you do or do you?

Zach: You have a special power to take yourself off the block

Jameka: I’m surprised you know about that?!

Zach tells Jameka he is still going for 500k. He believes he has done all the necessary dirty work to get to this point. Zach goes in to listen to music in the HOH.

1:00 pm
Jameka complains about the heat and heads back inside. She has a cereal snack and goes to clean her dishes in the sink. This turns into cleaning up all the dishes which led to cleaning all the surfaces in the Kitchen. That wasn’t enough and she gives the Storage Room a thorough sweeping as well. That did the trick, she was tired enough to go lay down in her bed.

Zach is shown in the HOH bed. He appears to be doing some kind of calculation in the air with his finger. His aftermath is to straighten up the HOH.

2:00 pm
We see Dani is getting up. Zach has started running on the treadmill. Shortly after BB tells Dick to get up using the angry BB voice. Once he is up Daniele tells him something about Zach’s tone of voice and Dick said “Just wait till he hears my speech”. Daniele wonders if the POV meeting will be today. She remarked that it seems late and BB hasn’t mentioned it.

Zach comes down and tells Daniele, “I brought goodies down from the HOH room, so if you guys want to pick thru it, go for it.” Dani thanks him.

3:00 pm
Daniele and Zach sit on the sofa’s in the living room apparently waiting for the Veto meeting. They do not talk for a long time. Dani finally gets up and walks out of room. Dani is called to the Diary Room as Dick is coming out. Dick says it’s a fun one. Dani asks if there will be a Veto meeting. Dick says, “I don’t know. I didn’t ask.”

Daniele comes outside with Dick and says, “I think this week is going to be different. I think the veto meeting is going to be tomorrow. I asked the DR and they said ‘expect the unexpected’, which is the theme of this show.” She thinks it will be live. Dick says, “Then I can’t say my speech. It’s long.” Dani she’s kind of excited.

Dani says, “I am the youngest winner and you are the oldest.” Disk says, “How cool is that?” Dick yells at BB to tell them how long before the Veto meeting. Dani encourages him to go ask. Dani says, “The cameras hate me. The only time they liked me was when I was in here with Nick. I don’t care. I don’t like them either.”

Zach and Jameka are shown in the HOH going over past house guest history.

4:00 pm
Zach and Jameka continue drilling in the HOH. Zach thinks he is the Janelle of the season because no one in the final four can win against him. That’s why they all want him out so much. They discuss Dick and Daniele having a hand in every eviction this season.

Dick listens to his CD in the round room and is rockin out. The camera operator does some bouncing and zooming along with him for effect.

5:00 pm
Jameka and Zach head downstairs and go outside. Daniele is there. Dick joins too. Zach works out as they all discuss their dinner thoughts. Everyone’s on their own tonight.

Dick catches Jameka in the Kitchen to tell her she’s welcome to hang out with them. They don’t want her to feel that she’s stuck having to talk to Zach.

Back outside, Dani says she’s bored. Dick says “You can go play with Zach.” Dani replies, “I’d rather chew off my arm and beat myself with it.” Later Dick says, “If you think about it, that banner changed the game.” Dani says. “Or did it?… Well, we would have figured it out eventually.” They bring up the mustard. Dani thinks it was either Nick or Eric. Dick jokes “Maybe it was the ‘bad nick’ and he didn’t remember doing it.”

Jameka and Zach are inside talking about how Dick, Dani & Eric said Jameka was freaking out and throwing stuff around when she was on the block. She says that’s BS!

Dick and Daniele talk about how bitter the jury questions will be for them. Dick pretending to answer Eric says that he’s sorry he went out 5th (final 5), but that’s the way it goes. Dick says he’s not packing and his bag will be completely flat at the front door so people will know it’s empty.

6:00 pm
Dick asks Dani if she wants to go to Ireland on his trip to Europe. She says (again) that she’s not going with him. Dick starts to talk about his friends in Ireland and we get Trivia. A bored Dani says, “Julie get your fricking head on the screen”. Dick says something about Julie being naked, showing just her face on the screen and we get Trivia.

Inside, Jameka just realized there’s a live show tomorrow. She goes outside asking “are you all excited?” Dick says, “What, about being locked down for 24 hours.” Jameka says “No, about the live show! Competition time!” Zach interjects that he hasn’t heard any farts lately. Dick says he hasn’t been around. There is general chit chat before BB calls the lockdown and they all go inside.

7:00 pm
Nothing of note happens.

8:00 pm
Dani comes from the Diary Room and tells Dick they asked her if she wanted anyone at the wrap party and we got Trivia.

Zach is in the HOH reading a home made photo book from his HOH basket.

Downstairs, Dick has laid down on the floor in the living room. He must have been tired of the air drums, because he starts playing the bongos on his stomach and chest. Dani says to him, “Are we supposed to entertain ourselves tonight?” She is bored and feels bad for ShowTime. Dick is aware enough to know it’s not on yet. Dani says it doesn’t matter she can see into the future, “Amber’s mom had a vision that Showtime will be boring tonight.” She decides she wants to throw stuff at the HOH door and steal the doorbell. On her way upstairs, BB tries to tell her to “Knock it off!”, but only the last part of the recording comes over the speakers. Dick and Daniele try to figure out what they were saying. It doesn’t take long for BB to play the whole message though, so no door bell antics tonight

Dani is back downstairs. She has settled on dressing the bunny bush (topiary) by the front door. Stepping back to admire her efforts she says, “That looks hideous!” She moves on to going through the clothes she won in the luxury challenge. She looks at the price tags and says, “This thing cost 200 dollars and look at it. Ewww!” She’s back out with Dick. Sitting at the table she starts pushing on the wall and BB says, “Daniele, knock it off!” Dani says that the lock down is making her angry. She called a camera a stalker. Shortly after, a camera starts zooming in and out on her cleavage.

Dani goes to try on some of the new clothes she got. Dick teases her, “What are you doing? Trying to look cute?” Dani says “Shut up!”

The feeds show Jameka is reading her Bible and Zach is shown sleeping with the lights off in HOH.

9:00 pm
ShowToo Crawl: Zach is Head of Household, Dick and Daniele are nominated for eviction, Zach and Jameka continue to discuss strategy for the upcoming HOH competition, Tomorrow night on CBS find out who won the Power of Veto and who will be evicted live.

Dick tells Dani that “Johnson and Johnson own the Jets.” Dani responds “The diapers and the Butt wipes?” Dick points out where on his arm he will get a BB8 tattoo. Dani says she wants to get a tattoo of Kail. Jameka comes in and Dani says “Entertain us. We are bored.”

Dick goes to his room and listens to music. He dances more of the steroidal rain dance.

Jameka goes up to the HOH to let Zach know she is making a pizza. Zach was still laying in the dark. He says he might come down. Jameka opens up a bottle of wine saying ‘Cheers”. Dani again says there is nothing to do in this house. Jameka asks Dani what kind of childhood she had. Dani said “I was a really good kid. I always was. I did my own thing, I was a little different.” Dani tells Jameka about how the BB film crew left her apartment door open when they came to film her goodbye sequence and her dog ran out. Jameka says her dog graduated at the top of its doggie obedience school at Petco. Daniele asks Jameka when she gets to the jury house to tell Jessica she is sorry that she didn’t say good bye, but wanted to let her say her goodbyes to Eric. Shortly after Dani is looking at the memory wall pictures and going down the line pointing out what she thinks are everyone’s flaws.

10:00 pm
Dani remarks, “Advice to the BB Fan. If you’re gonna buy the live feeds, only buy the first 2 months!” Jameka eats the pizza she cooked. Dani says it’s going to be weird leaving and talking to people who have been watching them all the time. Dick is back in the Kitchen and tells Jameka she should get smashed on the wine. Jameka says “and then what?” Dani says “Entertain us!” They talk about the wrap party. Dick says he wants security there and he is not joking. Jameka agrees it’s a good idea. They talk about being confused with each other’s names in the beginning. Dani says Jameka would get mad when people said her name wrong.

11:00 pm
Jameka and Dick go over the BB house interior design. The colors don’t match, curtains are random, and round beds are unusual. Jameka heads back to go to bed. Dick wants to know why cards aren’t allowed this season. Dani doesn’t know why.

Feed 2 zooms in on the topiary that Daniele had dressed in Dustin’s crown and Jessica’s pregnancy dress.

Daniele sits down to snack with a huge jar of peanut butter to go a green apple. Dick asks “Do you remember Eric trying to peel an apple with a butter knife?” Dick and Daniele accuse each other of being the biggest whiner in the house. Dani settles it by blaming Eric. This turns into some Jen bashing.

They wonder if the people behind the windows have specific areas assigned to them, or if they get to rotate, they have sympathy for the person that draws bathroom duty. Dick is preparing to make a tuna melt sandwich and remembers he won a plasma TV. More chat then Daniele getts up to go to bed. Dick is doing dishes and said, “It’s funny how I do dishes here all the time, because at home I let them sit for a week!”

Dick heads to bed too. All house guests sleeping.

1:00 am
Dick is up walking to the bathroom saying he has tuna breath. He weighs himself again and goes back to bed.

4:30 am
Dick and Daniele are both up talking about competitions. They find that BB has given them playing cards. They play some cards and chat.

6:00 am
They do a round of house guests bashing still playing cards in the Dining Room. Dick leaks some of the secret speech he has been preparing about Zach, “When you were streaking, you said it was cold. You said you had been drinking. You said it was shrinkage. If it was any colder or you had any more beer, it would be an inny instead of an outty!”

They get up to cook some breakfast and continue the house guests bashing. Dani says she asked the Diary Room about the Jets score for Dick, but they didn’t know. Both Dani and Dick have made comments about Dick’s farts from the tuna he had. He thinks he should have another tuna melt before the comp to gas out Zach. Dani wants to run up to Zach’s room and say “It’s time for the veto competition!” They laugh at the thought of watching him scramble. Dani says she has a feeling they will have to be sat down and lectured by Dick’s mom. Dick thinks his mom will want to get Pastor Phillips and her in a room with him.

They continue playing cards and joking around. Zach is up and goes to the Diary Room. They get quiet as he comes and goes. Dani talks about how she thinks evictions and DRs have to do with the ratings and we get an immediate FOTH. They finish the card game and head to bed as another day ends in the Big Brother house.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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