A Case of the…. The 4400

There are a few things I’ve wanted to discuss before anything else. First and foremost, I’ve suspected for the past few weeks that Cassie (Kyle’s ability) might not actually be guiding him to fight the right fight. Of course, the show has never categorized either side of the promicin war as “good” or “bad,” but we do know that Kyle feels strongly about the side he’s fighting for. Nevertheless, Kyle seems to follow Cassie’s advice rather blindly. Yes, he argues with her, but she simply argues that this is what he has to do, and ultimately he does it.

Consider a few things, however. Arguably the most significant thing that Cassie had Kyle do was bring in Isabelle. While I have loved Isabelle’s character development, quite simply her involvement has done nothing but hurt their cause. The return of Richard put her in a vulnerable position, allowing “Tom” to blackmail her into turning on Jordan. Her being such a vital part of Promise City also gave her the capability and opportunity to do so. Hell, Cassie so much as admitted that Jordan’s abduction was part of the plan. Remember, not everybody from the future wants to see the world change. By that line of thinking, not all abilities are “fighting the good fight.”

It was a bit surreal seeing Jordan and a marked Tom share a scene together. Despite being on opposing sides of the war, once again neither side is considered “good” or “evil.” Jordan, more than anybody else, has to be considered an ambiguous character. Nevertheless, in this particular scene, for the first time, Jordan appeared to be solidly good, while Tom was decidedly evil. If this is indeed Jordan’s swan song (and I fear it is), it was nice seeing him go down as a hero of sorts.

Speaking of Jordan, I loved his reaction to Isabelle’s betrayal. He didn’t yell, he didn’t scream, he just sat there, looked at her, and said (paraphrased), “Funny, I was beginning to think you really did change.” Come to think of it, the betrayal furthered his connection to Christ.

While on the subject of Isabelle, I thought her actions were exceptionally well written. You could really sense that she didn’t want to do this, but she needed to in order to help her father. It was a very realistic, relatable struggle. You really could see that she has changed. Seeing her pained reaction to Jordan’s screaming and struggling was a nice touch, as well. Her scenes with Kyle were sweet, as well.

A few weeks ago I criticized the show for not portraying the threat of taking the promicin shot, as every character we know that took the shot not only survived, but faced no legal consequences as well. I was going to complain about Danny evidently surviving as well, although to the writers’ credit they did explain it through the test Kevin gave him. Nevertheless, it appears that Shawn and Danny’s mom might be the scapegoat, so to speak, which is a bit sad.

I do have to note, though, that I really enjoy watching evil, marked Tom. For one thing, the actor who plays him is really convincing. He was downright diabolical in his various scenes with Diana, Maia, Jordan, Isabelle, and Meghan.

Now, some predictions for the finale:

It pains me to say this, since he’s my favorite character, but Jordan bites the bullet. And Isabelle is the one to kill him in a moment that will redeem her character. Here’s what happens: Jordan realizes that he is now marked, and before he is completely possessed pleads with her to kill him so that he doesn’t destroy his own cause. By the end of the episode, she reluctantly (and apologetically) complies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her die either.

I think that Danny and Shawn’s mom will die, unfortunately, and that it’ll be revealed that she actually took the promicin shot that Shawn gave Danny, and that Danny basically took a placebo.

Despite what the previews want you to believe, I don’t think Tom will die. Instead, I see Kyle remembering that Tom is supposed to take the shot. In an act of desperation he gives him an injection of promicin, which not only saves his life, but also rids him of being one of the marked.

I’m not sure what I predict for the rest of the cast. Maia’s “we’re in command now” quote in the previews leads me to believe that she will somehow, someway end up in Promise City, but I’m not sure how. I easily see Kyle surviving to now lead the movement, possibly with Tom at his side (if my above prediction comes true).

Above all else, I’d really like to see Jordan survive, if for no other reason than to allow him to see his own vision come to fruition. I’m reminded of the season finale, when Jordan dreamt about what life would be like if everybody took the injection. His movement is a bit extreme in a sense, with him being against the test that would allow users to know if they’d live or die, but in the end, his vision may save the future.


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