The 4400 – The Complete Third Season – DVD Review


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Creators/Executive Producers:
Scott Peters, René Echevarria, Ira Steven Behr, Maira Suro and Perry Simon

Joel Gretsch ………. Tom Baldwin
Jacqueline McKenzie ………. Diana Skouris
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali ………. Richard Tyler
Conchita Campbell ………. Maia Skouris
Megalyn Echikunwoke ………. Isabelle Tyler
Patrick Flueger ………. Shawn Farrell
Chad Faust ………. Kyle Baldwin
Samantha Ferris ………. Nina Jarvis
Karina Lombard ………. Alana Mareva

Sharif Atkins ………. Gary Navarro
Billy Campbell ………. Jordan Collier
Jeffrey Combs ………. Kevin Burkhoff
Peter Coyote ………. Dennis Ryland
Garret Dillahunt ………. Matthew Ross
Summer Glau ………. Tess Doerner
Richard Kahan ………. Marco Pacella

The Show:

Since season two of The 4400, there were a few changes made to the cast of the show. For one, Billy Campbell (Jordan Collier) decided to sail around the world, and thus Collier was missing for most of the season. Another was the departure of Laura Allen from the show, necessitating a storyline to write her out of the series. We were also introduced to the older Isabelle Tyler, who looks to be around 20 now. I know that television does rapid aging on characters, but that’s kind of ridiculous. Then again, Behr did age Worf’s son from 7 to about 19 in three years, so it’s not like he hadn’t done it before.

Also from last season was a promicin inhibitor retcon which has helped suppress the abilities of the 4400 since the beginning of the show. This season, we find that the government is creating promicin injections with the intent of creating their OWN 4400-like superhumans. Bear in mind that this was probably filmed before Marvel’s Civil War event.

This season gives us a little more intervention from the future, and more indication that Tom is a linchpin to whatever the future people have planned, whether good or bad. The only thing about this is that at times it feels that the pace is slow. Not all the time, but some of the time – much like if you read a 6-part arc in a comic that could really have been compressed to 4. I’m not sure that I would watch this more than once or twice, so probably not a “buy,” but something you could definitely borrow and enjoy.


Disc One:

The New World
Richard tries to deal with the sudden aging of Lily and Isabelle (who starts demonstrating a variety of powers). Meanwhile, “The Nova Group” reveals themselves as 4400s who have the power to change the world, and Kevin Burkhoff uses a modified promicin serum to give himself 4400-like powers.

Being Tom Baldwin
Tom is accused of a murder he doesn’t remember committing. I’m sure that Sharon Carter shooting Captain America in a similar fashion was just a coincidence.

Disc Two:

Maia is taken to the future by someone claiming to be her sister, and is sent (along with several other children) to a different time period, changing the present (aarrgh, time travel!). Richard becomes co-operatior of the 4400 Center, while Isabelle makes some moves on Shawn. Somehow, that seems wrong.

Graduation Day
Shawn is attacked by a member of the Nova Group, so Isabelle decides to take revenge. Tom, meanwhile, has been asked by the future people to neutralize Isabelle.

The Home Front
Tom and Diana search for the Nova Group as Alana is arrested and accused of being one of them. Isabelle, meanwhile, turns to Ryland for… something.

Tom and Diana have hallucinations caused by a drug created from a 4400’s secretions (I think I saw that in District X), while Isabelle wants to marry Shawn. Shawn? He’s not so much into the idea.

Disc Three:

The Ballad of Kevin and Tess
Kevin Burkhoff’s body has begun to mutate, and he hooks up with his psychiatric ward companion Tess. Meanwhile, Ryland has extracted a ton of promicin from Isabelle.

The Starzl Mutation
Someone with 4400-like powers has been killing people who seem to have a connection. Shawn gets a magic cigar that lets you see the future when you smoke it. First one’s free, I guess. And Jordan Collier returns, which probably means that the shit is gonna hit the fan.

The Gospel According to Collier
Tom, Diana and Shawn work together to find Collier, who apparently doesn’t remember who he is, but of course things happen and by the end of the episode he does. Diana’s sister April makes an appearance and Maia tells Diana something surprising about April’s boyfriend.

Terrible Swift Sword
Collier goes public with his “resurrection”, and enlists the help of Kevin and Tess to steal Ryland’s supply of promicin.

Disc Four:

Collier starts distributing the promicin, NTAC captures Shawn, and Isabelle goes crazy. Which means Richard has to make a tough decision.

The DVD:

(Presented in Widescreen Format Enhanced for 16:9 TVs)
As always, the picture quality here is excellent. I don’t have an upconverting HD player yet, but this looks great on my LCD TV.

(English 5.1 Surround, English Stereo Surround, Spanish Mono)
Insert your mono joke here. As usual with TV on DVD, your front speakers get a workout, your back speakers not so much. The important thing here is that you can understand exactly what is being said, because unless you’re watching Mr. Bean, the dialogue is probably a key element of a show.

Special Features:

Audio Commentaries

  • The New World – Ira Steven Behr
  • Gone (part 2) – Jaqueline McKenzie, Scott Peters and Joel Gretsch
  • The Ballad of Kevin and Tess – Jaqueline McKenzie, Scott Peters and Joel Gretsch
  • Fifty-Fifty – Ira Steven Behr

The Architecture of Series Storytelling – This would be YOUR EPK for the season.

Powers Grid – The producers talk about the development of the 4400 powers and how they’ve impacted the development of the series.

TVFX – The effects guys get some time in the spotlight as they talk about the evolution of effects on television and how they go about making them for the show.

Character Tree – Video clips featuring the actors discussing their characters and how they’ve grown over the past three seasons. This is created somewhat like a mini-game.

Gag Reel

Being Tom Baldwin (First Draft) – A .pdf file containing the first draft of the aforementioned episode, accessible from your DVD-ROM.

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