Tron Sequel Gets A Director

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Twenty-five years ago it seemed to be one of the most high-tech films to ever come to life and now the sequel is on the way.

Joseph Kosinski will be directing the sequel to 1982’s Tron which is being billed as “the next chapter” in the franchise. Kosinski will oversee the visual development of the film and also have input on the script which is being written by Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis (both writers of Lost).

The original film Tron was about a computer programmer that ends up getting sucked into a computer and is forced to partake in battles included in the games he created. It was the first film to use computer generated imaging instead of models and has become a true cult classic.

No word yet on who may star in the film or more of what the plot will be about. But Kosinski is said to have a “light cycle” sequence included in the film.