A Modest Response

It’s been way too WWE centric of a week for this website, so to make it up I’ve got a huge AMR with two separate Modest Response’s, one a Pro and Con of Danielson coming back early by myself and the prodigal Steve Murray, the MVP case of Claudio and Nigel, ROH Weekend previews by myself and Big Andy Mac, and a huge new feature where new contributor Jonathon Kirschner covers all the PWG and Chikara news! Told you this week was packed.

News of Honor

Bryan Danielson will return to face Takeshi Morishima Saturday at the third PPV taping in Chicago

For more on this, check out below.

ROH will debut in Las Vegas, but unfortunately be 21 and up due to the casino

This is a big move and hopefully provides a new thriving market. Click here for more information.

Matt Sydal’s final ROH match will be at the PPV taping vs. Delirious

Delirious is his long time rival and these two could tear the house down in their last meeting. Goodluck to Sydal in WWE, he’ll need it.

Check out the “Driven” information

Driven is the second ROH Pay Per View and features my Match of the Year. Be sure to check it out.

TNA Impact will get two hours

Quick, sign more castoffs from WWE!

TNA will debut Rikishi, Ricky Banderas, and Jimmy Rave

Glad we took care of that. The first two will be pushed, Rave will be jobbed out, and all those TNA guys who thought they would get time since 2 hours is on the horizon will be pissed.

Mike Quackenbush will be on the 10/5 Boston and 10/6 Edison shows

Welcome Back Quack, hardly had time to realize you were gone. Hopefully more cancellations keep Quack a regular.

This Week on Inside Pulse

Pulse Wrestling spent the entire week discussing Steroids and Vince’s son being Hornswaggle as a terrible idea.

The Comic Nexus has become the place to go for Advance Reviews and Previews. Be sure to check it out. I’m doing 4-5 previews a week.

A Modest Response 1: The Pros and Cons of Bryan Danielson Wrestling so soon after Injury

Cons by Steve Murray

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson is set to wrestle against ROH Champion Takeshi Morishima this coming Friday in Chicago. Back on August 25, Danielson suffered a serious eye injury in a match against Morishima, and had to get emergency eye surgery for a detached retina. It was estimated at the time that he would be out at least 4 to 6 weeks. In a statement released later that week, ROH head booker Gabe Sapolsky stated: “I promise you all that we will not rush Bryan back.”

On September 5, ROH was reporting that he could finally take off the eye patch he had been wearing 24 hours a day, but his eyesight was still blurry. And now, 10 days later, he’s going back in the ring against the very opponent that caused this injury? This is, in my opinion, a huge mistake on Danielson’s part. And I’m not the only one: there a message on Bryan’s MySpace page from a fan: “So much for Mr. Sapolsky saying you wouldn’t be rushed back. What on earth could you possibly be thinking to be wrestling this weekend?”

The Dragon is only 26 years old, and is recognized around the Net as arguably the greatest young wrestler in the world right now. He’s one the few people I can imagine being able to repeat Shawn Michaels’ career – a smaller-than-average wrestler, who became one of the biggest names in the industry because of his talent and his personality. But, if HBK’s career can teach you anything, it’s this: “If you are hurt, don’t wrestle.” Michaels is incredibly lucky that he can walk right now with the injuries he took to his back, but I think even he would strongly discourage anyone else from taking those kind of chances.

And that’s exactly what Danielson is doing right: taking a needless chance. The ROH crowds, especially in Chicago, are smart. They’d understand if he couldn’t make the show, especially with wrestler injuries and deaths and drug-taking at the forefront of the news now. And with all of the publicity concerning how “brutal” the last match was, how can this possibly live up to expectations while doing whatever it takes to properly protect this serious and very recent injury. Danielson easily has ten years and literally hundreds of shows ahead of him – what difference does one single match make?

Pros by Pulse Glazer

Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers in the world and the heart and soul of Ring of Honor. His return this weekend is not Gabe Sapolsky breaking his promise that Danielson won’t be rushed back, but the fulfilling of it.

Bryan is not a stupid man, as any who have spoken to him can attest. He’s taken at least college level courses and sees many outside concerns as of more paramount importance than professional wrestling. Why would this young man risk his eyesight for something not of the utmost importance to him?

The answer to this is simple: he would not. Danielson wrestled hundreds of matches before this injury occurred. The chances of a repeat are miniscule. Even were his eye at risk, Danielson could simply wear a protective mask, the likes of one the Detroit Pistons Rip Hamilton wears, in order to be able to compete.

Danielson is not being rushed back also, because there is no reason to. ROH survived for months of shows without him. They could easily draw for a PPV taping with a Briscoes vs. Steen and Generico ladder match on top. They also do not need him for the PPV. PPVs are taped months in advance and were this match needed for one, it could simply be taped at a later date without issue. There is simply no reason for him to rush back and so, I feel it obvious that Bryan Danielson is not rushing back.

A Modest Response 2: In Defense of the MVP Candidacies of Claudio Castagnoli and Nigel McGuinness

Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio is the sleeper ROH MVP for 2007. All year his matches have been consistently good, yet fit in with the card around him. A man truly able to wrestle to his spot on the card, yet still shine, this is Claudio’s breakout year.

Early in the year he was in a number of undercard matches, mostly as a singles wrestler. While these matches never stole the show at that point, he had fun and memorable matches that were enough to stand out from the card, yet not so much as to steal the show and detract from major matches elsewhere. Examples of this include his Fifth Year Festival: Philadelphia match with Austin Aries and Supercard of Honor 2 match with Yamato, but are sprinkled throughout the year.

Claudio, later in the year, began to be featured more and more and has delivered with great matches all around. In his matches against the Briscoes, whether with Matt Sydal or Chris Hero, he proved capable of mixing with the best tag team in ROH and stealing the show. Once he became a featured attraction on shows, he easily lived up to the hype, putting on excellent matches with El Generico at Race to the Top Night 1, Takeshi Morishima at Death Before Dishonor V Night 1, and Chris Hero at Manhattan Mayhem II. Unfortunately many of these have no reached DVD yet, so the hype he will receive has really just begun.

While Claudio does not have as many great matches as his contenders, he has proven to have one major advantage over them that makes him invaluable. He is a master at any type of match. Hailed the best 6 Man Mayhem in ROH history, Fifth Year Festival: Dayton’s 6 man match featured Claudio as the glue man. He’s the single best in the world at having smaller wrestlers bounce off of him, and he showed why here in a great showing. He solidified his claim as the best multi-man match wrestler when he was featured at All Star Extravaganza III’s Main Event ROH vs. Dragon Gate 8-man tag match. Of course he also had the Respect is Earned tag match against the Briscoes with Matt Sydal, which many hail as a MOTYC proving he can team with anyone to have a great match, as he again faced the Briscoes in a great match with Chris Hero, then with Matt Sydal again. Even in one of the best 4 man matches in ROH history, at Fight at the Roxbury, Claudio was the man to shine, this time with long time opponent and mentor, Mike Quackenbush. Naturally, his singles matches have been very good as well, and improving greatly as time goes on, with Claudio reaching his hottest point yet right now. If this continues, Claudio can steal the ROH MVP from more established names.

Nigel McGuinness

Nigel has had a strange year in which, despite many Match of the Year Contenders and many more great matches, he is being overlooked, mostly due to an over-reliance on lariats and lack of a current hot angle. That is very likely a mistake and due to change soon; Nigel’s simply too good a wrestler to keep down.

Nigel deserves serious consideration for MVP mostly because of all the great matches he’s been in. He’s in my Match of the Year, against Bryan Danielson, which you can see (and agree with me afterwards) at Driven. That is merely one of his great, Match of the Year Contenders. He had Joe’s best match of the year in Liverpool, with a hurt groin. He had Jimmy Rave’s best match, maybe ever, the next night at Finale. A great match with Morishima deserves serious Match of the Year praise, and his tags with and against Morishima have all been great. All these great matches are the bulk of why Nigel deserves strong MVP consideration, but they are not all.

Nigel is the man ROH has pushed as their major babyface. He’s the guy that got to represent them at the King of Europe Cup, and he won the prestigious tournament defeating representatives from notable companies like NOAH and TNA. He increased ROH’s prestige in NOAH, being successful there in a way few gaijin are and main eventing ROH’s first Japan show. He was also featured on VH1 in the Johnny Fairplay angle at All Star Extravaganza III, making him perhaps ROH’s best known man in the mainstream. With a series of great matches and a lot of exposure, Nigel deserves more respect as ROH MVP than he has been given.

Special Feature: Guerrilla CHIKARticle (Week One) by Jonathan Kirschner

This right here is Guerrilla CHIKARticles. A weekly article on the news, results, DVD Releases, upcoming events from CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla! I’m going to get into this quickly, so get ready. (For Big Andy’s introductions to both companies and more, clck here.



1) CIBERNETICO returns on September 22nd. We’ll see Lince Dorado’s team (currently consisted of Las Chivas, Incognito, Magno, Equinox, and Los Ice Creams) face the Kings of Wrestling, led by Mitch Ryder (currently consisted of Shayne Hawke, Chuck Taylor, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Icarus and Gran Akuma and Larry Sweeney). (A Cibernetico match is an 8v8 Elimination Style Match, where there is only 1 winner. If two men on the same team are remaining, they have to fight each other for the victory.)

2) CHIKARA’s Pay Per View Podcast is now out and you can buy it for only $2.99. Over 30 minutes of CHIKARA Action, with two matches (Del Ray vs. Haze and Lince Dorado/Jigsaw vs. Los Ice Creams). Plus, there’s exclusive news on the podcast that only you can obtain when you view it!

3) Invaders Weekend is now available at www.smartmarkvideo.com. You can read my review of Night 2 HERE.

4) Max Boyer and 2.0 are booked with IWS on 9/22, and won’t be able to attend CHIKARA’s Cibernetico and Robin. Max Boyer was replaced by Shayne Hawke in the Cibernetico Match and was kicked out of the Kings of Wrestling.

5) New Star Navigation will hold matches containing rookies against veterans. The rookie’s pictures that are featured on the card’s webpage are The Colony, Ophidian, Lince Dorado and Tim Donst. The veterans who are featured are Hallowicked, Team FIST, Mitch Ryder, Chuck Taylor and Delirious. (I’m guessing Ricochet will re-debut under a new gimmick sometime before this event and face-off against “Sexy” Chucky T at New Star Navigation.

Upcoming Events

September 22, 2007 in Philadelphia, PA: “Cibernetico and Robin” Announced Matches: Lice Dorado (Team Captain), Las Chivas, Incognito, Magno, Equinox, Los Ice Creams vs. Mitch Ryder (Team Captain), Shayne Hawke, Chuck Taylor, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Icarus, Gran Akuma, Larry Sweeney in the 4th Annual CHIKARA Cibernetico; The Colony vs. Eddie Kingston, Sabian, Joker; Jigsaw, Shane Storm vs. Osirian Portal; Mike Quackenbush vs. Tim Donst; Super Xtremo vs. Kris Chambers; Moscow the Communist Bovine vs. Moohamed.

October 26, 2007 in Reading, PA: “Bruised” Announced Matches: Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst.

October 27, 2007 in Barnesville, PA: “New Star Navigation”There are no announced matches for this card.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla


1) Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s annual Battle of Los Angeles has come and gone, and was said to be an amazing weekend of wrestling. CIMA beat Roderick Strong and El Generico in the Three-Way-Elimination match in the finals to become the BOLA 2007 Champion. Check below for full results.

2) Jimmy Rave’s match against Matt Sydal in BOLA 2007 was said to be the worst of the weekend. Rave kept on blowing important spots and it wasn’t long before the match fell apart. Good thing he already landed a spot with TNA before this event happened.

3) Bryan Danielson was unable to compete in the 2007 BOLA, but that didn’t stop him from attending the event. Bryan Danielson congratulated CIMA on his win, but was sporting the PWG World Title, reminding CIMA that even though he may have won BOLA, Danielson is still the best in the world. And he was rocking an eye patch!

4) Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson and Ares are all set to go to Europe for PWG’s European Vacation 2007 (10/26-10/28).

5) BOLA 2007 is already up for Pre-Order on www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com/merch/! Get your copy before all of ‘em are Pre-Ordered. I Pre-Order two things a year Madden and BOLA.

Upcoming Events
October 26, 2007 in France: PWG European Vacation II: FranceAnnounced Matches: Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan; PAC vs. Jack Evans. Also Scheduled to appear: Nigel McGuinness, Super Dragon, El Generico, Kevin Steen, and PWG World Champion Bryan Danielson.

October 27, 2007 in England: PWG European Vacation II: EnglandAnnounced Matches: Austin Aries vs. Nigel McGuinness; PAC vs. Kevin Steen. Also Scheduled to appear: Martin Stone, El Generico, Jack Evans, Spud, Super Dragon, Joey Ryan, Terry Fraizer, Sha Samules and PWG World Champion Bryan Danielson.

October 26, 2007 in Germany: PWG European Vacation II: GermanyAnnounced Matches: Kevin Steen vs. PAC vs. Super Dragon vs. Jack Evans; Austin Aries vs. Murat Bosporus. Also Scheduled to appear: Joey Ryan, El Generico, Tommy End, Bad Bones, Ares, Nigel McGuinness and PWG World Champion Bryan Danielson.

Event Results

Battle of Los Angeles 2007 Night One (August 31, 2007)

1. Nick and Matt Jackson defeated Phoenix Star and Zokre. Said to be a sad opener.
2. Joey Ryan defeated Chris Hero to advance to the Quarterfinals in a solid match.
3. Roderick Strong defeated Austin Aries to advance to the Quarterfinals in a very good match. These two are going at it everywhere in America. They didn’t cease to impress here looks like.
4. Matt Sydal beat Jimmy Rave to advance to the Quarterfinals. Looks like this was quite the confusing match. Rave AND Sydal were both in heel mode, and Rave botched some spots.
5. Alex Shelly bettered Tyler Black to advance onto the Quarterfinals.
6. Claudio Castagnoli defeated Doug Williams to go onto the Quarterfinals. Oh, I could only how many uppercuts were thrown in this match.
7. PAC defeated Jack Evans to advance onto the Quarterfinals.
8. PWG World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated Dragon Kid and Yokosuka to retain their title belts.

Battle of Los Angeles 2007 Night Two (September 1st, 2007)

1. TJ Perkins and Ronin beat Karl Anderson and Gino Gambino.
2. CIMA defeated Human Tornado to advance onto the Quarterfinals. Said to be a great match.
3. Shingo defeated Scott Lost to advance onto the Quarterfinals.
4. Necro Butcher defeated Kevin Steen to move onto the Quarterfinals.
5. Nigel McGuinness defeated Davey Richards to move onto the Quarterfinals. I would pay for admission alone to see this match. Davey Richard’s new heel gimmick is finally pulling together, and McGuinness is a lariat monster.
6. El Generico defeated Tony Kozina to advance onto the Quarterfinals. Of course.
7. Dragon Kid beat Yokosuka to move onto the Quarterfinals. Just the night before, these two put on the MOTN and almost won the straps from Kevin Steen and El Generico. This match was said to be no different, as these two put on an awesome performance.
Battle of Los Angeles 2007 Night Three (September 2st, 2007)

1. Roderick Strong defeated Joey Ryan to advance onto the Semi-Finals.
2. Alex Shelly got the best of Matt Sydal and advanced onto the Semi-Finals.
3. PAC beat Claudio with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press and advanced to the Semi-Finals.
4. CIMA rolled-up Shingo for the win and a spot in the Semi-Finals.
5. McGuinness lariated his way to the Semi-Finals after he beat Necro Butcher.
6. El Generico gave Dragon Kid the top-rope BRAAAAINNNBUSSSSTAHH and earned a spot in the Semi-Finals.
7. Roderick Strong defeated Alex Shelly to advance to the Finals.
8. CIMA defeated PAC and joins Roderick Strong in the Finals.
9. El Generico is the final of 3 to advance onto the Finals when he beat Nigel McGuinness.
10. Yokoskuka, Tyler Black, Jack Evans, Doug Williams, Chris Hero, Kevin Steen beat Jimmy Rave, Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Davey Richards, Human Tornado, Scott Lost when Tornado was pinned by Chris Hero.
11. CIMA eliminated El Generico and Roderick Strong to become the 2007 BOLA Champion. Bryan Danielson comes into the ring afterwards and challenges CIMA. CIMA accepts, but only when Danielson is completely healed and ready to go.

Will CHIKARA ever be direct competition with Ring of Honor?

In 2002, CHIKARA was the little company that could. A well kept secret that only a few smart Pennsylvanians knew about. Over the years, CHIKARA has grown in popularity immensely and will only continue to grow. They currently expanded their “comfort zone” for shows from only Pennsylvania to Connecticut for “Showdown in Crisisland” (which basically sold-out 2 days before the event). Even though they don’t have the budget to bring in stars like Kenta Kobashi and Misawa, CHIKARA has put on some golden classics that would blow some recent matches of Misawa out of the water. Every ECW Arena show CHIKARA holds, the line outside the doors get longer and the crowd gets bigger. One could only wish that CHIKARA could get as big as RoH. In order for that to happen, though, one of two things needs to change: CHIKARA or Northeast Smarks.
Family Friendly and full of themes and Lucha Masks are what CHIKARA is known for. When you go to a CHIKARA Show, you will not hear one curse word out of any of the wrestlers’ mouths (unless it’s the occasional slip, which will be caught by the fans) or the fans’ mouths in a chant. The majority of the Wrestling Fans in the NE are Ring of Honor fans, and at every single Ring of Honor show I go to, there is at least 3 obscene chants. Whether it’s “You’re Gonna Get Your ******’ Head Kicked In!” or a Chris Benoit chant, that’s not going to slide at a CHIKARA Show. There have been times at a CHIKARA Show where I have seen RoH fans leave because of the change of atmosphere. Taking the leap from a Ring of Honor fan to being a CHIKARA fan is a big one, and fortunately it was easy for me. But it may not be that easy for some.

Time to rest your eyes

That concludes my time here on the Internet. Hope you enjoyed, and if you would like to give feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Just send your LOVE/DISGUIST for Guerrilla CHIKARticles to futureisyoung@yahoo.com or IM me on the AIM at OcopacabanaO.

If you would like the up to the minute updates on CHIKARA and PWG, check these sites out

Ring of Honor Weekend Previews

Motor City Madness 2007, 9/14/07 in Detroit, MI

ROH World Title Match
Takeshi Morishima defends vs. winner of Four Corner Survival

Four Corner Survival- Winner Gets World Title Shot That Night!!!
Roderick Strong vs. Delirious vs. Erick Stevens vs. Kevin Steen

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I am doing these two matches
together since they are really inextricably linked. First we have to
look at the winners of four participants and their likelihood of winning. Roderick Strong already got a shot, and Morishima’s heel
heat is off the charts so we can pretty much count him out as they
have no need for a heel-heel dynamic. Kevin Steen has a title shot
coming up so he probably won’t win. Steen also will not factor into
the finish. That leaves Delirious and Erick Stevens. They can kill
two birds with one stone in this one by having Stevens pin Roderick
and then go on to face Morishima and prove that he can hang with the
big boys albeit in a losing effort. No way is Morishima losing the
night before his big rematch with Dragon. So the ultimate prediction
is that Stevens win the four corner survival and loses to Morishima in
the main event.

Winner: Erick Stevens only to get beaten by Takeshi Morishima

Aaron: Well, the Four Corner survival won’t go to Steen for certain with his title shot upcoming in Boston. Roderick Strong could win, since he could lose to Morishima and not lose any heat, but he might draw heel heat from Morishima who’s on a roll as a heel. That wouldn’t make sense. Erick Stevens could win, but he seems to be being protected and getting more and more over. A loss to Morishima won’t hurt, but keeping him title shot free will make his eventual title win mean more. Plus, he should, by mid next year at the latest, go over Morishima to make him a main eventer. He’s advancing that quickly. While Stevens is a possibility, the probability is that Delirious wins here. Del could use a big win, getting whooped in his feud with Pearce’s crew, and this would help maintain his heat. He will, of course, stand no chance against Morishima.

Winner – Delirious in the four way, Morishima in the Title Match

World Tag Team Title Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Matt Cross

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Once again the third Pay per
View taping on Saturday indicates the result of this match. Aries and
Cross are going to bring the best out of Jay and Mark, as it is proven
that Aries has great chemistry with the Delaware Duo. Cross has been
on a hot streak as of late too. It has a chance to be the best straight title defense the Briscoes have had this year with their classic against the Murder City Machine Guns being its major
competition. Still Briscoes win.

Winners: Jay and Mark Briscoe

Aaron: Okay, this should be good. We know Aries has awesome chemistry with the Briscoes, and if you somehow forget, well, check last year’s Unified match. Cross can flip like crazy and bump and should get really over with this match. This is one I’m looking forward too, but the Briscoes will retain.

Winners: The Briscoes

First Time Ever
Naomichi Marufuji vs. El Generico

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: As good as El Generico has
been he is not beating Marufuji. The match will be good, maybe even
great, but just like the other matches the result is a foregone

Winner: Naomichi Marufugi

Aaron: This will be Match of the Night without question. Generico and Marufuji do not have bad matches. Expect this to do for Generico what the KENTA match did for Sydal, with the NOAH vet winning.

Winner: Marufuji

Grudge Match
Rocky Romero vs. Jack Evans

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Not only is this a
continuation of the faction wars that have been long festering, but
the last time these two men were in the ring together Romero knocked
Jack out with a vicious kick. This match could either be very good or
very sloppy. I hope it is very good for the sake of the fans. Jack
needs some momentum and some revenge in the feud so why not let him
get the win here.

Winner: Jack Evans

Aaron: This stands to be messy and flashy, which is what both men are known for. I’d expect it to manage to be good, despite some awkward selling. Jack has his crew and should win.

Winner: Jack

Special Attraction Match
Jimmy Jacobs with Lacey vs. Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney, Sara Del
Rey, Tank Toland & Bobby Dempsey

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: This is Jacob’s first real
test since returning from his knee injury. I also think this will be
where we see some serious storyline advancement. Jacobs may shed his
ties to Lacey here while setting up project 161, or not. Judging by
his mobility at Caged Rage and Manhattan Mayhem 2 he should be able to
have a great match. While Chris Hero rarely has bad matches, he also
rarely has classics in RoH. This one will not be a classic, but it
will still be very good. It is also the only match on the card that
is not clear-cut for the winner. I am going to pick Hero as a winner
and then some antics between Lacey and Jacobs to cement his character
after his return.

Winner: Chris Hero

Aaron: This will be really good. Hero is a master at heel work and working over, while Jacobs is an awesome seller and generates a ton of sympathy. It doesn’t hurt that this is where Jacobs had his best match, a MOTYC with BJ Whitmer at Supercard of Honor II, so the crowd should be into him. If this is given time, it’s a potential show stealer, but with the Hangman’s Clutch and Jacobs hurt knee, Hero will win.

Winner: Chris Hero

Pay Per View Taping 3, 9/15 in Chicago

World Title Match
Takeshi Morishima (if still champion) vs. Bryan Danielson

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Dragon is coming back, perhaps
too soon, from a broken orbital bone. The injury and the extent that
they play it up is the only thing that can keep Dragon from the belt.
The pay per views seem to have their own storylines within the RoH
cannon, and while it seems that two titles might change hands on this
night I think that Dragon wins the belt back which will leave Takeshi
Morishma open to wrestle Misawa in New York in one on one competition.

Winner: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

Aaron: This re-match of last month’s Match of the Year Contender should be stellar. Dragon, with his broken orbital bone, is taking quite a risk. The risk wouldn’t be taken without the title change, in my opinion, so Dragon should win a stellar match.

Winner: “The Best Wrestler in the World” Bryan Danielson

World Tag Team Title Ladder Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe (if still champions) defend vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Over the last ten years the
ladder match has been unbelievably overdone. The only place this is
not true is in Ring of Honor. There have only been a handful of times
that they have even been used in the context of a no disqualification
match. It is so hard to decide which will close the show. These four
men in a ladder match will shock any crowd they perform in front of,
and deserve to go on last. The world title needs to main event this
show though. This seems to be the match that Project 161 will make
their presence known, but I think it will come after the match and the
Briscoes retain the title for the final time.

Winners: Jay and Mark Briscoe

Aaron: Okay, this should be sick. ROH has overdone gimmick matches that haven’t delivered lately (I’m looking at you “Caged Rage”) so this has to buck that trend. The Briscoes will likely be about to win, as they are established as the better team, but Project 161’s debut and interference (so rare in ROH) will cost them the titles they held so dearly. I’d actually like to see 161 destroy the Briscoes early in the show, then have the hurt Briscoes lose the belts to avoid interference.

Winners: Kevin Steen and El Generico

The Feud Ends In Chicago- Final Meeting
Matt Sydal vs. Delirious

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: I will not miss Sydal when he
goes. He gains nothing from winning. Delirious should and will win.

Winner: Delirious

Aaron: Longtime rivals for the final time battle. This will either be amazing or comedy and I have no idea which. Still, it’s a proper send off for Sydal, about whom I had no idea what I would get out of on most nights.

Winner: Delirious

SHIMMER Dream Tag Match
Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong vs. SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey & Lacey

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy-pinion: Amazing Kong is supposedly
awesome, I have not seen any of her stuff to say for sure. Del Rey
and Haze have been in a bit of a feud, and I say that Haze and Kong
get the win with Del Rey succumbing to Kong.

Winners: Amazing Kong and Daizee Haze

Aaron: Kong is awesome and will get the win.

Winner: Amazing Kong, carrying along Daizee Haze

There is much more to be announced for this card, so be sure to check back this weekend for all the results!

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