[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 69 (9/11/07)

ED and Dani are up around 4:30am and playing cards. [Apparently BB gave them a deck of cards.] They make breakfast together and discuss the other hgs in an unfavorable manner. ED shares his thoughts on how he can mess with Zach to win the first part of the three part HoH. ED says this has been season one for the next time they do an All-Stars. Dani wants to run upstairs and mess with Zach. Zach gets up, walks downstairs and heads into the DR. Dani says Julie will tell them it is a fan request that they kill Zach. She says people are going to be talking about them [ED and Dani] forever. They will say remember Dick? I hate that guy, they both laugh. Zach comes back out of DR and heads back up to the HoH and bed. After cleaning up and getting new batteries, they all head back to bed.

At 10:52am BB tells the hgs it is time to get up. Zach and Jameka talking in the HoH. Jameka says she gets carded all the time and Zach says he knows he is getting old because he never gets carded. Everyone is in the HoH, probably a lockdown up there. ED and Dani are sleeping. Zach goes through his resume for Jameka. Lockdown over, ED heads back to the round room. Dani comes in to talk to him, she says “they said that all of us have to pack”. ED is upset that tonight is a live show and he won’t get to make his long speech, Dani says yes he can, just shorten it up. Jameka gets called to the DR. Dani says maybe they are explaining to her how to leave the house. ED says that Jameka told him about some deal she said she had. Dani says she is lying, everyone is a liar here. ED shouts liar! Zach gets called to the DR. Dani making tacos, ED heads to the shower.

Zach takes his bag up to the HoH to pack. Dani is eating at the counter. Jameka is walking around. Zach brings his bag back down and packs the stuff he has downstairs. Zach and Jameka have a talk in the bathroom while Jameka does her hair. He tells her he will be thinking of her while he is in the competition tonight. She gives him a pep talk, says failure is not an option, second place is not an option, having it right in front of you and letting it go is not an option. Jameka then goes to pack. ED comes into the BR where Zach and Jameka are and confronts Zach about sucking up to people. He tells him he is worthless, a piece of shi*t, a racist and a douche bag. Zach just blowing him off and ED keeps at it. Dani tells ED to relax, ED says he is relaxed. ED says he is going to tell America all about Zach on the live show, that Zach is gonna cry, that Zach’s momma is gonna cry. Zach says he is not worried about ED. Dani whispers to ED to stop. In mid rant the feeds go to the FOTH.

When the feeds returns Jameka is saying “seems fair, no one has to know anything”. ED is talking to Jameka, telling her to tell Jessica and Eric that is was all strategy and game, nothing personal and that he is sorry. Just then Dani comes in and says they really wanted to take her to the final three and she is sorry how things are playing out. Dani says she is not trying to kiss her butt and that she feels bad. Jameka just does her mmmmhmmm thing to all of this. The feeds go out during the live show.


The Feeds come back up and the HOH competition is underway. They all seem pretty focused, dealing with the intermittent rain and the bunny coming at them. They try out different ways of jumping, both feet at once, skipping over it, etc. About an hour and half in, Dani and ED are showing signs of fatigue, Dani whimpering a little now and then. ED is encouraging her, telling her when the water is about to start again, telling her she is doing good. Zach is just standing quiet, focused. ED changes his hands a few times and rubs his sore shoulder.

After a while, Dani begins crying about being so cold, ED is saying this ain’t sh*t, bring it on. ED tells Dani to go into the zone, focus. ED tells Dani to go to the place she was during the bat hang competition. ED and Dani begin making signals to each other, Dani seems to be saying “Distract him” and then signals with her hand for him to start talking to Zach. They all seem to be getting a second wind, one of the updaters posted it is 8 seconds from jump to jump. Two hours in, Dani is shivering like crazy, but they are all hanging in there. As the rain starts up again, ED tells Dani to watch her back foot. After each jump, ED checks on Dani.

ED begins his rant against Zach. He dedicates this to “Sweets” the girl Zach is obsessed with and who will probably file a restraining order against him. He insults Zach for making a comment about munching panties, calls him a pervert. He calls Zach a racist for saying to Eric “that is very white of you man”. He seems to be hoping to rattle Zach enough to make him mess up. Zach seems to be ignoring him. ED yells at Zach for saying he wanted to own a midget. ED then starts in about Zach having a small penis. The rant seems to be running in a loop, the same things over and over. Zach still not showing much reaction at all. Dani is laughing at this rant. ED continues nonstop. ED starts in on Zach’s teeth and anything he can think of to try to get a reaction out of Zach. After 45 minutes of nonstop ranting at Zach, Dani suddenly falls off and is out of the competition.

Dani apparently tapped the bar of the rabbit with her foot. It slowed the rabbit down slightly. ED noticed this as well. As the slower rabbit came around again, ED jumped, Zach jumped, Dani tried to jump but the bar hit her ankle and she got knocked off, when she fell she hit the bar and it stopped the rabbit and broke the apparatus. Prior to her falling, she was crying nonstop, shivering badly and fighting to stay focused.

At 2 hours and 46 minutes, Dani is officially out of the competition.

Dani goes inside, crying uncontrollably and shivering like crazy. She has three towels wrapped around her and heads directly into the shower. She turns on the hot water and cries as it probably stings against her being so cold. She removes the towels, removes her clothes and tries to warm herself up. Once she finishes showering, she wraps in towels and heads to the bedroom where she puts on layers of clothing. She grabs a blanket and wraps herself in that as well. She heads back outside to check on the competition and let them know she is ok.

Zach is just laughing, maniacally at ED and his verbal assaults. This seems to be annoying ED and fueling it even more. ED continues his rants, Zach continues to laugh. BB tells them he is working on the problem with the rabbit, they cannot get it moving again. When Dani comes outside, ED tells her she killed the rabbit. She laughs a little. BB sends Dani back inside, they want to try to fix the rabbit, the lockdown door comes down once she is inside. Dani decides to fix herself a cup of tea, still trying to warm herself back up. Dani heads to the back door and asks BB if she can go back outside. The lockdown door starts to rise. They show ED and Zach still in the competition. ED is saying he needs to pee, plz start the rain so he can pee. The water starts pouring down and he has a look of satisfaction on his face as he pees.

Dani apologizes to BB for breaking the game. Zach is yelling “Yeah” and cackling loudly. ED is still trying to insult Zach. They cannot fix the rabbit so BB told the guys to pick one hand to hold on with and they have to stick with just that one hand. We get a few breaks in the feeds, but basically when it comes back, both men are jogging and or jumping in place, trying to stay warm and focused. Dani is sitting to the side wrapped in he blanket trying to stay warm. Zach and ED are focused, occasionally looking over at one another to check for signs of weakness. They are both shivering and cold. Dani offers ED a few words of encouragement now and then, it seems to really help him. She tells ED he is rock steady, when one of them doesn’t do well, the other does. She says Zach has a new dance now, moved on from the qtip. Both men are shivering and trying to focus. Dani tells ED “You know Vincent is watching and is very proud of you”. This seems to help ED a bit.

The water seems to be coming down for longer periods and only short thirty second breaks in between. Updaters seem to feel the rain is not falling equally as hard on both contestants, but Zach is staying to one side of his stump, ED is in the center, which might account for some of this. ED stretches and tries to get comfortable when he can, he starts yelling at BB, challenging him to bring it on, that he can hang all night. He sounds very determined. Dani stops cheering for her dad somewhere in hour five. Zach almost touched his key with the other hand, but didn’t. ED says “where is Julie Chen” Dani says probably in bed, she doesn’t even know us or care. Dani notices the consistency of the rain has changed, the updaters feel it is lighter and less directed at ED now. Dani warns ED to be careful, not so far back. She warns him several times. Dani tells ED he is doing amazing, she says “c’mon old man, you’ve gotten this far” and ED says yeah, no kidding. Dani tells him you can do it. She then mouths, I love you. ED tells Zach “Good job Zach, honestly, this ain’t easy man”. At one point ED says he thinks he might drowned first. Hour six, Dani heads inside to get something to eat. The men are still hanging tough. ED asks BB if the water guys need a break according to union rules or something. Zach laughs, it seems to annoy ED. Dani comes back outside and continues to encourage her father. Dani says to ED “you waited three years for this, for what? To go out like Kail? You’re doing so good, soooo good”. Zach looks at her and she snaps at him “What? What Zach?”. Dani say whatever happens it’s ok, it’s ok. ED lets go of the key and jumps down. Zach tells ED you were incredible. After 7 1/2 hours, Zach has won the first part of the three part HoH.

Dani is putting towels around ED and Zach tries to help her, the feeds go to blue screen. ED goes over and lights a smoke. Dani wants him to go inside, but he wants a smoke, she brings him out a hot drink. ED asks BB if they can wait for him to warm up and smoke before asking him to go into the DR or breaking down the competition gear, BB seems happy to wait as long as needed. Zach is inside, bundling up and taking his gloves off. Dani makes him a hot drink as well, and he says through the towel, thank you very much Danielle, thank you. They do their best to dry out and warm up, putting on clothes, layers of clothes and drinking their tea. ED uses the blow drying to dry his hair and try to warm himself up. BB asks how ED is feeling he says “I’m f*ckin cold!”. Dani made them food as well, for both Zach and ED. She checks on Zach after a bit and asks if he is ok and if he wants more food. ED is upset he lost, Dani being very supportive and saying how proud she is of him. Dani says to BB “Great competition, let’s see who gets hypothermia first!”. ED wonders if he can do the next competition from a wheelchair. ED and Dani talk about how they could have easily beaten Eric or Jess in that competition.

Dani and Zach talk a bit about the competition. About how cold the water was, Zach kept looking at ED to see how he was keeping warm, how amazing ED was to hang that long. Zach tells Dani the stuff her dad said really hurt him, Dani scrunches her face and shakes her head. Zach said he thought one of them was going to die out there, Dani replies, I think that was their goal. Zach tells Dani that he appreciates her kindness. Dani goes outside and puts her and ED’s shoes in the dryer. She tells ED to get inside, he doesn’t want to go inside. They agree that round three is all that really matters. ED says if they don’t finish part two in the allotted time, Zach wins the car. They talk a little smack about Zach and then Dani starts in about the broken bunny and things being unfair and the feeds go to blue screen. Dani says “We should have kept Amber”. Dani gets called to DR and when she emerges she says “jerks”. Zach is laying down and ED heads into the DR. When ED comes out from DR, he is wearing socks and bandages on his feet. ED asks Dani to tell him she loves him, she says nope, he asks for a kiss, she says nope, he asks for a hug, she say nope. By 6:49am everyone is sleeping, some restlessly.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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