[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 70 (9/12/07)

8-3 pm
After various wake-ups and back-to-beds, Dick is first to wake around 11:15. He states that his eye looks bad and that he hates his roommates, eats breakfast and tries to fall back to sleep. As he lies in bed, he is in pain every time he moves and said that he is still cold. He gets up again around 12:30 because he could hear noises and begins to play cards in bed before laying back down. Zach also gets up and into the shower. He eats some breakfast and heads back to bed. BB wakes the houseguests up at 2 pm. Dick runs down the list of things that hurt: fingers, shoulders, legs, eye, etc. Daniele tells Dick about her diary room last night, without BB stopping her. She then tells a story to Dick about a chinchilla that they once had that had babies. Daniele tells Dick that she isn’t stressed and he tells her that they have already won, and just to do the best that she can. They say that Zach is kissing their butts in case he is up against one of them, Zach wants the others vote. Dick said that he wants the wrap party to be at the BB house because he wants there to be a lot of security. Daniele laughs and he said that he isn’t kidding. Her response was that she knows, that is the sad part.

3-9 pm
Daniele got ready in bathroom and braids her hair. She and Dick chat about how BB was constructing something while they were trying to sleep. Dick asks her to look at his face, and Daniele tells him straight up that he looks pretty bad. He tells her that he feels like he let Daniele down last night. She tells him that she felt bad for letting him own too, by going out so early. Dick tells Daniele that he wants to take Janelle to Magic Mountain so then he can really flirt with her. Zach has been in the DR, and when he comes out, Dick gets called in. Dick is complaining about how Jameka was wrongly accused of putting a blue ball in the last veto competition when it actually just bounced in there, so Zach didn’t really win veto. Zach is pretty quiet, he sits on his bed and holds the small shell he got in his HOH basket. Daniele stresses about the final competition and Dick tells her not to worry because it’s not something where you have to run, so she will win against Zach. Dick and Daniele talked about the info they got from the DR. Supposedly, the jury questions will come via satellite on Saturday. Feeds go down and come back up around 8:30 to Dick saying “that was a hard competition.” Dick has won part 2 of the 3 part HOH competition. Daniele is upset and says she just wants to leave. Dick tells her that he can handle the last comp. Dick mentioned that there wasn’t a car given away in part 2. Zach whispers to himself “one more, one more, Dick doesn’t know ****.”

9- 1:30 am
Zach lays down in the little bed and tries to settle into bed. Daniele asks Dick if he wants her to quiz him after Dick tells her that she isn’t going anywhere. He also tells her that he has a good feeling about this competition. Daniele begins packing and says it is going to take her two days to pack because she has a lot of stuff. Daniele admits that she doesn’t know a lot about the other HGs and says she hates those people. Daniele tells Dick that if Zach asks any questions about the other houseguests, he should tell him the wrong answer to mess him up in the competition. Dick tells Zach that he better be worried, because Dicks gonna kick is butt. Daniele comes out of the DR and says that she hates packing because it hurts her arms. She offers part of her stipend to have someone pack for her because she can just throw her stuff in the storage room. Dick tells Daniele that BB promised there would be security at the wrap party. While Zach is in the little bedroom laying down, Daniele quizzing Dick on funny things: who was not a natural blonde? Smallest weiner? Besides jen and jess, who wore bronzer? Hated dressing in costumes more than anyone else? Which goes on for a good half hour of the two just going back and forth with funny questions. Zach gets up and has a bowl of cereal and the three continue to play the game. Once finished with his food, Zach goes back to bed in Nicks old bed. Daniele admits that she knew Dick was going to be there, and Joe and Dustin knew too. Carol also knew but Jessica didn’t. She then goes on to quiz Dick about people on the jury- where they are from, schools they attended, names of relatives, favorite movies, etc. Then they go over the order of the power of vetoes, names of the competitions, who hosted, who won, etc.

1:30 am- 6 am
Quizzing continued until around 1:30 am, when they start talking about how they would have brought Jameka through to the final 3 and how nice Jameka is. Daniele says her biggest regrets were voting Nick out and hugging Jen as she walked out the door. Dick says the closest he comes to a regret is voting Nick out, but who knows how that would have played out. Dick tells Daniele that he doesn’t want to talk in the big bedroom because of Zach possibly fake sleeping, so the move into the round bedroom. Dick and Daniele talk about the wrap party and how exciting it will be to see all the past HGs. Dick thinks that even the viewers that hate him are probably rooting for him because of Daniele and liking Daniele. Daniele says its probably good that she isn’t in part 3 of the competition because she is the veto winner, not the HOH winner. Dick and Daniele are still awake at 3 am, having moved to the kitchen table to play cards. At 5:45, Dick tells Daniele to have a good night, Daniele reciprocates and they hug and kiss before Daniele heads to bed. Daniele tells him not to stress about tomorrow. He says he won’t and goes to fold clothes. Daniele gets back out of bed, asks him several more questions about the past HGs and then they both went back to bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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