Pulse Wrestling Weekly Poll: Project 161

We’re back this week for another edition of the Weekly Wreslting Poll! This week’s focus is on the thoughts and opinions of the current Ring Of Honor storyline involving Project 161…but first, let’s take a look at the results for last week’s poll regarding the slipping RAW ratings. The poll asked what you guys thought would have the biggest positive impact on the RAW ratings, and the winning option with 40% of the votes was ‘Bringing Back A Former Talent’. This result doesn’t surprise me, and in all honesty I agree with the choice since bringing back a former talent works on a number of levels. You get a fresh yet familiar face, it opens up feud/storyline ideas, the actual re-debut could be such a surprise that fans tune in to see if more surprises occur, etc. But, let’s get back to the question at hand, shall we?

Now, for those that don’t know, Project 161 is an angle of sorts in the popular Ring Of Honor promotion. The reason I say ‘of sorts’ is because, while this is a major ongoing angle, it’s not recongized by ROH. See, Project 161 is supposedly a group of wrestlers that are anti-ROH, and it all started more than a month ago when they attacked the message boards and ‘threatened’ Gabe Sapolsky’s (ROH’s booker) family. All moral dilemas aside, other than Gabe’s response to the threats via Newswire there was never another mention of Project 161 by ROH (except for an announcement during a recent ROH show by Project 161, saying everyone should be ready). However, Project 161 has been frequently updating a website and blog, found out www.project161.com, posting weird messages and mysterious and philosophical messages while keeping their front page filled with spooky pictures, most recently a picture of two young kids which was revealed to be the Briscoe Brothers. At the last few shows, there have been random citizens dressed in Project 161 shirts handing out shirts, DVDs with weird messages and images on them, along with other goodies that would help support the cause of Project 161. In just a few short hours, Project 161 is suppose to reveal themselves for the first time on their website and break down the wall of mystique they’ve built up.

After all the backstory, here’s the basic question of the week; how do you feel about Project 161? Are the endless possibilites of debuting talents and overall spookiness keeping you on the edge of your seat like a great thriller movie? Or is the idea so dumb and confusing that you can’t wait until it’s over so you can live life without hearing ‘Project 161’ ever again?

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