Ultimate Marvel Handbook #212

Hello all. Jim here and of course my partner and editor Daron. Now this is the last issue of this format of the Marvel Handbook. That‘s right we‘re changing the format. I‘ll let Daron explain it all.

Well…I thought I explained it last week…that we’d be going to a smaller and more frequent version of the handbook with updates 2-3 times a week. That of course is if we get enough emails each week. I wouldn’t say it’s a whole new format though. A posting schedule sure…

The good part is you‘ll get more of us. More information and just more all around fun as we move to three times a week. I can‘t wait to get into it next week.

You know…sometimes I think you’re already in next week.

Kevin emails

Hey Jim,

With the Heroes volume 1 DVD out, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the Loeb/Sale “colour” books? I also read somewhere that Sale is actually colour-blind… have you heard anything in regards to that?

Sure I actually have something on this one

The hit NBC series Heroes is full of characters that could be torn from the pages of a graphic novel. The odd thing is, except for artwork on the show and a series of online adaptations, there has never been a Heroes graphic novel.

That changes this fall, when DC Comics offers a hardcover collection based on a series of 43 comic-book vignettes that appeared on the Heroes website last season.
The book, which will be the first time the stories have been available in printed form, will be announced today by Universal Studios and DC Comics at the International Comic-Con in San Diego.

In addition to the online strip by artists including Michael Turner, Marcus To, Mitch Gunnell and Phil Jimenez, the book will feature new covers by comic-book superstars Alex Ross and Jim Lee.

For true comics fans, there’s also art by Batman and Superman artist Tim Sale, whose prophetic and apocalyptic paintings are used as story devices for many of the show’s cliffhangers.

So we actually add something DC into the Marvel Handbook this week.

Thanks man,

No trouble.

Um…wow, Jim, just wow. You completely missed the boat with that question. Kevin asked to get some background on the Loeb/Sale “color” books, like Daredevil: Yellow, Spiderman: Blue, and etc. As well as some info about Sale being color-blind. And you’re here promoting DC’s newest graphic novel. *Shakes head*

I really don’t know what to do with you sometimes…

Babos posted

Hi Jim:

Do you have a list of the Marvel X-Men “events” back to the early 1980s, e.g. Fall of the Mutants, etc. and how many have rec’d the tpb treatment? Do you have a similar list for Marvel events, e.g. Secret Wars, etc. over the same period + whether they’ve been tpb’d?

This should be fun (BTW I’ll do event as in crossovers or a series of books like Phoenix Saga)

Phoenix Saga (collected)
Dark Phoenix Saga (collected)
Days of Future Past (collected)
Mutant Massacre (collected)
Fall of the Mutants (collected)
Inferno (collected)
X-Tinction Agenda (collected)
X-Cutioner’s Song (collected)
Fatal Attractions (collected)
Bloodties (collected)
Childs Play
Phalanx Covenant (collected)
Age of Apocalypse (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Onslaught (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Operation: Zero Tolerance (collected)
Apocalypse: The Twelve
Ages of Apocalypse (collected)
Dreams End (Collected)
Eve of Destruction (collected)
House of M (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Decimation (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Endangered Species
Messiah Complex


Kree-Skrull War (collected)
Korvac Saga (collected)
Acts of Vengeance
Operation: Galactic Storm (collected)
Bloodties (collected)
Avengers: The Crossing
Avengers Forever (collected)
Avengers Infinity
Kang Dynasty (collected)
Avengers Disassembled (various trades)


The Six Arms Saga
Death of Gwen Stacy (collected)
The Death of Jean DeWolff
Kraven’s last Hunt (collected)
The Wedding! (collected)
Invasion of the Spider-Slayers
Maximum Carnage (collected)
Clone Saga
Identity Crisis (collected)
The Other (collected)
Spider-Man: Reign (collected)
Back in Black
One More Day
Brand New Day

Full on board Marvel crossovers

Contest of Champions (collected)
Secret War (collected)
Secret Wars II
Mutant Massacre (it did tie into other titles)
Fall of the mutants (it did tie into other titles)
The Evolutionary War
Inferno (it did tie into other titles)
Atlantis Attacks
Acts of Vengeance
Infinity Gauntlet (collected)
Infinity War (collected)
Infinity Crusade
Onslaught (it did tie into other titles)
Maximum Security
Heroes Reborn (collected in numerous trades)
Contest of Champions II (collected)
Infinity Abyss (collected)
Avengers Disassembled (various trades)
Secret War (collected)
House of M (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Annihilation (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Civil War (numerous trades for this one with the various series)
Fallen Son
Civil War: The Initiative
World War Hulk
Annihilation: Conquest

I added Spider-Man and Avengers

soak1313 posted

you did just cover Zom like 2 weeks ago because i am the one that asked it

I thought we had covered him. Thanks.

here’s my question. you posted this:

Margali Szardos of course mothered Amanda Sefton and Nightcrawler

what happened to mystique being nightcrawler’s mom? i thought him and rogue were 1/2 siblings or something.

Allow me to cover Kurt‘s family lines

Azazel (father)
Baron Christian Wagner (stepfather, deceased)
Raven Darkholme (aka Mystique, mother)
Margali Szardos (foster mother)
Jimaine Szardos (aka Amanda Sefton, Daytripper, Magik, foster sister)
Stefan Szardos (foster brother, deceased)
Graydon Creed (half-brother, deceased)
Nils Styger (aka Abyss, half-brother)
Kiwi Black (half-brother)
Talia Wagner (aka Nocturne, alternate timeline daughter)
Rogue (foster sister)

Man…you’d need a family forest to keep all that straight…

Cory emails

Director Matthew Vaughn was hired to direct a live action feature film based on the character in August 2007. The script was written by Mark Protosevich, and filming will begin in late 2007.[39] WWE wrestler Triple H and Kevin McKidd of the HBO series Rome are being considered.

The Punisher & Thor?!?!

or this guy!!?

I‘m still against HHH playing Thor. I love him as a wrestler but I just can‘t see him as Thor.

Cory’s here, in the place to be! Sup guys…..ready?

Hey Cory. Not much up. I‘m dead tired though.

1- I have a question bout “yellow spandex”, do you guys think that his “yellow/brown” ensemble will make it in the solo Wolverine movie?

Well the yellow did come first. If they go that way. I mean we know Wolvie didn‘t like the uniform to much in X-1. Heck they joked about Yellow spandex.

I seriously doubt it. I’d imagine him to be in street clothes or government operative clothes most of the time.

2- Which heroes in the MU have the best catchprases?

Hmm hard one. There‘s some great ones

“Avengers Assemble!” Is classic
“Hulk Smash” Hulk
“Flame On” Human Torch
“It’s clobberin Time” Thing
“”Sweet Christmas!” Luke Cage
“Oh my stars and garters!” Beast
“I’m the best there is at what I do. Thing is, what I do isn’t very nice.” Wolverine
“Excelsior” Stan Lee
“Imperius Rex!” Namor

There’s a lot of others.

Well there are a bunch that’s for sure…not so sure any of them are very good…

3- Though we all know that Wolverine’s rep amongst the heroes/villians will reach new levels upon the revelation of Sabretooth’s death, what aftershocks will this send through the villian community, especially The Marauders & Mystique?

Well the Marauders might not care too much. After all these guys are the clones of the clones of the originals for most of them. Mystique might not exactly be unhappy either. She once had feelings for him but most of that went down the drain quick.

4- I remember that the Shi’ar tried a strategy to stop the Dark Phoenix, by eradicating the whole Grey gene from existence, but how will this effect Rachel Summers now that she is a Starjammer…who is directly in space & so close to the empire?

Well Rachel did join for that reasoning in a way.

The only remaining member of the Grey family now left on Earth besides Rachel is Cable. Afterward, at the graves of the Grey family, Rachel vowed a terrible vengeance on the Shi’ar and was quoted as saying: “I’m not my mom. I’m not the Phoenix. I’m my own woman. And by the time I’m done…they’ll wish I WERE the Phoenix.”

Rachel accompanied Professor X’s team in pursuit of Vulcan. She and Korvus noticed each other’s connection to the Phoenix Force. The two seem to be attracted to each other. She also went on the mission to help deal with the Shi’ar thing after all. The Shi’ar will likely not like she’s closer then ever to them now.

5- D’ken I understand, but why exactly did Vulcan kill Corsair, his father?

Well here‘s the reasoning: After Vulcan kills D’Ken and proclaims himself emperor in the midst of a battle between the Shi’ar troops loyal to Lilandra (with Corsair’s Starjammers and X-Men) and Shi’ar troops loyal to D’Ken, Corsair is killed by Vulcan when Corsair commands Vulcan, as his father, to stop the senseless violence.

6- I heard this somewhere, but when did the Punisher come into run-ins with the Hulk & Dr. Doom? And what happened?

Punisher and Hulk first came into conflict in Hulk 395 when Hulk went back to Vegas. Of course led to a fight and team up later in 396 as they take out the murderers of Berengetti.

Doom: Punisher #28-29 Doom attacks the Punisher as part of the Acts of Vengeance scheme

7-(From Jeff Ritter’s email last week) About my Heroes for Hire casting call. Orka? I say MC Duncan or possibly Batista? Since he’s dead, I sorta ignored him. Personally I say this casting call is so perfect, we need to get a petition started for HFH & Deadpool. As for the HFH villains, you could always create one just for the movie, or use Ricadonna (Uma Thurman?) as an ex-rival of Misty’s out to destroy the whole group.

Hmmmmm I like the ideas for the villains you mention in a way. It‘s possible they can go anywhere with it too.

8- Body counts…That Thor vs. Wolverine is kinda…uneven. A God vs. a mutant? Milleniums vs. a century? Not even close. But who really considers Thor as a anti-hero? 70,000? I say somewhere in the 6 digits for Wolvie.

Wait. Thor hasn‘t killed that much that counts at least. If we say take the events of the Reigning out of play since it was taken out of Continuity. Recall also Thor‘s hammer has rules to it as well that if say Thor would kill an innocent life he‘d lose the hammer.

9- (From Shay’s email last week) A Daredevil tv series….hmmm…didn’t they alreadt try that with that “Blind Justice” show on ABC a few years ago. Except this guy was a cop, not a lawyer, and without a costume. But that comparison to Law & Order as a premise was nice!

heh I forgot about that little series. I think I watched the first episode.

Thanks! I think a Law & Order DD style would work…they’d just need to sink a little money into it.

10- Though you technically didn’t fully answer question 2 last week, what did you mean by calling Wolverine a “proving point” for tons of characters?

Well what I sort of mean is that most times a character now has to fight or face Wolverine in battle to prove what they have and what it takes to be in Marvel or show how strong/powerful they are

11- Daron, since you made such an important point above the villians turning to good, I totally agree. I mean it’s not like any heroes or anti-heroes are turning to the side of bad to balance it out any. Though maybe your right…maybe new, cool villians are needed asap! Any further input to this theory? Daron? Jim?

Well I do agree there is a need for new and cool villains. In many ways I do see that happening and coming as well. The events coming like a possible Acts of Vengeance II and characters like Sin and Hood among others making bigger and threats now it will help.

New villains are always good (as long as they aren’t lame). But I’d say they really just need to quite “turning” the villains they have.

12- The return of dead heroes, hmmm. I checked for some. How about Mockingbird (said already), Ant-man, Banshee, Copycat, Darkstar, Synch, Skin…whoa…Jim…you did say “really cool” heroes….nevermind my choices…hahaha.

Heh. Some of those could come back. I think it‘s even possible Synch is back. How about someone to throw in on the Night Thrasher identity. What if it‘s Synch come back from the dead?

Since Daron is doing the new Handbook setup, more to come later. Till then…thanks a mil, Make Mine Marvel, and See Ya in 7.

See you next week Cory.

Or sooner hopefully!

Initiative update

New Warriors #4: Two of the officers talk as they find the two that Thrasher confronted being held and free them. Yellowjacket is brought in to figure out the chemicals used. Tony and Kooing talk about the Warriors team. Murderworld the Warriors train facing Thrasher. After the training Wondra and Thrash talk as she thinks she knows who he is. The Zodiac make an attack which the Warriors go to face. Sofia works as her place of work is attacked. The Warriors show up to fight the Zodiac. During the fight Cancer strikes Longstrike.

WWH Synopsis

Incredible Hulk #110: Hulk’s arena is complete as the Renegades watch. Cho confronts Hulk and gets attacked by Hulk’s sword but not killed. Scorpion helps Cho escape Hulk and the Death’s Heads. Cho shows Hulk Gamma World as the two talk. Hulk gets angry as Scorpion attacks and knocks him down as Cho tries to anger him and does but Hulk still doesn’t kill him as the Renegades and Cho prove their point.

Annihilation Conquest Synopsis

Wraith #3: Phalanx and Ronan talk over Wraith. Wraith has visions of his father and breaks loose taking out the Phlanx and freeing Super Skrull and Prx in the process. The two join with Wraith to take out the Phalanx and escape the vessal. Ronan is shown the Supreme Intelligence alive thanks to the Phalanx which makes him join them even further. Ra-Vann’s crew show up and Wraith, Super Skrull and Prax join together with them.

Endangered Species synopsis

Uncanny X-Men #490: We see Magneto on a train hearing the news on the Morlocks. Skids discusses with the team what is happening. Professor X listens in with his powers. Warpath continues to track the Morlocks with Hepzibah as the Morlocks attack. Storm is shown the book of the Morlocks. Warpath and Hepzibah counter attack the Morlocks only as Masque takes out Warpath as Bliss takes out Hepzibah. Delphi and Storm talk over the book as the room collapses and Storm’s claustrophobia strikes.

Bishop and Beast go threw District X and see Charlie Hustle about MGH. Hustle tries get Beast to give him his blood only to be attacked but stops himself from going to far. Bishop and him leave with Bishop bringing up the future and Beast coming up with a plan.

One More Day

Amazing Spider-Man #544: Pete an MJ go to see May as a doctor comes in and talks of payment making Pete run off. Pete goes to see Tony who turns into Iron Man and attacks Pete. Pete webs him up after a short fight and talks to him about May. Tony can’t help him and leaves after breaking free. Tony goes off and tells Jarvis what happened. Pete returns to the hospital as Jarvis arrives and helps out with the bill. The doctor still can’t save May so Pete goes off as Spidey to find help

That‘s it this week. I can say I‘ve had a ton of fun with this format and it will continue in many ways but with more articles. I can‘t wait. Daron care to sign off and have some final words?

Just keep those emails coming, the more we get the more often we can update this bad boy!

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

4. Keep those emails coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. The more emails the better the articles are. With the new format next week we’ll need all the support we can get. Until next time Make mine Marvel


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