Captains Log: Big Brother 8 – Episode 31

No-one is up for eviction just yet as it is a three-way fight for the next and final HOH in the house before the remaining two go before the jury. Daniele Vs. Dick Vs. Zach or more so, Dick & Daniele Vs. Zach. All three of them gathered in the main room as Julie goes through the first two parts of the HOH competition that happened earlier in the week.

The first part seemed like the most difficult as each of them stood on stumps and held onto a key above their heads. A mechanical bunny went in a circle around the yard and they had to step or jump over it as it came around without falling off. To make matters worse; ice cold water rained down on them almost continuously. And there were even random explosions of dust and goop shooting at them. If you fall off, you lose. If you let go of the key, you lose.

Things go kinda as expected with not much happening for a while. Daniele then whispers to Dick to distract Zach. Dick goes off and this is the worst I have seen him this season by far. I mean he goes after Zach racially, religiously, attacks his manhood, and on and on. I mean it is just uncalled for even if this is a game. Meanwhile Daniele’s dumb ass keeps laughing. After about two and a half hours, Daniele is shivering so much from the cold water that it looks like she is convulsing. The bunny is circling and looks to be breaking down. It almost stops before Daniele and like an idiot she doesn’t easily step over it but backs up and ends up crotching herself on the bunny pole. Owwww-eeee!

The bunny is officially dead and just stopped so that part of the game is out. Dick’s relentless ripping on Zach continues as Daniele goes in for a warm shower and to change. And in an odd, but very feel good, moment Zach just points evilly at Dick and laughs in a maniacal fashion. It was absolutely fantastic. Zach is just going off on Dick, but not directly at him.


Dick just stares for a good while in complete shock. HA!

As time goes on, Dick is shivering beyond all belief. Zach looks to be in total control and calm as can be. Daniele is giving positive reinforcement to Dick and even tells him she loves him. She tells him that it’s ok if he lets go. He finally does after seven and a half hours and begins to cry. Towels are draped on him and Zach offers the “good game” back pat. This bothers me because I know Dick was doing it and all this for his daughter, but I really don’t think Daniele cares as much about him as he does for her.

Time for the second competition and it is between Daniele and Dick with the winner going against Zach in part three. This one isn’t nearly as complex as part one as there is a set up out back with two tanks of water and a bridge connecting them. Puzzle pieces with what look to be maze markings on them are in one tank. The other tank has a wall with every HOH’s pictures on it. They must grab the pieces out of one tank and bring them to the other and make a connecting maze puzzle with the order of who was HOH. Fastest time wins.

Dick dominates and cuts Daniele’s time in half which will pit Dick against Zach in the final HOH test that is going to be questions. But first we check out the Sequester House and see that it is a straight up pimp mansion. It is awesome and sits on a golf course. They are all drinking champagne, hanging around the pool, and Jen looks really lonely. Eric and Jessica are still together. Dustin and Amber say they are in love and Dustin reveals that “the walls are thin” in that house so they know what is going on late at night. Jameka shows up and they all view a DVD of what has gone on the past week. Everyone hopes Daniele or Dick show up next.

The third and final part of the HOH competition is on now and each member of the jury said a statement. Julie gives Dick and Zach the first half of the statements and they have to choose between two endings to them. After each one, Dick has pulled ahead and there is much rejoicing and even a little punching of walls. The new HOH is:


Eviction meeting but duh:


Zach heads outside and just as I though he gives his summer-long strategy going all the way back to the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Zach, you seem incredibly dumb but you are one smart and cunning dude. He feels that he could eventually be friends with Dick and Daniele, but it’s going to take time because he feels that Dick’s methods were horrendous. Goodbye messages from Daniele and Dick are rather sincere and even get to Zach a bit. Although Daniele saying that Zach told her things that hurt her feelings really makes her sound like a hypocrite. Back inside, Dick and Daniele can’t believe it and are all smiles.

Sunday, Dick and Daniele will go over how they feel being the final two and how things have gone down this past summer. And on Tuesday’s finale, the winner of Big Brother 8 will be revealed. The first five evictees will return and America’s Player will be revealed to everyone. Speaking of Eric, there is one final task for him as America must choose he will vote and campaign for to win the whole thing.

That’s it for this week; make sure to be back with us on Sunday as Josh Clinton covers the next episode which will give us Dick and Daniele’s final thoughts on the summer. And on Tuesday, Richard Mauntah will cover the finale to let us know who wins the whole shebang. But stay with Reality Dish everyday for coverage of Showtime After Dark and the 24/7 online coverage.

It was a great season folks and hopefully I’ll be welcomed back next season to cover one night a week again for you. I’ll miss Big Brother, but it is only one short week away until Survivor starts. Enjoy the final two episodes of the season everyone. This is your Captain, signing off.

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