Warner Bros. Bringing Paddington Bear To The Big Screen

Credit: Variety

First it was Harry Potter, and now another British children’s classic is headed to theatres.

Potter producer David Heyman is working with Warner Bros. again to create a live-action film version of Paddington Bear. Hamish McColl is currently writing the screenplay. The film will be based off of the multiple book series by Michael Bond.

The books told the story of a talking bear who was found at Paddington Station by the Brown family in London and adopted by them. Journeying from Darkest Peru, Paddington wears a duffle coat, hat, and Wellington boots while carrying a suitcase containing an empty marmalade jar. He wears a label around his neck saying, “Please look after this bear, thank you.” The Browns take him home and hilarious adventures commence as Paddington does his best to help, but can never quite adjust.

The film will not be based on any particular story, but over the entire series of books together. Paddington Bear will be live-action with possibly having a CGI bear much in the way Stuart Little did with a mouse.