[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 71 (9/13/07)

9:55 AM
It’s laundry time for Zach and Dick, but BB interrupts with the usual lockdown, but in the absence of an available HOH room, they are sent outside. Zach and Dick complain about having eye infections.

10:00 AM
Lots of sitting around and even less conversation. Dick wished that they had given them a few more songs since they had to sit outside for so long. Zach dredges up Jameka’s DQ in the ball veto, and asks if they had stuff shot at them in part two of the HOH comp. She just says they were underwater. More silence. Zach compliments Daniele’s nail polish color. Daniele and Dick whisper about Jessica’s phone call, but it was mostly just making conversation. Dick mentions that the towels still stink after being washed, and Daniele agrees.

11:00 AM
There is a bit more talk of eye infections, but still it is mostly silence and staring into space. Zach keeps doing laundry, and Daniele seems to have gone back to sleep. At 11:45 we get a brief moment of interest when there is a shot of a whole group of crew members crowded in the storage room. It only lasted a second or two, and we returned to the silence.

12:00 PM
Everyone is either sleeping or just sitting around. Zach occasionally checks the laundry. The lockdown is finally over at 12:20. The houseguests go back inside and Dick and Daniele go back to bed. Zach packs some, but doesn’t seem to be able to fit everything in his bag.

1:00 PM
Dick and Daniele sleep on, and Zach sits alone staring into space. Dick wakes up at about 1:30 and complains about pain in his legs. Daniele gets up and takes a shower around the same time.

2:00 PM
Daniele puts on her makeup and Zach puts on his shoes. These are literally the most exciting events of the hour. Soon enough, we get FOTH and it’s trivia until showtime.


6:00 PM
The feeds return to Dick still jubilant. He and Daniele start to discuss their favorite moments with each houseguest and we get FOTH.

7:00 PM
Dick and Daniele were given champagne and dinner to celebrate their win. They toast to Zach leaving and winning the game. They agree that it is weird that it is all over. Daniele thinks that Jen has been praying for her to show up at the jury house, and Dick thinks that Zach’s family is going to be mad at him.

8:00 PM
Dick and Daniele each tell the other that they will win. It is almost a (good natured) arguement over who is hated the worst. Daniele goes to move back into her bedroom, but BB tells her that they are closing that room down, so she moves into the big bedroom. Dick continues to celebrate and then goes on to list all of his ailments.

9:00 PM
Dick says again that it is a fairy tale come true that they won together. Then, he goes back inside and chit chats with Daniele about nothing in particular. They decide that jury questions don’t even matter. Dick redoes all of the dishes that Zach washed earlier, and they talk about how weird it will be to go back to real life. Daniele gets called to the Diary Room and Dick talks directly to Vincent, celebrating some more. Daniele comes back and says that all of the dimwits in the house played personally and she wonders what Dustin will ask. Daniele starts to complain that it is going to be so boring for the next five days. She wants the bunnies back, and she says that Jessica was mean to the bunnies

10:00 PM
Dick gets called to the Diary Room and Daniele bakes cookies. Dick comes back and tries to get Daniele to go with him to break into the HOH room. They both laugh at Jen for saying she was the strongest competitor in the house. They talk about the jury again, and decide what they are going to wear for the questioning.

11:00 PM
Dick and Daniele discuss the first HOH comp and how the rules changed after the bunny broke. After that we, of course, get FOTH. When we come back, Dick says that he knows the internet fans are over it since there are only two left. HE says that Jameka was a bitch the first day.

12:00 AM
They return to Jen bashing, and discuss what Eric’s questions will be. They decide that most of the questions will be about Dick’s verbal attacks. Dick tells her that he is thinking of getting into the pool. Daniele says that the next few days will be really boring. Lots of random chit chat about hair and Dick’s ailments.

1:00 AM
Dick gets into the hottub and groans from the pain. He talks to himself for awhile, and celebrates a little more. Daniele goes to bed.

2:00 AM
Dick curses the washing machine and has a cigarette. He takes a shower, peeks in on Daniele, and talks to himself and celebrates a little bit more. He hopes that there won’t be a wakeup call in the morning.

3:00 AM
He goes back outside and wonders aloud what he will be walking out of the house into. He goes inside and plays solitare. The camera gets into the act and helps him make the right choices. Dick wants to know if the camera wants to play poker since it won’t let him play solitare alone. He asks how mad his mom is at him, and the camera nods yes. He gets up and wanders, and says that he loves Daniele. He celebrates a little bit more.

4:00 AM
Dick talks to himself some more, and tells everyone to “burn em if you got em” at 4:20. He wonders how he is supposed to sleep since he and Daniele just won $550,000. He finaly goes to sleep somewhere around 5:00 AM.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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