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WSB-TV in Atlanta, has reported an update on the diary Nancy Benoit gave to Chris to write in after Eddie Guerrero died. Here are some quotes from an interview with Michael Benoit’s attorney, Carry Ichter:

“He was upset, very upset, about Eddie’s death. He says in a number of places how much he loved Eddie and what dear friends they were. He also says at one point that, ‘I will be with you soon,’ so it appears as though he was having some thoughts about his own mortality,” said Ichter.

“It’s plain that he was depressed,” said Ichter. “It’s plain that he was beginning to exhibit some of the signs of the dementia that’s associated with the brain injuries he sustained because he talks in there about not being able to remember things. Chris, at the end had become intensely paranoid, to the point that he would not take the same route to the airport on a consistent basis, to the point that he would not allow the family outside of the house.”

The Associated Press and Atlanta Journal-Constitution also have stories on the diary, which was apparently found in the garbage by one of Benoit’s neighbors after the alleged double-murder/suicide.

In other news:

– AP’s Tim Dahlberg has written a great column on chairshots in wrestling, where he interviews Lance (Storm) Evers.

– From WWE recently signed on as a sponsor of former Giants defensive end George Martin’s “Journey for 9/11.” Beginning Sept. 16, Martin will be walking from New York City to San Francisco to raise awareness and money for rescue workers experiencing health issues related to the their heroic work at ground zero in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. WWE will sponsor Martin’s walk not only financially, but also by allowing Martin access to WWE’s extensive fan base via personalized messages and journey updates featured on To help kick-off his journey, WWE has filmed a special message from Martin asking WWE fans for their support and participation during his walk.

– Ken Kennedy was backstage at Monday’s RAW, and told people he would be back on RAW October 1 in Cleveland, according to PWInsider.

– Also from PWInsider, Wal-Mart will have an exclusive Undertaker DVD about his Wrestlemania win streak. It will be called 15-0, will be three hours long and will come out October 23.

– Want a fun quote from Mr. Kennedy about steroids? Fighting Spirit Magazine has one from an interview that took place prior to the recent WWE suspensions:

So, like, everybody used to live that lifestyle and that’s what the business was. But you can’t get away with it nowadays, because we do have a drug testing policy, as much as everybody wants to say that it’s not legitimate. Well, it is legitimate, because they stand there and they watch you pee. It’s like, how much more do you want? And there are certain circumstances where guys have an elevated testosterone level, above 4:1. But if you do, you’d better have a damn good reason why, and a doctor’s excuse, and a legitimate doctor’s excuse, or you’re gonna be suspended and fined and potentially fired. And that’s just the way it goes – zero tolerance. And I hate it, it really irritates me when I see these people get on TV shows and say, “Well, their Wellness Policy is a joke” and “They’re allowed to have ten times the legal amount of steroids in their bodies”. The fact is that we’re not allowed to have any steroids in our bodies. Period.

– Justin Roberts, ECW’s ring announcer, wrote a blog entry on being in the new WWE video game. You can see sneak previews of it at IGN.

– The UK Sun has a story on Sensational Sherri.

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