American Idol Countdown Week Saturday: #4 – Murtz Jaffer Interviews LaKisha Jones

For a long time, LaKisha Jones was heavily favored to win American Idol. She was eliminated right before the finale. When I talked to her before the Idols performed in Toronto, she talked about knowing that she wouldn’t win and when she plans on releasing her album

Murtz Jaffer: Many people expected you to win the show. Were you disappointed when it didn’t happen?

LaKisha Jones: No, because at some point in the competition, I knew that I couldn’t win. I just had this feeling that this would not be the thing that I would be winning.

MJ: When was that feeling?

LKJ: I don’t remember what week it was. It was probably the week after me and Sanjaya were in the bottom. I was like ‘what happened?’ From that week on, I just felt like I am going home.

MJ: What is the ‘Sanjaya Phenomenon’ from a contestant’s perspective?

LKJ: He got caught up in the media. Sanjaya really is a sweet guy. 17 years old. He has great hair and he’s so cute. He’s like a little brother to me that gets on my nerves sometimes and I am like ‘sit down’ because he is always so happy. But I think he just got caught up in all the media

MJ: Were you guys aware of all the media?

LKJ: Mmm hmm.

MJ: What do you think your best performance was while you were on it?

LKJ: I have two. “And I Am Telling You” and “This Ain’t A Love Song” by Bon Jovi.

MJ: Is it just because you felt comfortable or the judges’ comments were positive?

LKJ: I felt comfortable in it. I just felt like I nailed it.

MJ: How much has your life changed since the show has wrapped? Obviously I know you’re on the tour now but I am sure that when you walked down the street before American Idol compared to now…

LKJ: Sometimes people notice me and then sometimes they don’t. People expect me to be a lot taller than what I am because of the way the TV shot me and they expect me to be bigger than what I am too. I am like ‘no, no.’

MJ: What do you plan on doing after the tour is over?

LKJ: I am going on vacation honey, because I am beat.

MJ: Really?

LKJ: I am serious.

MJ: I thought some people were going straight into the studio.

LKJ: Some people are but you know, I don’t want to rush on everything. I want to make sure that my career is long-lasting. I just don’t want to, for the sake of ‘let me hurry up and get it out before this is done’ put something out there that’s not going to last.

MJ: You had an interesting relationship with Simon Cowell while you were on American Idol. You and Simon definitely had a whole thing going on. What is Simon like and what do you think about him?

LKJ: Simon really is a great guy and I know that when he was being critical of me, that he was just pushing me to do the best I could do and pull out the best in me and that’s why he would be somewhat obnoxious.

MJ: Kind of like a dad you love to hate?

LKJ: Yeah.

MJ: That’s perfect, thank you so much.

LKJ: Thank you, nice to meet you.

MJ: Nice to meet you.

The American Idols Live Tour hits the Charlottesville John Paul Jones Arena tonight. The tour wraps up on Sept. 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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