Pulse Wrestling WWE Unforgiven Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Unforgiven Report
Announcers are JR & The King/Cole & JBL/Joey & Tazz
Report EXCLUSIVELY for InsidePULSE by: PK

CM Punk (c) vs. Elijah Burke – ECW Title
Tie-ups to start. CM has the advantage, and actually knocks a mood bead out of is head. CM charges Burke in the corner, but Burke dodges, and CM flies into the ropes. Burke pulls him out, and tosses him to the floor. CM is on the apron, and Burke on the ground, and Burke pulls CM’s leg and CM takes a huge back bump to the floor. Back in the ring, Burke has the advantage, and locks on a version of the Texas Cloverleaf. CM eventually rolls out if it, and then rolls up CM for the pin.
Winner – CM Punk

Recap of MVP/Matt Hardy feud.

Matt Hardy & MVP (c) vs. Deuce & Domino (w/ Cherry) – WWE Tag Team Titles
D&D are now wearing blue jeans with black shirts. MVP & Domino start. MVP has Domino down, and he goes to the 2nd rope, and mock Matt’s taunt on the ropes. Matt slaps MVP to tag himself in, and he body slams Domino, then does MVP’s ‘BALLIN’ taunt. Deuce then comes in from behind Matt, who is bickering with MVP, and slams Matt’s head to the Matt. D&D work over Matt. MVP is getting feed up with Matt, and he goes to leave. Matt kicks out of a double team, and MVP decides to get back in the corner. Matt finally gets the hot tag, MVP clears house, and sends Domino to the floor, and then hits the BALLIN elbow drop on Deuce. Matt hits a blind tag, head butt’s MVP into Domino, and then hits Deuce with the ToF for the pin.
Winners – MVP & Matt Hardy

Matt celebrates the win, taking both Tag Titles.

Interview with Mysterio from WWE Mobile. He said that he will be there tonight.

Triple H vs. Carlito (No DQ for Carlito Only)
HHH starts out strong, and tosses Carlito to the floor a few times. Carlito tries to come in with a trash can, but HHH just tosses him back out. On the floor, HHH is up against the ring post, but dodges a chair shot, and then tosses Carlito over the ECW table. HHH regains himself, but Carlito nails him with the ring bell. Back in the ring, Carlito hits a series of trash can shots, and then hits a sidewalk slam on a fresh trash can. Carlito put another trash can in the corner. Carlito tosses some powder in HHH’s eyes, and goes to swing a chair, but HHH still ducks it, and hits a spinebuster. HHH picks up the chair, and the ref takes it out of his hands, and while the refs back is turned, HHH crotches Carlito, then Pedigree for the pin.
Winner – HHH

Maria with Batista. Batista says some stuff about finally getting back his World Heavyweight Title.

Candice Michelle (c) vs. Beth Phoenix – WWE Woman’s Title
Beth dominates the entire match. Beth has Candice up in a torture rack type move, and keeps pounding her double fists into Candice’s gut. Candice finally rolls out if it. Beth charges Candice in the corner, but Candice leaps over her, and pulls her to the mat in an Edge-o-Matic (sorry, don’t know the official name for it). Beth back up quickly, but Candice then rolls her up for the pin.
Winner – Candice Michelle

Great Khali with Ruygen, smashes some melons that were supposed to symbolize Mysterio &

The Great Khali (c) vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio – World Title
Batista & Mysterio double team at the beginning of the match. They have Khali stunned in the corner, and Mysterio quickly rolls up Batista. They then go at it, but Khali quickly tosses Batista to the floor, and then tosses him over the announce table. Khali corners Mysterio in the ring, but Mysterio escapes, going between Khali’s legs. Khali eventually grabs Mysterio’s head and starts to squish it. Batista comes in and he takes out Khali. Khali gets wrapped up in the ropes, and Batista beats the snot out of him. Mysterio comes from behind Batista, and sets him up for the 619, and hits it, and then hits it on Khali who is just coming untangled from the ropes. Khali is sitting on the mat, and Mysterio hits a springboard sitting Senton, but Batista pulls Mysterio off, and then power bombs Mysterio ON Khali! Both Mysterio and Khali stumble up, and Batista tosses Mysterio out, and hits a spinebuster on Khali for the pin.
Winner – Batista

Batista makes it backstage and runs into HHH. HHH wishes him well with the title, and says that its one thing to win it, and its another to keep it.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick – World Tag Team Titles
Cade & Murdoch dominate the entire match. Cade has Kendrick on the turnbuckle, and pulls off into a flipping neckbreaker for 2! Murdoch in with a huge elbow drop on Kendrick for 2. Murdoch with a head wrench. Cade in, charges at Kendrick in the corner but Kendrick gets his boots up. Murdoch goes up, and tries a top rope sledge, but Kendrick gets his boots up, and both men tag in. London gets the hot tag, and hits a standing hurracanranna on Cade. Murdoch breaks the count, and Kendrick gets tagged in, but Cade & Murdoch hit a atomic drop into a big boot for 2. Cade with a HUGE sit down spinebuster on Kendrick, and Murdoch sends London over the top rope, and Cade keeps him out as Murdoch takes the pinfall.
Winners – Cade & Murdoch

Recap of Orton/Cena.

John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton – WWE Title
Cena’s father is sitting in the front row. Right at the bell, Cena jumps Orton, and then pummels him for about 5 minutes. They fall the floor, and Cena tosses Orton back in, but Orton hits a European Uppercut as Cena is getting in. Orton then hits the DDT with Cena propped up on the ropes. Orton has Cena in a headlock, and Cena fights out, and pounds Orton in the corner. The ref tries to get Cena off, and Cena keeps tosses the ref to the side. The ref calls for the bell, and DQ’s Cena.
Winner via DQ – Randy Orton

Orton rolls out of the ring, and Cena goes to follow, but Orton pulls Cena’s throat pull over the top rope. Orton then pulls Mr. Cena over the wall, and goes to punt him in the head again, but Cena slides out of the ring, and tackles Orton, and locks on the STFU on the floor, and calls for his dad to come over. He dad runs up and punts Orton in the head!

Backstage, Coach starts yelling at Mr. Cena, and tells him that next time Orton & Cena meet, it will be Last Man Standing. Cena comes in, and tosses Coach for yelling at his dad.

Recap of Henry/Taker.

Mark Henry vs. The Undertaker
After Undertaker’s 5 minute entrance, Taker pounds away on Henry. Henry fights back, and lifts Taker on the top turnbuckle, goes up and hits a SUPERPLEX on Taker! They fall to the outside, and Taker starts to take apart the ECW announce table. The ref tries to stop him, but is scared off, and then Henry crotches him, and they roll back in the ring. Henry hits 3 splashes in a row. Henry is frustrated that he can’t get the 3 count with the splashes, and then UT sits right up, and grabs Henry by the throat, and then choke slams him, but only gets a 2 count. Taker goes for a Last Ride, but Henry blocks it, and then Henry runs Taker into the corner, and then climbs the ropes to attempt to pound him but UT picks Henry up out of the corner and hits the Last Ride for the pin.
Winner – Undertaker

Taker poses in the ring, and then signals that he wants his Title back.

Show Over.

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