Heat/WWE.com Report for September 16, 2007

Heat/WWE.com Recap for September 16. 2007
By Michael Nash

Match 1
The Highlanders vs. Jason Cash & Adrian Lynch
• Lynch and Robbie start in a lock up, exchange head shots to the turnbuckle
• Rory is tagged in and goes on the offensive
• Quick tag to Robbie. Lynch punches Robbie and uses the opportunity to tag in Cash
• Cash goes on the offensive but Rory is tagged in as well and goes for the quick pin
• Robbie comes back in and starts nailing European uppercuts on Cash. Robbie misses the elbow from the second rope
• Adrian Lynch comes back in and puts Robbie into a resthold
• Robbie breaks free. In comes Cash and Rory
• The Highlanders hit the Scots Drop on Cash. Robbie goes for the pin and gets the 3 count

Winners: The Highlanders

Match 2
Daivari vs. Super Crazy
• Super Crazy goes on the offensive with an armbar
• Daivari trips over Crazy, who then proceeds to take Daivari down with a succession of arm drags
• Super Crazy goes to the second rope, Daivari yanks Crazy off the rope and onto the mat
• Daivari gets a near fall, then starts striking Super Crazy’s back with his knees
• Daivari applies a bear hug, Super Crazy breaks free
• Super Crazy starts hitting drop kicks
• Daivari avoids a moonsault attempt by Super Crazy. Super Crazy lands on his feet hits Daivari with a backbreaker then nails the standing moonsault for the 123 count.

Winner: Super Crazy

Match 3
Candice Michelle vs. Melina
• Candice begins by putting Melina in an armbar
• Melina counters with some hair pulling and elbows, goes for the pin
• Candice nails a hip toss
• Melina gets Candice into the corner and applies a head scissors-like submission hold
• Back and forth offense ensues, Melina begins stretching Candice’s torso over her leg. Melina then applies a single leg Boston crab.
• Candice breaks out, and kicks Melina in the jaw
• Candice hits a running clothesline then a series of dropkicks, followed by a spinning heel kick
• Candice misses a cross body from the top rope
• Melina goes on the offensive, Candice counters with a headscissors and then nails the Candywrapper for the win

Winner: Candice Michelle

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