Rock Talks Benoit & Steroids, TNA Rating, Sydal Injury & More

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In the NY Daily News, The Rock is quoted as saying, about steroids in wrestling: “There needs to be zero tolerance. You use, you’re caught, you’re out.” On Benoit, he said, “I knew Chris very well. He was a tremendously gifted athlete. The guy who committed that heinous crime is not the guy I knew.”

Also, in an interview with the Ottawa Sun’s Tim Baines, Rock says, “There has been an environment created where steroids became rampant. Mixing steroids and the lifestyle (some wrestlers live) is a recipe for disaster. We need a unilateral program with a zero tolerance policy If you want to be a professional wrestler, you have to have the ability to connect with an audience. The size of your biceps won’t enhance your ability to connect with that audience.”

In other news:

– This week’s TNA did a 1.12 up from last week, according to Nielsen Media Research by way of PWInsider.

– According to Dr. Keith Lipinski, Matt Sydal suffered a concussion over the weekend in his final ROH match vs. Delirious.

– From Mike Mooneyham’s latest column (which is a great read about the recent WWE suspensions, Marc Mero & more, and can be found here): HBO’s Real Sports will revisit its story on the extreme lives and deaths of pro wrestlers in its season opener at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

– talked to Trish about the Unforgiven Women’s Title fight here.

– Hornswaggle McMahon has a blog on FHM.

– Carlito talks about cutting his hair on FHM.

– Lex Luger’s new Web site is

– Bret’s ex Julie Hart was interviewed by, and you can read it here.

– Jakks Pacific announced an Andy Kaufman figure for its WWE Classic Superstars collection, according to PWInsider.

– has set up a sub-site all about Teddy and Kristal’s wedding, taking place on Friday’s Smackdown.

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