[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 74 (9/16/07)

7:30 AM 11:30 AM
Dick cried himself to sleep. Both houseguests are asleep, but Dick is restless. He is moving and moaning a lot. Other than that all is quiet.

11:30 AM 1:00 PM
Danielle is awake. She goes to the bathroom, washes her hands, brushes her teeth and puts on her bathing suit. She walks out to the backyard and is tanning. Dick gets up briefly to go to the bathroom and then goes back to bed.

After lying out in the backyard for awhile, Danielle goes back inside, gets a drink, inspects her tan and then climbs back in bed. Meanwhile, Dick is still in bed moaning and making noise. He it talking to himself about the game and is still quite upset over what went down with the jury and the fact that Danielle is upset about it. He gets up and checks to see if Danielle is awake. When she doesn’t move, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

1:00 PM 4 PM
After using the bathroom, Dick heads out to the backyard for his morning smoke. There is lots of coughing, spitting but he isn’t saying much as he sits on the couch, other than the occasional curse word directed at the washing machine. He is antsy and alternates between cleaning and hosing off the various things outside and trying to get the washing machine to work.

Following a cigarette, Dick goes into the kitchen and makes himself some pancakes. He eats and them cleans the kitchen and washes the dishes. Then he goes back outside for another smoke. He comments on Danielle still sleeping and talks about going to Dublin and drinking beer at Bruxelles. Dick is bored and carries on several conversations with himself since there isn’t anyone else to talk to in the house.

After checking on his clothes in the washing machine, he lays on the chaise lounge and talks to himself about conversations with the jury and the Jets score. It is randomness for a long time.

4 PM 6 PM
Danielle is finally up. She puts on some make-up and goes to the kitchen where she gets some grapes and a drink. A few minutes later she puts the grapes back, sighs, and gets back in bed. Dick is asleep outside.

Dick is up at 5:39 PM and changes his clothes. He wonders if Danielle is going to get up at all. Back to the backyard Dick goes. More spitting, coughing, and smoking. He keeps repeating that he needs to quit smoking.

7 PM 8 PM
Danielle is up and crying to Dick that she wants to go home. They both talk more about the jury questions. Eric asked them why they deserved to be in the Final 2. Dick’s reply was apparently that no one else deserved to be there. Based on the conversation, Amber must have taken the game personally and lashed out at both of them during jury questioning.

Dick caught some taco shells on fire in the oven and the Donato’s are forced to go outside for a lockdown. While outside, they continue to talk about the jury questions. Danielle is upset with Dick because he told the jury that he did all the dirty work. They argue about Danielle saying she wasn’t going to campaign against Dick.

Dick: Hey honey, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I didn’t mean to come off like I was campaigning against you at all.

Danielle: Some of the stuff you said really bothered me. Like you did all the dirty work. It wasn’t my dirty work. It was your strategy. I had to play TWO games in the house — my game and damage control for you. For you to say that just sucks because it wasn’t my dirty work. That was your game.

Dick: I didn’t mean it like you took it.

Danielle: I don’t think I was the only one to take it that way.

Danielle: Like Eric’s question… three reasons that you (Dick) shouldn’t win the game. I only gave one. I wasn’t going to attack you or say anything against you. I gave one reason. Even Jen’s question about why should I vote for you. I said that she’s seen the videos, can make up your own mind.

Dick: I didn’t campaign against you.

Danielle sighs.

Dick: I’m sorry, okay?

Danielle: (complains that Dick said that he would tell everyone to f off, but then when the questions came, it was a different story). With Amber, I told her I didn’t want her vote. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter.

Dick: I was taken aback by Jen’s question. It couldn’t have been her own question.

Lockdown ends quickly and they return to the kitchen, still talking about the jury. They trash talk everyone, especially Jessica and Jen. Danielle makes cookies for the last time. They both get called into the Diary Room at the same time and then are taking turns watching the cookies. Both Dick and Danielle agree that they should talk about the jury people for ShowTime Too.

8 PM 12 AM
While in the Diary Room, they must have been asked what they wanted their Last Meal to be since they are discussing it in the kitchen. Dick wanted BBQ, but Danielle is questioning his choice.

True to their word, they are dissing everyone in the jury house. Dick thinks the only thing Amber could model for is Puppy Chow. They think everyone was bitter except for Zach and Eric. Trash talk continues for a while.

Following a trip to the bathroom, Danielle returns to the kitchen to paint her nails. Talk continues of the evicted houseguests. They wonder who from their family has been interviewed. Danielle asks Dick if he thinks Nick is bisexual and Dick looks shocked. They play a game asking questions which trash the other evicted houseguests. This goes on for a long time.

During the conversation that he is going to pay for Danielle’s trip to Europe and put her through college.

12 AM 4 AM
Dick and Danielle are still talking about all the other houseguests. They speculate who put the blue ball in Jameka’s tube. Dick says he thinks God did it, and Danielle thinks that Zach might have done it. There was a brief Diary Room leak where the feeds could hear Danielle and BB talking about renting a movie from Blockbuster. They may get to watch the gag reel for the BB wrap party during dinner.

It would appear that something happened in the house since there were no feeds for several hours. Chaser posted that the gag reel may have been a cover for them to leave the house for a little while which would explain 4 hours with no feeds.

4 AM 6 AM
Dick makes a comment that something was pretty good.

Danielle and Dick are talking about random stuff. Danielle wants to buy a Volkswagen Cabrio is she wins. Dick’s favorite week was the week when he thought he was going home and was terrorizing the house.

Dick repeatedly says he is going to bed, but keeps finding things to do. They both are in bed by 5:30 AM and are trying to sleep. Dick complains about being able to see the Exit sign and BB closes it, getting a “Thank you” from Dick.

6 AM
That didn’t last long. Dick is up and smoking and Danielle is looking for food in the kitchen. Since they are both up, they decide to have breakfast and continue trash talking the rest of the houseguests (mostly about Amber). After they eat, it is nighty-nite time although reluctantly since it looks like BB made them go to bed.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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