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September 18, 2007

Boston Legal Season 3

David E. Kelly has brought a touch of comedy to the courtroom dramas we are all used to as the legal team of Crane, Poole, & Schmidt take the case that no-one else will and fight them the only ways they know how.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season, “Character Witness” featurette

Commando: Director’s Cut

Arnold Schwarzenegger Colonel John Matrix in this action-packed special edition. Colonel Matrix’s daughter has been kidnapped by an exiled South American dictator so he must come out of retirement and do whatever he can to quickly find his daughter before it is too late.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, alternate/deleted scenes, photo galleries, “Pure Action” featurette, “Let Off Some Steam” featurette

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And try your luck at winning your very own copy of Commando: Director’s Cut in one of The DVD Lounge’s Contests.

The Condemned

Ten hardened criminals living on death row and set for execution are gathered up and taken to a far off island. There they are given a proposition to fight to the finish with the last one left alive being set free. Meanwhile, the entire world will get to watch.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, theatrical trailer, photo gallery, “Capitol Carnage Reunion” featurette, five-part making of

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Deliverance: Special Edition

Witness one of the most disturbing films twenty-five years after its release in this special edition that takes Burt Reynolds and John Voight on a journey into the wilderness to catch a look at the Cahulawassee River before it is turned into one huge lake. Little did they know how memorable and intense the trek would be.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, theatrical trailer, “The Dangerous World Of Deliverance featurette, “Deliverance: Delivered” featurette, and much more

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 9

Ray and family are back and that of course means the entire family as his parents still live across the street and his brother Robert isn’t far away. All the good and crazy times must come to an end though in the final season that includes minor surgery for Ray that doesn’t go quite as planned and worries everyone.

DVD Features: All 16 episodes from the ninth and final season, audio commentaries, additional/deleted scenes, TV special

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Family Guy Volume 5

One of the most dysfunctional families, The Griffins are back with every crazy neighbor and resident of Quahog. Included in this volume are such great episodes as “Peter’s Two Dads,” “Chick Cancer,” and “Saving Private Brian.”

DVD Features: 13 more episodes from the series,, audio commentaries, alternate/deleted scenes, “How To Draw Peter” featurette, animatic episodes, “Toys, Toys Galore” featurette

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Flashdance: Special Collector’s Edition

Alex Owens is a self-made woman and she proves that by working two jobs. By day she is a steel welder and at night she works as an exotic dancer just so she can raise enough money to follow her dream and get into ballet school.

DVD Features: Theatrical trailer, TV spots, “The History Of The Flashdance” featurette, “The Look Of Flashdance” featurette, “Flashdance: The Choreography” featurette, and more

Ghost Whisperer Season 2

Melinda Gordon lives in a small town where life is normal except that she has the ability to talk to ghosts. With her unique talent, Melinda does everything she can to help these ghosts get some kind of closure so they can rest peacefully and so things don’t get too dangerous for her and others.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season


Enjoy an inspirational tale about a young woman’s ambition to play competitive soccer. It wouldn’t be all that big a deal, but she wishes to try out for the boy’s team and she’s just too good not to have her make the squad.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Bringing Gracie To Film” featurette, theatrical trailer

Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof — Extended And Unrated

One half of the cult-film Grindhouse showcases Quentin Tarentino’s vision about a scarred stuntman that stalks beautiful women and has plans of disposing of them in his death proof car well, death proof for him. But when he picks up a trio of tough girls; he may have finally met his match.

DVD Features: Missing reel, never-before-seen footage, international trailer gallery, numerous featurettes

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Saturday Night Fever: 30th Anniversary Edition

It has been thirty years since the fantastic music and twinkle toes of John Travolta danced onto the screen. Enjoy plenty of special features as Tony Manero walks the streets as a troubled youth believing the only thing he can do is become the disco king.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Catching The Fever” featurette, “Platforms & Polyester” featurette, “Back To Bayridge” featurette, “Making Soundtrack History” featurette, and much more

Selena: 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Experience the true story of a young Latino woman named Selena that had a dream and some miraculous talent. Witness the journey of her life through the hard times all the way up until she made it big and developed a huge following as a pop singer.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, music features, and numerous featurettes

Smallville Season 6

Difficult decisions and situations continue to torment young Clark Kent’s life as things are really becoming hard for him. This season includes a new romance for Lois, Clark being stripped of his powers, and the emergence of the Justice League.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the sixth season, deleted scenes, “Green Arrow: The Legend Of The Emerald Archer” featurette, “Smallville: Big Fans” featurette, “Smallville Legends: Justice And Doom” featurette, and more

Stargate Atlantis Season 3

An international team of military personnel and scientists work together in outer space and happened upon a Stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy. Trying to research and examine this phenomenon, they end up in the abandoned city of Atlantis with a busted ship and the evil Wraith on their tail.

DVD Features: All 20 episodes from the third season, audio commentaries, photo galleries, “Ark Of Truth” featurette, behind the scenes, and more


Lexcorp has accidentally unleashed a dangerous creature by the name of Doomsday that starts tearing up the city of Metropolis and bringing terror to all in his path. Superman arrives to face his greatest challenge ever and for the first time ever he may be in over his head.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, interviews, challenges, teaser trailers, “Requiem And Rebirth — Superman Lives” featurette

Troy: Director’s Cut Ultimate Collector’s Edition
& Troy: Director’s Cut

Two great and special feature filled versions of Homer’s great epic come to DVD showcasing the story of the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and telling the fates of all those involved.

DVD Features: Theatrical trailer, “In The Thick Of Battle” featurette, “From Ruins To Reality” featurette, “Attacking Troy” featurette, extended footage, and much more

Wall Street: 20th Anniversary Edition

Twenty years later and Michael Douglas fit the role perfectly of a young stockbroker willing to do whatever it took to get to the top. Even if that meant learning from the best in a ring of illegal trading.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, Oliver Stone introduction, deleted scenes, “Greed Is Good” featurette, “Money Never Sleeps” featurette

We Are Marshall

On the way home from a football game; the plane carrying the entire team, the coaches, and a few fans crashed and there were no survivors. Relive the true story of a new coach and new players that try to bring the team back and hope the community can rally behind them in honoring their fallen friends.

DVD Features: Theatrical trailer, “Legendary Coaches” documentary

Check out Josh Clinton’s review here.


Witness this shocking and controversial story about a Seattle man who lost his life in an unusual and sexual encounter with a horse.

DVD Features: None



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