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If the WWE could have pretended that Unforgiven never happened, then that would have been the best move they could have made. The night will be remembered for Triple H being the third match of the night, Batista winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from The Great Khali in good action compared to everything else on the card, John Cena being disqualified (that wasn’t the surprise) in a lame finish where the violence Cena used against Orton (punches in the corner and not breaking the five count, if there really was a five count instead of a implied one) got him to keep the title, and the Undertaker closed the show but that wasn’t enough to save it. How can the WWE end the WWE Championship match with punches that would never have been stopped on any previous PPV, it would have just been disregarded as a “passionate main event fight to glaze the rules?” How can Vince push the “bastard son” angle so heavily on TV and not even walk on camera once on the PPV? Where is the logic in that? Did they know they were going to have such a bad show that they hoped that they could build up RAW again to the pissed off fans by Hornswaggle-McMahon? Going into RAW, RAW had to be better than Unforgiven by default.

I don’t know what WWE is looking to accomplish, since fans were ripped off with Cena and Orton especially during Unforgiven, they certainly are not going to care to see it again as a “Last Man Standing” match. In theory,the good old “take that supporting family member and destroy them on TV” to increase the face power of the superstar can work, but even for Hulk Hogan Jr., no one cares that much. The same fans who “hate” Cena are not on his side now just because Mr. Cena (who is a far better seller than Cena is) is getting punked out in front of a handcuffed John Cena, who shows no anguish, no real emotion at the sight of his Dad being “destroyed” by Randy Orton. Poor Jim Ross was having to try to color this poor black and white painting. And none of this matters at all when they try to go to “silent” for the dramatic effect, when fans are loudly chanting “You Can’t Wrestle.” Let that be the lasting memory of the last 48 hours of wrestling.

As much as I have enjoyed Triple H’s work, he helped deliver what must be the 853rd burial of the tag team division by him D-Xing London and Kendrick by being a face cheered for Pedigreeing a tag team THAT WAS GETTING PUSHED. Why even have WWE Tag Team Titles at this point? Wait, fans are accepting how the WWE doesn’t honor anything sacred about the tag teams in the history of wrestling who helped make wrestling such a explosion in the first place. Afterall, RAW is always about the same three to five people until the suspension kids return.

By the way, did Lucky Charms sponsor the first hour of RAW? Hornswaggle and McMahon and the (Wink, Wink) Son-In-Law was a little dry, though I did laugh at the “Magically Delicious!” line. They could have done much more with it, but maybe they will make next week better. The McMahon family could end up accepting the rejected Hornswaggle, Hornswaggle could do the McMahon Strut, a lot of fun things can still happen.

I still wish they would bring Luna Vachon back and let Beth Phoenix be her daughter, they could pull it off. Beth of course should be champion but this is the WWE we’re talking about here. I wonder what TNA will do with their new Women’s Division? By the way, I hate the Diva Search. I resent it every year, the fact that any of the Divas still with the WWE that came through the contest that have held their own was a miracle, but enough’s enough.

And I know WWE doesn’t know how to write without the suspension kids being around but Duggan WINS a Flag Match against Divari on RAW? Was it his birthday? The only true match of the entire show was Jeff Hardy versus Shelton Benjamin and everyone had their hopes up for it to be good, and yet no one will remember it because of all the other crap.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at


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