Zodiac: DC announced for 01/08/08

Credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

Title: Zodiac: Director’s Cut
Running time: 162 minutes
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo
Released: 8th January 2008
SRP: Yet to be determined

Paramount Pictures has announced Zodiac: Director’s Cut which stars Jake Gyllenhaal will make its arrival to DVD on January 8, 2008. From director David Fincher, this two-disc set will be loaded with special features. Extras include two feature commentaries. One is a solo act with David Fincher. The other is a track with Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., producer Brad Fischer, screenwriter James Vanderbilt and author James Ellroy. There’s also the “Zodiac Deciphered” documentary, a bevy of featurettes on the visual effects, on the digital workflow, and sequence breakdowns (Blue Rock Springs, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco). More featurettes go beyond the film as there is a Zodiac Speaking feature, a featurette on Linguistic Analysis, a “His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen” featurette, and video and text-based extras on geographical and behavioral profiling. Also included are the trailers and TV spots.

A HD-DVD version so the director’s cut will also be streeting the same day.