A Moment's All I Ask – 9.18.07

So a week has gone by and I still can’t bring myself to watch the entire broadcast of the MTV VMAs. That which displayed a less than put-together Britney Spears missing steps, not in the figure everyone wants from Britney despite popping out two children over the years, forgetting words and half-ass dancing. I was one of those who had big hopes for this because I think that the single “Give Me More” is a good track. Now, more than ever, Britney Spears continues to be considered the biggest disappointment in the music industry. Everyone has an opinion about it and I really don’t want to walk down that road where I pick her apart.

The girl needs help; she needs to rid herself of the sycophants who let her walk through life in various induced dazes, get away from the Paris Hiltons, and figure out if she’s really interested in being a “good” Mom to her own children, otherwise let Kevin have the kids (I didn’t believe I would ever say that). What is sincerely clear is that the girl isn’t happy. As she gets back to work, maybe she will snap out of it and get herself back and ready to take on the world. But right now, she’s still the fascination of the world (which is something I’ve never fully understood in the first place) as if she is the next Madonna, and I think she has tried for that pedestal. I would like to see her make a successful comeback because I do have sympathy for her. The dogging and microscopic attention she gets is out of control, as every move could potentially blow up in her face, and I’m more interested in her finding some inner peace and not throwing herself into destructive life patterns and relationships because that’s “what she knows.” What will the mainstream media do when she does get it together? Oh I know, they will quit talking about her.

There are a ton of YouTube videos addressing the Britney Spears Give-Me-Less-of-What-We-Saw performance from last week; some are on their fifteen minutes of fame because of it, but this one I really like. The producer of this video, Amanda, has some really talented satire/commentary and insightful videos on various social issues—entertainment and otherwise—and she creates a perspective about Britney that most haven’t thought about:

YouTube Video of the Week:

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.

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