Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination – The Problem

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Since the new season is upon us I’m kind of looking forward to all of the new shows. I mean there are tons of new shows that are sure to break new ground.

But then I’m also filled with dread and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I remember two years ago being completely enamored with Kitchen Confidential only for it to be cancelled. And last year I was really digging both Smith and Kidnapped only for them to get yanked from the lineup.

And that’s where I am right now; I’m looking forward to getting a taste of these new shows, but I’m worried that a taste is all I’ll be getting.

News outlets take such glee in announcing the first casualty of the Fall Season. And of course that first show to get pulled is never more popular or had more publicity than when it is yanked.

So I really do want get into numerous new shows, but I’m afraid of getting invested in a show only for it to get cancelled. I’m like frightened lover who’s been burned in the past and is afraid to commit again.

Many of these shows have great concepts, but will I ever get to see them play out? Unless a show is on the CW or possibly FOX, it’s not going to get a chance to actually build an audience. NBC probably has at least two game shows lined up to fill the void that yanking any struggling show would create. And it’s equally certain that CBS and ABC also have replacements lined up for a show that’s not a success right out of the gate.

I’m certain that a new show that I’m digging is going to get the axe. It might not even be a show that I’m “digging” but rather a show that I think will have potential. And knowing that, what’s the point of even trying new shows out? If the networks aren’t committed to at least allowing a show a find it’s audience, why should the audience even bother to show up?

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