[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 75 (9/17/07)

After a very late night, Daniele is the first one up. She put on a flowered two piece bikini and went to sun for about 2 hours.

2:00 pm
Daniele has a shower and Dick begins to stir. They say their ‘Good mornings’ and chat in the Bathroom. Dani says “Tomorrow we actually get to see people we like. Real people, good people- like Amber”. They both laugh. Dick takes his turn in the shower. Dani says, “I can’t believe we are going to see human beings tomorrow!” Dick responds, “I can’t believe this is over tomorrow!”

3:00 pm
Daniele is helping Dick with his hair coloring. She says she can’t wait to get her cell phone. They wonder what they’ll be allowed to do while in the hotels waiting for the Early Show and House Calls. They joke to BB saying, “Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Mike is parachuting into the back yard!” They bash on the other houseguests, mostly Amber this round. Daniele jokes about overthrowing Dick at the finale as the big twist. The hair coloring is finished and he says “Thank you Darling”.

4:00 pm
Dick is in the back yard looking like an extra on Space Balls wearing a large white hair dryer on his head with the power pack by his side. Daniele is with him and they reminisce about the different competitions.

They went over the houseguests again and wonder how long Eric waited to get on the show. Dani wouldn’t be surprised if he started applying for season 1 because he is insanely obsessed with the show. They speak of Eric’s jury comment about how they were lucky it was a Fast Forward week that he was evicted. Daniele jokes that tomorrow Julie will come on and say “Houseguests we have a surprise for you, the summer is starting all over again!”

Dick heads back to the shower. He starts singing like an opera star, but stops before BB has time to hit the ‘Stop Singing’ button. Dani yells “FREEDOM!” in anticipation of the finale. They are both in the Kitchen and in good spirits. Dani says, “It will be nice not too compete for food. Whoever came up with [food competitions] sucks.”

The final two go off by themselves for a while, eventually both taking a nap until BB calls an outside lockdown just before 7:00 pm.

7:00 pm
Dick says “Its seven o’clock, Vincent’s home. Vincent if your watching, what’s up?! I’ll see you tomorrow. Bring my MAC and my phone charger if you can find it.” Dani says, “Bring some gum. I don’t have any money.” Dick continues, “And my cheetah jacket. I brought like $110, I’ll buy you some gum.” Dani says, “And make sure your grandmother doesn’t wear her sandals with socks!” There is an extended FOTH.

When the feeds return, Dick joins Dani at the Dining Room table for a game of checkers. Dani wanted to host more comps. She hosted Slop Pong but had to play and host. They figure out Dick hosted three, the pyramid one, cat scratch veto, and pasta bowl. Dick mentions that Dani picked Amber instead of Dick to host one time. Dani says “She was complaining to me all day about how she wanted to host.” She also says “I hope I get to come back next year and host a veto. That would be cool.”

8:00 pm
They start up a game of cards and talk about the UK version of Big Brother. They are knowledgeable about it. Dani says something about the Australian version and Dick makes fun of her for knowing that. Dick can’t wait to hear the strategy sessions of the Mrs. Robinson alliance- how they thought they had a handle on things and in week 3 it all blew up. Dani talks about all of Amber’s sex stories in detail. Dick says to stop! He was hungry but now he’s sick. Dani thinks the DR was giving Amber sugar pills instead of her meds. Dani says she thought about telling the DR to wake Dick up this afternoon with the Meow song. He said he would have been furious. They laugh.

Dick goes to smoke before the food arrives. Dani sets the table and smells food in storage room.

9:00 pm
ShoToo Crawl: Today is the 80th and final night in the Big Brother house, Remaining houseguests, Dick and Daniele Donato spent the day talking about all the things they look forward to doing after they get out of the house, Tomorrow night all 14 houseguests, including the seven jury members, will be at the house for the live show announcing the winner of Big Brother 8 and $500,000, Watch it all unfold live September18 at 9/8C only on CBS, Big Brother and ShoToo thank all our loyal viewers for tuning in this summer.

Dani is buzzed into the storage room and brings their dinner in. They begin to eat and welcome the ShoToo people. They joke around about the other houseguests and seemed to really enjoy each other and the dinner.

They head out to the back yard after dinner. They are still in very good spirits, laughing and talking about things that have happened in the house.

10:00 pm
They’ve gone back inside to play some cards. More reminiscing. Dick says Daniele’s first words were “Hi Dad”. He came home one day and Vincent said, “Hi Dad! Hi Dad!” and then out of the blue Daniele repeated him. Dick said she’s never stopped talking since.

They hear ‘Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests.’ Dick yells back to BB “And tomorrow we can talk about them all we want!” The BB voice answers “Thank You”.

11:00 pm
They think ‘hide and seek’ veto was awful saying that it was really hot and ended up taking about 6 1/2 hours to finish. They say it probably sounded better on paper.

They get the ‘Dpn’t talk about DR sessions’ recording from BB again. Dani says, “I’m not. I’m torturing him (Dick) and BB says thank you. Dani says, “I’ll torture him all night and BB says ‘thank you’ again.

We get Trivia on the feeds, there is speculation they are getting to watch a movie.

2:30 am
Feeds are back and we see Dick smoking in the backyard while Daniele is inside packing.

Both back at the Kitchen counter, Dani can’t believe that it is really over. She thinks Nick is going to make fun of Dick about missing so many Nick questions.

They start a series of one word descriptions of the other houseguests.

Dani’s take:

Kail – ambition
Jameka – loud
Carol – average
Amber – fake
Joe – hysterical
Dustin – mean-spirited
Jess – typical
Mike – nice
Zach – out there
Nick – genuine

Dick’s take:

Kail – liar
Jameka – hypocrite
Nick – bad
Carol – unrealistic
Eric – player
Amber – poser
Jen – self righteous
Joe – character
Jen – unbelievable
Dustin – jerk
Jessica – narcoleptic
Mike – loyal
Zach – tool, Bozo

Next up they describe each person’s game play in one word.

Dani’s take:

Joe – overwhelming
Jen – non existent
Dustin – over the top
Jess – underplayed
Mike – too quick
Zach – floater

Dick‘s take:

Kail – horrible
Jameka – terrible
Nick – lost
Carol – inconsequential
Eric – overconfident or manipulator
Amber – personal
Joe – overplayed
Jen – used
Dustin – arrogant
Jess – skater
Mike – too hard too soon
Zach ass kissing floater

Dick thinks the Mrs. Robinson alliance made a lot of mistakes. All the spying and Kail making it obvious Dick was her target. He can’t wait to see the footage to see that alliance’s strategy.

Dick going out for a smoke says how he almost fell asleep during the first movie. Dani says “What are you taking about? What are you talking about?” Dick says he almost fell asleep TALKING about that first movie, then goes outside and says “I hate when that happens”.

4:00 am
Dick says his funniest moment with Jameka was when she called his momma a bitch. The funniest moment with Carol was her dancing around like a princess.
They say that Eric was the funniest person in the house the first couple of days.

Dick says the funniest moment with Jen was when she had the meltdown when BB replaced Dick’s cigarettes and she tried to knock the cigarette out of his hand. The funniest Zach moments were him talking about his inventions.

Dani says her funniest Kail moment was when she got a massager in her HOH basket and Dani asked her why she got a vibrator. Kail was so embarrassed, she put it in the storage room and never went back to get it. Her funniest Carol moment was when Carol was going to sleep with Mike one night and right before she had said she missed the touch of a man. Her funniest Eric moment was when she scared him coming out of the storage room and he screamed like a woman. Her funniest Jessica moment was when Jessica talked about how much she hated Kail. Her funniest Mike moment was when he was dressed as a maid.

The most stupid thing each person did:

Dick’s take:

Kail – rolling over on her alliance
Jameka – magic ping pong ball and giving up 5 HOHs
Nick – not trying to stay in the house
Carol – not wanting to be in the house
Eric – playing too many sides and getting caught up in his own BS
Amber – not taking her meds – being such an emotional wreck – being overconfident
Joe – playing too hard too fast and trying to have too many alliances
Jen – her brain
Dustin – too confident
Jessica – trying not to play the game too much – getting cocky after she won 2 HOHs
Mike – aligning with the wrong people too fast – taunting Dick when Dick was HOH

They move on to the most ridiculous statements.

For Kail:
Dani says – that Zach is a mastermind
Dick says – Evil you can change the vote, I know you can keep me in here.

For Jameka:
Dani says – about the ping pong ball and having to use it or right before she left saying that she had been under the radar
Dick says – that your momma is a bitch

For Nick:
Dani says – I’m a new Nick

For Carol:
Dani says – I’m such a bad secret keeper. Don’t ever tell me anything.
Dick says – I don’t even know if I want to be here.

For Eric:
Dani says – I’ve been playing at a ‘one’ and I can still go up to a ‘10′. I know I’m the best player in the house.

For Amber:
Dani says – when she told Nick to stop talking to her because it would be better; also, when her mom had a vision that she was in final two.
Dick says – when she said “I had a vision that Dick was really mad when I won something – I love my dog as much as I love my daughter.”

For Joe:
Dick says – Dick you and me can go a long way in this game.

For Jen:
Dick says – I ate on slop because I was mad at BB

For Dustin:
Dani says – you didn’t raise your hand Jessica, you may speak.
Dick says – there’s a line in the sand, don’t trust the Donatos.

For Mike:
Dick laughs and says Mike never talked
Dani says – I’m loyal to my alliance or maybe that he admitted he was going to put them up.

For Zach:
Dick says – I can tell you now because the strategy part is over that I’m a ranked online chess player.

They move on to most ridiculous actions.

For Kail:
Dick says – not peeing for 10 hours (when first entering the house)
Dani says not falling off the pedestal after 10 seconds

For Amber:
Dani says – having Jameka braid her hair
Dick says – holding the rubber rat like it’s a baby – or kissing the necklace 24/7

For Jen:
Dani says – shoving her underwear/bathing suits up her butt and checking her butt out in the mirror all the time.

They move on to what one item they would burn from each HG.

Too many options for Jen.
Zach’s Dolphincrash collection.
Amber’s lemon shorts and sweatpants.

5:00 am
They take a short break from the impromptu House Call’s session. Daniele is in the bathroom tweezing her eyebrows. Dick is sitting on the couch in the back yard smoking and says “Hey what’s a bird doing up? All your friends are sleeping!”

They meet up again to do a round of nicknames:

Kail – the mayor of Rainbow Oregon / liar
Jameka – MPPB (magic ping pong ball) / PP (ping pong) / hair freak
Nick – bad Nick / smitten kitten
Carol – dancing drama queen
Eric – crazy eyed person
Amber – Whamber
Dani says, “Did you hear that America?! That’s her new nickname!”
Joe – lobster claws
Jen – they say how many four letter words can we think of / fable
Dustin – princess
Jessica – narcoleptic
Mike – meat log Mike / Mike the maid
Zach – rogre

They keep laughing about the Whamber thing and wishing they would have thought of it earlier. They would have used it in their DRs.

Funniest mannerisms/most memorable:

Kail – not smiling / not talking
Jameka – mmmhmmm / eyeballs popping out of her head when she was mad / clapping
Eric – crazy eye thing / the way he moved around
Carol – the ridiculous over the top posture all the time / her walk
Amber – the crying / the duck walk
Joe – the lobster claws / the concentrating face
Jen – the eye flutter
Dustin – something about his mouth
Mike – his eyes when he was surprised
Zach They say there’s too many / laughing that Zach had a belly button ring at one time.

How would they kill each HG.

Kail – talking to her to death
Jameka – throwing ping pong balls at her / stoning her with ping pong balls
Nick – hitting him with the tether ball to death or drowning him in the hot tub
Carol – dancing on her face to death
Amber – letting her drown in her own tears
Joe – death by lobsters / sewing his mouth closed and watching him go nuts
Jen – making her eat slop for the rest of her life
Dustin – hanging him with the cape
Jessica – dying in her sleep
Mike – over dosing on supplements / too much protein
Zach – stuffing his mouth full of panties

They think Janelle probably feels the same about the other houseguests as they do. They think she hated Eric. They keep talking about Whamber and keep kicking themselves for not coming up with it sooner.

Daniele says she’s going to try to go to bed, but keeps on talking with her dad. They talk about weeks they weren’t nervous. Dani says she wasn’t nervous when Dick was HOH, when she was HOH, and the first time Zach was HOH. Dick adds he wasn’t nervous the first week Dustin was HOH. Daniele does finally head towards bed, but doesn’t think she’s going to be able to sleep.

6:00 am
Dick says the Dick at Night show is going off the air. This is the last night. He says he’s been having a nice time with his daughter. He says she was in a bad mood after the questions, but she was fine after a little while. He thinks Saturday will be the day they start getting back to their life but he doesn’t really know. He is laughing that he was mean to people and still made it to the final two and says the best part of all was winning the last comp. He thinks it’s going to take a month or so to get back to real life. It’s going to take him two days just to watch the show. He’s going to have fun on the message boards and catching up with everybody.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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