Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination – Sunday/Monday

So, Saturday I received my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly which featured an incredibly alluring cover. Not only did it boast that it would be covering “99 of the Season Biggest Shows” but the cover subject was Kate Walsh (what can I say; I’m a sucker for redheads)

Eventually I got around to reading it and I’ve got good news and bad news (but sadly no question of the week.) The bad news is that Kate Walsh was recently married, I’d missed that ship. The good news that was the networks would soon be trotting out new shows eager for my approval.

Thus, I’ve decided to share with you, my faithful reader, what I plan on checking out. (For the sake of brevity I’ll break the week down into duos of days.)


Sunday is a pretty slow day for me, in terms of network viewing.

The Simpsons – I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll actually get around to watching this show. With the steady release of previous seasons on dvd and the very nature of the show, I’m not really pressed to catch every episode; I know that before long I’ll be able to watch it with commentary. I can wait. That said, I’m sure I’ll catch more than a few episodes.

Viva Laughlin – I’ve actually caught a few episodes of Viva Blackpool, the BBC show that this is based on, so I know what I’m in for. Plus I dig musical numbers and I live in Nevada. EW predicts that that this show won’t be long for this world, but I’m kind of hoping that they’re wrong.

Dexter – I loved the first season of this Showtime show. I was worried that the resolution wouldn’t satisfy all of the questions that the season raised, but it did. I found the reveal to be perfect. I’m eagerly anticipating the second season to continue to impress. Who doesn’t love a nice complex anti-hero? Man, I can’t wait.


Monday is the official start of the viewing week for me. NBC and FOX have a monopoly on my attention. I enjoyed the 1,2 punch that NBC had with Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (and later TheBlack Donnellys’) while FOX’s serials tend not to disappoint.

Chuck – NBC has really been hyping this show. Hopefully the hype will pay off. The show looks, at the very least, entertaining (though Zachary Levi looks kind of creepily airbrushed in some of the ads I’ve seen.) I’ll give this show a shot.

Heroes – I found this show to be entertaining at best last season. I didn’t quite understand the rabid cult following or where it generated from. But the show got the fanboys in a frenzy. I’m interested in how the writers and producers follow up on all of that goodwill.

Journeyman – I loved Kevin McKidd in the sorely missed Rome. The premise of the show sounds interesting enough for me to try it out. Ah, who am I kidding; it’s got no competition for my attention, so I’ll be there for the long haul.

Prison Break – This show is so my guilty pleasure; it’s so over the top that it’s pure enjoyment. I love how complex and convoluted the plots get. I also dig the role reversal with Linc and Michael. This show is just fun.

K-Ville – I can’t really say why I’m drawn to this show. Maybe it’s the hope that it’ll explore the topic of race in the South. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s set in New Orleans. It’s like a behind the scenes feel good story. I just hope that the show is actually, y’know, good.

And that’s pretty what my Sunday/Monday is going to look like. Next time I’ll give you a rundown on my Tuesday/Wednesday.

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