Missing Links on Jim Ross, Sandman, Jericho, Monty, Kamala Singing, Punk & More


Jim Ross has updated his blog with a lot of info on BBQ and more, including the following noteworthy excerpts:

I never got to know Sandman really well but had a few conversations with him and always enjoyed shooting the breeze with the ECW Original. I am sorry that Sandman is no longer in the WWE but those things happen for a reason and not just for the hell of it. Sandman worked hard and many fans seemed to like his unorthodox style. Who’s to say The Sandman won’t be back in the WWE some day??

Shelton is so gifted and simply needs to mentally decide that he will not be denied and that he will become a main event level star and refuse to take no for an answer. I love Benjamin’s potential. But as I have said potential won’t buy the groceries over the long haul.

I believe totally in the overall health and well being of every performer/athlete in this business. I would have no issue if there was a zero tolerance policy as it relates to illegal drug use and B.S. doctor’s prescriptions. Period. Recruiting and training intelligent, highly skilled athletic men and women of all sizes shapes and forms will only make the business better as it would allow company’s to stay away from con artists and individuals who have been taking short cuts all their lives and care nothing about the team but only about themselves.

He also talks about the European Title, his character wrestling in a video game, the current lack of depth of talent in WWE and more.

Some more links from around the world of Internet wrestling:

– According to the Tampa Tribune, head of the Physician’s Wellness Institute Dr. John Todd Miller was sentenced on Wendesday to 18 months in federal prison for conspiring to dispense steroids. Wrestlers tied to this clinic in the article include Billy Kidman, Eddie and Hector Guerrero, Dan Spivey and the Big Show, with Kidman telling investigators that he was referred to the clinic by the late Brian Adams.

– There is a story on WWE, steroids and Congress at Politico.com.

– Chris Benoit’s physician, Dr. Phil Astin III, will file a motion to be removed from house arrest, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

– Kevin Eck from the Baltimore Sun has updated his blog with thoughts from the HBO Real Sports segment on wrestling deaths, saying it was underwhelming.

– Eric Garguilo from phillyBurbs.com writes about Dave Meltzer’s recent reports that Chris Jericho has been in talks with WWE and TNA Wrestling. He also has an article up about Monty Brown’s WWE release, saying that the personal issue Brown had taken time off to deal with had to do with his brother recently passing away.

– With Ashley Massaro on Survivor: China, she’s all over the place.

– Craig Tello of WWE.com interviewed ECW Champion CM Punk about the pressure of being champion and Mike Mcavennie interviews new World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

– Brutus Beefcake talks about Nick Hogan here.

– Kamala sings here.

– The Sandman will debut in-ring for Pro Wrestling Unplugged in Philly at the former ECW Arena on an October 27 card also featuring Shawn Stasiak, 2 Cold Scorpio, Joey Matthews, Gangrel, Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake and Larry Zbyszko, according to PWInsider and ProWrestlingUnplugged.com. The promotion’s SurgeTV show has been posted online and can be seen here.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.