Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination – Tuesday/Wednesday

Yeah, so I’m back and now we’re getting to the meet of my week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are traditionally days when things ramp up and I’m juggling programs.

So let’s jump right into it.


Tuesday is going to be a busy day. It’s got four new shows that I’m hopeful about, plus some returning favorites. But I’m probably going to be boycotting Boston Legal because of all of the attention it received in terms of the Emmys.

Cavemen – I’ll admit it; I’m intrigued by this program. Sure it’s gotten plenty of bad press, but the concept seems like it’s got potential. I’m going to give it a shot. But clearly the show is going to be suffering tons of backlash.

Carpoolers – I usually don’t try out new sitcoms because they usually fail (R.I.P. Knights of Prosperity), but I’m rooting for this one, if only because it comes from the mind of Bruce McCulloch, arguably my favorite of the Kids in the Hall. Oh, and I dig Tim Peper.

The Unit – The cliffhanger last season has me very interested in checking out the premiere. But this is one of those shows that I don’t feel the need to watch week in and week out. That said, it’s always something reliable to fall back on in terms of viewing.

Cane – I’m so down for seeing some Latinos on the small screen. This might be one of the shows that I’m looking forward to the most. It’s got a pretty stellar cast, so I’m expecting big things. I hope this show is good and can find an audience.

Reaper – I’ll admit it; I jumped onto this show because I’m a huge fan of someone involved in the pilot; Bret Harrison. Actually he’ll be in every episode and I’m glad. I loved The Loop. Ray Wise is no slouch either, but it’s Harrison who has me looking forward to this show.

Nip/Tuck – Once upon a time there was a show that I watched just so that I could critique it. That show was Reunion. This show has picked up that mantle. I used to dig Nip/Tuck in the early years. But last season it went off the rails. I still think that if this season was Christian and Sean on a road trip from Miami to L.A. performing surgeries in every town they stopped in, it would be the bestest season ever! I mean could you imagine Christian doing the whole lipstick mark up, in Mississippi? That would be priceless!


Wednesday is surprisingly packed with content. And it’s all new content, none of my Wednesday faves are returning, yet.

Pushing Daisies – My interest in this show is waning. It looked interesting, but the closer it gets to premiering the more it looks like it’ll be the first show that I’ll be dropping. I’ll try out the debut and take it from there.

Private Practice – My love for Kate Walsh is well known, but did my love for Addison bloom because of where she was? More to the point, am I going to care about Addison now that she’s not part of a love triangle (square?) in Seattle Grace? We’ll find out.

Dirty Sexy Money – I dig Peter Krause, I loved him on Six Feet Under. Since Michael C. Hall scored big with Dexter, figured I owed it to “Nate” to give his new series a shot. And that’s where we are.

Life – I find the concept of a wrongly convicted cop, who returns to the force after being exonerated interesting. Especially since his storylines appear to be the B story of the episode. I’ll certainly try this show out.

And there we have my Tuesday/Wednesday. Given all of the shows that I’ll be trying out, I really don’t know how I’ll have the time to watch them all. And we still haven’t gotten to Thursday/Friday.

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