Transformers: They Cybertronian Enquirer 09/24/07

Opening Salvo

I was really hoping to be able to share with you guys the glory of MP Skywarp but that will have to wait until next week. I tell ya the shipping over at a certain major online retailer has gone to pot since their big expansion. There were some days that I would blink and my stuff was here. Anyway time to check your prepaid label and get on the truck; it’s time to Transform!

Toys: What I got, what they got, and some news too

Like I said above, I got nothing this week and I’m a wee bit pissed. Even worse is that it was a slow news week. Lets get to it and scrape the bottom of the barrel together.

After about a month delay it appears that the MP Megatron kit is ready to go. Besides the stock and silencer it comes with two Die-Cast leg caps that attach by ball joint to give the figure more weight in the legs. I have this on order so I hope to have him soon. I still haven’t touched my Megs yet and I’m glad due to all the complaints about rust forming on his feet. I’ll transform him, with rubber gloves.

Well Dutch fans will be getting no love on the IMAX front this fall since Transformers won’t becoming to any IMAX theaters over there. On the DVD front Michael Bay confirmed what many fans were concerned about, the extra IMAX footage won’t be on the DVD release of the movie and there is no extended release planned for any time soon. With Transformers 2 rumored for summer 2009 expect any type of extended release for the spring before that.

The Transformer Collectors Club Seacons may be coming sooner rather than later but with an added bonus. All the club will say now is that it is a figure that has been in demand for some time. The going rumor is either Slugslinger remolded and repainted into Devcon or RID Optimus Prime repainted as Defensor.

Remember last year when SDCC exclusive Nemesis Prime, the toy that you had to jump through hoops to get, was released generally everywhere else in the world? Well the same thing has happened with Alternator Rodimus. Thus far he has turned up in selected stores in Australia but it’s only time before he comes to Europe and the East. On the plus side he isn’t going for the arm and leg on Ebay like Nemesis Prime did.

Surfing The Space Bridges

What do you folks thing about another US exclusive being released generally in the rest of the world?

The World Around Transformers

Just a quick word on the SV-51 from Macross Zero, apparently there is problems with the wings holding the entire missile and bomb compliment. Also the shoulders tend to be loose and a few, just a few thus far, have hairline cracks in them. The second version done in fuchsia should fix these problems. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to tell you all about the glory of the Revolvotech VF-1J Hikaru type.

Sixty-Second Review

Transformers: Titanium
Optimal Optimus
Out now

The last of the three Titaniums I got due to the sale over at BBTS was Optimal Optimus. For those of you snickering at home over the rhyming name Optimal was the result of Optimus Primal taking the spark of Optimus Prime into his body. The spark mutated Primal into a super robot. The original toy was a four changer the Titanium release had to omit the beast mode due to size limitations.

Even before I got the figure out of the box I noticed that his arms were grossly out of proportion, though not as grossly as his head. The overall color scheme is yellow and blue, hey it’s a Wolverine Transformer; seriously though I like the bright vibrant colors and how the darker maroon hues accent them. The instructions fail to mention two flip out cannons in his chest that can be used in all three modes.

The instructions actually fail to mention quite a few things, like telescoping his legs in for vehicle mode and that his arms should be out for robot mode. I haven’t seen this kind of gross instructional negligence since the RID and Armada eras. Transformation is not too difficult but the ball joints in the forearms and shoulders do make it difficult to line thins up properly. I tend to prefer the jet mode out of the three since he looks a touch like Superman; don’t ask.

Articulation is severely limited due to his huge arms almost dragging on the floor. He is quite shorter than most Titaniums which at first I found quite annoying until I realized that he reaches the 6” height of most TiT’s due to his shoulders. That’s kinda cheap in my opinion. Those of you who are fans of the beast era of Transformers probably already have this guy, the original toy, Primal Prime, and the prototype for the Titanium Primal Prime. If you’re not a die-hard collector of the Titanium line you can go ahead and skip this figure. On Elohim’s Energon cube ranking scale I give Optimal Optimus five cubes. Very middle of the road, which is common with most of the Titaniums.

Parting Shots

A bit short this week. That usually means something HUGE is going to happen soon; isn’t that the way it usually goes?

The King of the Fanboys,


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