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Welcome all to the Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim with my partner in crime Daron yet again. This is the Tuesday edition of the Handbook, we have gone to a multi-day posting schedule. How are you Daron?

I’m good. I’m glad to see we’re off and running on our multi-post schedule.

I‘m good. Reading this weeks books as we talk and preparing the synopsizes for the next edition. I‘m ready to go though. So let‘s start.

Sure thing, who am I to stop than hand of fate…errr Jim?

Cory emails

Hello fellas, Cory’s here…with more questions….for the new Bi-weekly UMHB! Also the Iron Man trailer is online!!

Hey Cory. Yep the trailer is online and looks great

Hell yeah, I don’t even like Iron Man and that movie looks BAD @$$!. If anyone hasn’t seen it, you should check it out.

1- I read about this person somewhere, but who the hell is “NFL Superpro”??

Let’s give you a bio

Real Name: Phillip Grayfield

Identity/Class: Human mutate technology user

Occupation: Reporter and adventurer; former football player

Group Membership: Sports Inside Crew; formerly Chicago Bears (tryout); formerly Philadelphia Eagles (regular roster, only pre-season); formerly Notre Dame Fighting Irish (college football, regular roster)

Known Relatives: Lynn Ridgway (sister), Mark Ridgway (brother-in-law), Melanie Ridgway (niece)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: NFL SuperPro Special Edition#1 (September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Without armor Phil possessed superhuman speed, strength and agility. While wearing the uniform he was also nearly invulnerable because it was made out of fiberglass and plastic alloys that were so hard that even bullets bounced off the uniform. The uniform was seemingly also filled with technology. In the helmet was a microphone that allowed him to be constantly in contact with his sidekick Ken Reid and a helmet camera. After a few improvements by Reid the helmet camera could also be used in the back of the head, which allowed Reid to tell Phil what happened behind him. Reid also attached an infrared filter to the helmet’s visor for night vision. He is also a trained football player (a Quarterback AFAIK). Due to this training he was an expert in running, jumping and (most important in his fight against crime) tackling.

2- Since I’ve been forgetting the Top 10 list, can I get a Top 10 of the worst/lamest MU heroes and villians?



1. NFL superpro
2. Captain Ultra
3. Combo Man
4. Rocket Racer (villain list to)
5. Cypher
6. She-Thing
7. Big Bertha
8. Razorback
9. Triathalon
10. US 1

I could go on to. I also can likely guess Gambit will be on Daron’s list

Gambit is my list…haven’t we discussed this already?


1. Bookworm
2. Rocket Racer
3. Stilt-Man
4. Boogyman
5. Mr. Fish
6. Fly
7. Oddball
8. Ringer
10. White Rabbit

3- Since I’m liking Avengers: The Initiative so much, I must say that I like the “black ops” team that they have also. It’s probably the best title out now that displays forgotten characters, while revealing new ones. But any clues on who is “Mutant Zero”? Creator Dan Slott has stated Mutant Zero is secretly a well-known character in disguise: “She’s a mutant chick who’s been cover-worthy many times… When that mask comes off, there will be a “whoa” among those reading it. People who don’t even follow comics regularly will know who it is.” Who can that possibly be??

Mutant female. Cover worthy various times. From what we can tell possibly unstable. Now of course this can fit a few. I’ve thought about Callisto a bit with this one. She is possible even though believed de-powered. I’m hoping for more clues as we go but right now she fits. That is unless it’s an X-member that I’m just not thinking on.

Callisto…cover worthy? I don’t think so, and highly doubt it.

4- Since we already established Wolverine’s and the X-Men’s love interests, how about those of Anthony Edward Stark?

This ones less complicated

Meredith McCall
Sunset Bain
Joanna Nivena
Virginia (Pepper) Potts
Natasha Romanova (the Black Widow)
Janice Cord
Marianne Rodgers
Whitney Frost (Madame Masque)
Bethany Cabe
Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp)
Indries Moomji
Heather Glenn
Brie Daniels
Rae Lacoste
Kathy Dare
Doctor Su Yin
Veronica Benning
Rumiko Fujikawa
Calista Hancock
Anna Wei
Countess Stephanie DeLa Spirosa
Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk)
Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel)
Maya Hansen

5- Cable & deadpool #44, is it just ol’ Deadpool breakin’ the 4th wall or an Marvel in-joke for him calling Wolverine “Jimmy boy” aka James Howlett & also telling him about”singing the Boy from Oz soundtrack” aka Hugh Jackman?

Yep that’s Deadpool breaking that fourth wall again. It‘s like the Tobey McGuire jokes with Spider-Man and the like.

6- Has it ever been revealed as to how Lady Deathstrike was able to survive the adamantium bonding process that gave her her talons? I know that she has some type of healing factor now, but before it seems like a deathwish to even try this experiment without a healing factor, right?

Lady Deathstrike resolved to better fight him on his own terms and so struck a deal with Donald Pierce, the renegade White King of the elitist Hellfire Club, who had formed a band of cyborg mercenaries named the Reavers. Pierce had the extradimensional being named Spiral transform Deathstrike into a cyborg, healing her facial scars in the process. Now possessing superhuman strength and Adamantium claws to rival Wolverine’s own, she led three other cyborgs in Pierce’s employ – former Hellfire Club soldiers Cole, Macon, and Reese – in an attack on Wolverine, only to again meet defeat.

So what we know is Spiral did it but how is beyond me fully.

7- What’s the battles been like in the past between Hulk vs. Thor, and Hulk vs. Juggernaut? In WWH: X-Men #3, Juggernaut mentioned that he won the last time the Hulk and him battled.

Well Thor and Hulk have had some classics

Avengers #3
Journey into Mystery #112
FF #26
Sub-Mariner #35
Defenders #10
Hulk #255
Hulk #300
Thor #385
Thor #489
Hulk #440
Heroes Reborn the Return #1-2
Hulk 2001

With most all of them being draws. As for the last Juggs/Hulk fight. Last time was in Defenders #10 but that didn’t count. So before that was Hulk 457 with Hulk as War. Hulk looked like he won that one but we all know some characters are delusional on who wins a fight

8- As of reading New Warriors#4, who are all the members of the new incarnation of the team? I know Wondra is Jubilee, who’s everyone else?

Night Thrasher: still thinking Synch
Wondra: Jubilee
Tempest: Angel Salvadore
Blackwing: Beak
Decibel: Chamber

The last few we haven’t seen enough of to guess.

9- Exactly how strong is Thor? About his shown feats of strength…what are the God’s Blast & the Anti-Force?

Superhuman Strength: Thor, like all members of his race, is superhumanly strong. However, as the son of Odin and the Earth spirit, Gaea, Thor’s strength is considerably greater than that of the vast majority of his race. He possesses vast superhuman strength enabling him to lift well in excess of 100 tons. The upper limits of his strength are unknown.

Odinforce: The sum total of Odin’s power as the king of Asgard plus the power of his brothers Vili & Ve. The Odinforce enables him to tap into the near-infinite resources of cosmic and mystical, enhancing all of his abilities. With the vast magical power of the Odinforce, Thor was able to even dent Captain America’s shield with Mjolnir. During this time, Thor was able to teleport Asgard to the skies above New York City.

The other two terms are a bit new to me. As for feats. Well he’s done so much. Might just have to come back to this.

It might be easier to list the feats he hasn’t done???

10- Is it just a coincedence, but I read somewhere that the creation of Thor’s hammer was so intense that it possibly killed the dinosaurs, really? Isn’t that like saying that the same vat of chemicals that blinded Matt Murdock leaked into the sewers and created the TMNT’s?

Yep that‘s basically saying the same thing really. Somethings just work out that way.

That may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Where did you hear that…or rather either of those?

11- Also about Thor. I noticed that 2 of DC’s top 3 have picked up his hammer, Superman and Wonder woman. They were worthy, obviously. Though for WW this was before she killed Maxwell Lord, but anyway could Batman be worthy enough to wield it?

Bats? Hmmmm good question. Let‘s see. Batman likely might not have the belief system as say Wonder Woman has. He definitely doesn‘t have the truth justice and stuff Supes has. He might not be worthy because of those things.

See I disagree here. Even though he may dress in black and whatnot, Bats pretty much believes in everything that Supes does he just shows it differently. I think he probably can since the other 2 can…

12- About “proving points” last week, it sucks that Wolverine has to be the guinea pig for Marvel. I look at The Gorgon and Red Hood as 2 recent villains who defeated ole Logan just to prove their mettle in the MU. Doesn’t that kinda cheapen his reputation a bit, though Logan is resilient (no pun intended)? He seems to be the only character who goes through this. For a character’s sake is this fair or wise?

It‘s not that wise. But heck normally Wolverine gets the best in the end to in many ways. Think of Gorgon. Wolverine finished him off the next time. Hood very well could be the same. Plus he might grow his back bigger.

Really? Do you think Wolverine really has much of a reputation worth tarnishing anymore? I really don’t.

13- Synch! I agree that I think that the new Night Thrasher. For many reasons.1 -Both black. 2- Similar build. 3- His potential. Potentially, if Synch did not die he would have became one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. Plus Jubilee aka Wondra is his 2nd in charge, so that’s the connection from Gen-X right there.

He makes a ton of sense. That‘s why I thought he would be a perfect Night Thrasher here. Have Jubs questioning it to seeing as he was believed dead.

That’s it for me this session. More to come later thanks to the new format (Daron).Till then, Thanks a mil, Make Mine marvel, and See ya in 7!

Alright Cory. See you next week.

No problem, see ya in a few.

Kevin Wong posted

Thanks to Daron for clarifying my question about the Tim Sale stuff. Mathan already covered the DC Loeb-Sale collaborations; I’m looking for Jim’s opinions on the Marvel side of things

Um…wow, Jim, just wow. You completely missed the boat with that question. Kevin asked to get some background on the Loeb/Sale “color” books, like Daredevil: Yellow, Spiderman: Blue, and etc. As well as some info about Sale being color-blind. And you’re here promoting DC’s newest graphic novel. *Shakes head*

That was the question and yes I did miss it.

Ok Tim Sale and Loeb have worked on:

Spider-Man Blue: An interesting book which takes us back to Gwen’s death and his feelings on dealing with it and dealing with MJ who is interested in him yet again. Even does a wonderful job of retelling of tales from The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #43-48 and #63. A great read in reality.

Daredevil Yellow: This one takes us back to Daredevil’s origins and his relationship with Karen Page as we go back to the classic yellow original costume. Another great read entirely

Hulk Grey: This one tells the story of the 48 hours after Bruce Banner first became the Hulk. It shows a retelling of the origin of the Hulk that is very well done and Banner tells us everything while talking to Samson. Very good read.

As for Time being color blind. He still does some great and wonderful work. I quite enjoyed the work these two have done together for Marvel

As for me, I’ve only ever read DD: Yellow, and it is quite good. I’ll probably get around to reading Spidey: Blue as well. If you’re looking for opinions on picking them up, I’d say go for it!

Soak1313 posted

with all the wolverine history stuff going on in the column i was wondering what what the worst injury he has ever suffered? i remember him being crucified on a giant X and then there was when he got the adamantium ripped out of him, but has there been any that were worse than those?

Those two are hard to beat. But Wolverine has been threw hell at times. You go to think of the Adamantium processing itself because that was painful. He’s been shot at, blown up, had his man hood shot off. I mean it’s hard to mention everything.

Yeah, pretty much, if it’s possible to do to a human, Wolvie’s probably been through it…

That‘s it for today. I‘m holding two more emails for the next edition which will include the synopsizes of this weeks tie ins.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

4. Keep those emails coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. The more emails the better the articles are. With the new format next week we’ll need all the support we can get. Until next time Make mine Marvel.

Indeed, keep those emails coming. The new format has been great, and we can only keep it up with your help. See ya all in a few!

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