Heat/WWE.com Recap for September 23, 2007

Heat/WWE.com Recap for September 23. 2007
By Michael Nash

Match 1
Cody Rhodes vs. KC James

• KC James gets the early advantage with an arm lock
• Rhodes counters and hits a shoulder block and arm drag on James
• James breaks out of Rhodes’ arm lock with a vicious right hand
• James hits a cross arm breaker on Rhodes
• James puts Rhodes into a rest hold, Rhodes breaks out and counters with a dropkick
• Rhodes hits a bulldog and DDT for the 3 count on KC James

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Match 2
Ron Simmons vs. Johnny Parisi

• Simmons goes on the offensive with a kick in the gut. Simmons gets Parisi into the corner and continues his offense
• Parisi momentarily stuns Simmons with a shot to the mouth
• Simmons quickly regains his composure and nails a spinebuster
• Simmons scores the quick pinfall

Winner: Ron Simmons

Match 3
London/Kendrick vs. The Highlanders
• Rory and Kendrick begin, Kendrick gets the early advantage with an armbar. Rory and Kendrick then exchange submission holds
• Rory jabs Kendrick in the gut as he is coming off the ropes, tags in Robbie
• Robbie continues the offensive, tags in Rory, who hits an elbow from the top rope as Robbie is holding Kendrick
• Kendrick hits a hip toss on Robbie, tags in London. London/Kendrick hit a double shoulder block on Robbie
• London and Robbie exchange some offense. London goes for the small package pin and gets a 2 count.
• London hits a cross body and quickly goes for another pin and again gets the 2 count
• Kendrick is tagged in and again goes for a succession of quick pinfalls
• Rory is tagged in as is London.
• Rory tosses London outside the ring as Heat goes to commercial
• We return with Robbie going for the pin on London; 2 count ensues
• Robbie begins to work on London in the middle of the ring with punches to the back, while London remains in a head lock
• Rory is tagged in and again goes for the unsuccessful pin
• Rory puts London in a chinlock.
• London tries to get to Kendrick, but Rory keeps him away. Rory gets London in his own corner and tags in Robbie. Robbie continues working on London, and eventually tags back in Rory
• London counters with an atomic drop and huricanranna
• Kendrick and Robbie are both tagged in
• Kendrick goes on the offensive, goes for the pin on Robbie, but Rory saves his teammate
• Kendrick hits a super kick followed by sliced bread number 2

Winner: London/Kendrick

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