Paulie's Power Poll – Week 3

Week three was wake up week in the NFL. We got a clearer picture of who’s who and what’s what. Some teams seen as early season disappointments stepped up to the plate, while others continued their mind perplexing slides. How do my rankings shuffle up this week? LET’S GET TO IT!

1. New England Patriots (3-0) – Another week, another 38 points on the board. Some people are already talking perfect season. I don’t look that far into the future, but I do see 4-0 after Brady and Moss dismantle a dismal Bengals defense this weekend. Last week: #1

2. Indianapolis Colts (3-0) – The Colts had another tough game against a division opponent this week. A man who plays the “what if” game would wonder how they would have fared if Andre Johnson had been playing. I don’t play that game. The Colts showed the mental toughness it takes to win another close one. Last Week: #2

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) – The Steelers roll again. This time putting the upstart 49ers in their place. Big Ben and Fast Willie are really putting it together this year. Luckily Hines Ward only has a bruise on his knee so Ben still has someone to throw to. Last Week: #3

4. Dallas Cowboys (3-0)- I was tempted, seriously tempted, to move Dallas up to #3 this week, but I’m not in the business of punishing a team that beat who they were supposed to. This offense is scary good this year. The Chicago defense is still nothing to sneeze at and they dropped 34 points on them. This team is head and shoulders the cream of the NFC. Last Week: #4

5. Green Bay Packers (3-0) – I’ll admit, when Favre hit Jennings on the last crossing route against San Diego, it broke my heart. This is a team playing above their heads right now. How long can Favre and his three receivers carry the offense with no semblance of a running game? Last Week: #7

6. Houston Texans (2-1) – This team showed grit, heart, and toughness against the defending world champs. I just didn’t have the heart to drop them. Andre Johnson’s knee doesn’t get out of the immobilizer till maybe Wednesday, so he’s likely out again this week. Luckily they have the Falcons this week and should get back on track pretty quickly. Last Week: #6

7. Tennessee Titans (2-1) – They laid a pretty good spanking on the Saints this week. Going into the bye they’ve given themselves a pretty good momentum boost. Last Week: #13

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1) – The Jaguars went into Denver and showed what they can really do. The running game is slowly getting back on track and the rushing defense came back to life holding Travis Henry to only 35 yards. Last Week: #18

9. San Diego Chargers (1-2)- 14-2 talent with 2-14 coaching. I still think this team is better than most of the league but that defense is in disarray. Talk all you want about losing Cam Cameron and firing Marty, the biggest blow to this team was losing Wade Phillips. All the talent on that defense is going to waste and just looks lost out there right now. Last Week: #5

10. Carolina Panthers (2-1) – Speaking of lost defenses, what the hell is up with these guys? I really doubt that someone flipped a switch on Atlanta’s offensive line and made them into a steel wall after giving up 13 sacks in the first two weeks. Yet, the vaunted Panthers’ front seven only managed to eek out one sack on Harrington and put hardly any pressure at all on him. If the Falcons had kept up the spread passing attack, they probably would have won this game. The good news in Deshaun Foster is starting to wake up but he’s still too inconsistent to be a lasting threat. This week against an improving Tampa team will be a landmark game for this team and how well they will fare in the division this season. Last Week: #15

11. Washington Redskins (2-1) – How do you not get the ball into the end zone with 1st and goal from the 1? Last Week: #9

12. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) – They came really close to blowing this game against the Cardinals. The defense in the 4th quarter was making Kurt Warner look like an MVP again. Last Week: #14

13. Seattle Seahawks (2-1) – Got all they could handle against the Bengals. And now Shaun Alexander has a broken wrist. How that affects him down the line will be interesting Last Week: #17

14. Denver Broncos (2-1) – They did not look very good at all against a Jacksonville team that they probably should have beaten. I guess 16-0 on all last second Elam field goals was a little far fetched, eh? Last Week: #10

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) – They have held two straight QBs to a rating under 40 but Steven Jackson was still able to put up 100 on them. The game in Charlotte this weekend could go a long way in deciding the NFC South. Last Week: #22

16. Detroit Lions (2-1) – Wow, just, wow. Where oh where did the defense go? And just how hurt is Calvin Johnson’s back? Last Week: #8

17. San Fransisco 49ers (2-1) – Someone was finally able to exploit this team’s lack of offense. Teams know about Gore now and are going to make Alex Smith beat them. I just don’t think he’s going to be able to do it. Last Week: #11

18. New York Giants (1-2) – And the defense decided to finally wake up when it really mattered. If they can carry this week’s big play on through the season, they’ll scare some people this year. Last Week: #25

19. Chicago Bears (1-2) – The defense is playing so much, their groins just can’t take the strain. Lovie’s gotta get over his love affair with Grossman and do what’s best for the team. Put Kyle Orton back under center, they played pretty well for him. Last Week: #12

20. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) – Well, the offense found their way this week. I guess Donovan felt a need to defray some criticism against him. Last Week: #28

21. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) – Once again, the defense lets them down. It doesn’t get any easier with the Patriots coming to town. Last Week: #16

22. New York Jets (1-2) – They did just enough to finally get a win this week and Thomas Jones finally earned his paycheck. But they way Miami came back on them is definitely still cause for concern. Last Week: #21

23. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – Two stinking field goals away from 3-0. Could you imagine that? Arizona at 3-0? I can’t. Oh, and after stinking it up in my fantasy loss this weekend? I hate you Matt Leinart. Last Week: #20

24. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) – Larry Johnson still isn’t running anywhere and it doesn’t really get any easier for him till the Bengals come calling in October. Last Week: #31

25. Oakland Raiders (1-2) – Lane Kiffin is LEARNING. Using the same stunt to beat the Browns that was used against him the previous week and funny if unoriginal. But you do what you gotta do to get the win. Especially if that means making a guy kick two straight field goals from that horrible infield dirt in Oakland. Last Week: #29

26. Minnesota Vikings (1-2) – This low enough for you, Corky? Holcomb is not the answer. Finding real wide receivers is. Last Week: #19

27. Miami Dolphins (0-3) – Ronnie Brown finally looked like the top fantasy draft pick that many were duped into making him… as soon as the world benched his ass. Thank you, Ronnie Brown. Last Week: #30

28. Buffalo Bills (0-3) – Lee Evans has 29 receiving yards this season. And he’s supposed to be the guy in Buffalo. Trent Edwards may get the start this week against the Jets. I don’t see much changing because of it. Last Week: #23

29. Cleveland Browns (1-2) – And the sun sets. Derek Anderson had another decent day but still had a completion percentage under 50%. I don’t think Baltimore is going to be as kind this week. Last Week: #24

30. New Orleans Saints (0-3) – What has happened to this team? Brees has already thrown 7 interceptions in 3 games after only 11 all of last year. Deuce is now out with an ACL injury. Can Reggie be an every down back? Can Aaron Stecker be the same compliment that Deuce was? Will this team ever wake up from this stupor they’re in? Last Week: #27

31. Atlanta Falcons (0-3) – They showed some life against the Panthers but Petrino got conservative in the second half and it cost them the game. Almost as if he… nah, no conspiracy theories here. Last Week: #32

32. St. Louis Rams (0-3) – Who would have thought one offensive lineman could mean so much to a team? But without Orlando Pace, this offense is just not there. Bulger isn’t as confident in the pocket and it’s showing with how he’s throwing the ball. Steven Jackson seemed to be finding his groove, but now he’s out at least a week with a partial groin tear. How that injury is only a one week deal is beyond me. They head to Dallas this week. Hello 0-4. Last Week: #26

That’s it for this week. Agree with me? Think I’m an idiot? Want to call me names? Go here in the forums and we can discuss it.

Credit:, the National Football League and individual partner organizations

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