Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher – Cane – Pilot

What we’re dealing with: Cane is a throwback to the Super-Soaps of th eighties. But whereas oil was the big thing back then, in this environmentally conscious era, it’s a forbidden business. So this time we have a family owned business that deals with sugar canes and rum. As the patriarch of the family, Hector Alizando (Chicago Hope) is about to retire, he has to decide the faith of his business. His biological son, Nestor Carbonell (Lost) is urging him to sell most of it to a rival company, while his adopted son, Jimmy Smits (The West Wing) wants the business to stay within the family. As a decision made, to the dismay of the biological son, a power struggle starts within the next generation of the family. It’s almost like Bobby Ewing vs. J.R Ewing in a Latin setting; only here the good guy doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty just like the bad guy.

Cane is a distinctive Latin show. Not just the cast, but the whole ambiance. The brown/red colors of a hot southern Florida atmosphere, the background music the show rides its Latin vibe all the way through.

Cane is geared towards women. The intrigue, the family feuds, the Latin vibe and Jimmy Smits & Nestor Carbonell they’re all there in order to get the female population to tune in just like they did to the stories of the Ewings and the Carringtons. It also seems like the first real attempt by a major network to attract the huge Latin population with a big-budget hour long drama set in the Cuban community.

For fans of: Dallas, Dynasty and Jimmy Smits.

The good: The pilot was pretty good. It did a decent job setting the stage and introducing the main characters. The show also has great cast, as Smits and Alizando, are very accomplished actors that have proven in the past they’re more than capable of carrying a show, and Carbonell and Rita Moreno are also pretty good. It also looks good when it comes to setting eh mood and has a jot sexy feel.

The Bad: I’m not sure how appealing and captivating the story will be. Last year I had a problem with the pilot of Heroes because I felt it was too character oriented and didn’t feature much of a story. But I was patient and didn’t regret it. Cane tries to present a good story with ties to the characters’ past, but I’m not sure there’s really much to keep me hooked over time. However, I realize I’m not necessarily the target audience and wouldn’t be surprised if this show will become a minor success.

In Closing: Since the pilot was a mixed bag in my eyes, I’ll give Cane one or two more viewings before I make my final mind, but I’m not sure it will get a permanent spot on my weekly viewing schedule, which is already too crowded.

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