TNA Impact Tapings Results

News, Spoilers

* Jay Lethal beat Havok. Christopher Daniels had a staredown with Lethal afterwards, handing the X Title over to him.

* Kurt Angle came out in a football jersey and said Sting’s son was a great football player. He said he wanted the old Sting back and wouldn’t leave until he came out. Karen Angle arrived and they argued about Kurt going too far by involving Sting’s son and whether or not Sting really touched Karen. Sting appeared on the big screen and said the old Sting was ready for Bound For Glory and that they would both pay for “what Kurt did” at his son’s high school. A Sting dummy falls from the rafters and scares Kurt.

* Bobby Roode beat Petey Williams. Kaz ran out after the match and Roode bailed. Kaz tried to kiss Traci’s hand but Roode pulled her out of the ring.

* Team Pacman beat Senshi & Elix Skipper. At one point Pacman threw a football into Senshi’s groin. BEST MOVE EVER. He went for an elbowdrop but the referee stopped him as he wasn’t the legal man. Pacman distracted XXX by making it rain with $1 bills, so Killing got the pin. They threw the money out to the crowd. The Steiners congratulated them and called out Team 3D, saying they were “Bing Hall Backyard Wrestlers”.

* Amazing Kong beat Gail Kim and scared all the other women, who watched at ringside.

* Jeremy Borash told the crowd if they booed Christian Cage hard enough they might get chosen to go backstage.

* Christian Cage and AJ Styles came out for the Peep Show. Samoa Joe was the guest and they talked about Bound For Glory. Cage proposed a toast and Styles poured two glasses of Margarita. Joe threw his in Cage’s face and they brawled. Matt Morgan carried Styles to the back (aww…) as Cage laid Joe out with a coconut to the head.

* Raven & Black Reign beat Rhino & Abyss in a no-DQ match. Reign pinned Rhino. At one point Abyss took a DDT onto thumbtacks.

* Kurt Angle & Team 3D beat Junior Fatu & LAX. Morgan was a ringside enforcer, keeping some LAX Nation people away from the match. Angle pinned Homicide after an Angle Slam. The LAX Nation guys came out after the match but one was Sting in disguise and he put the Scorpion Deathlock onto Angle.