Captain's Log: Kid Nation – Episode 2

A quick recap of the first week with kids getting used to everything and then being split into different divisions: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The first competition to determine the class-system was won by Red and one kid went home. Jimmy was just too home sick and couldn’t take it anymore. Sophia won the first gold star worth $20,000 and the kids are ready for week two.

To Kill Or Not To Kill

The kids are feeding the chickens and gathering some eggs. It is amazing how many of them seem to have never seen a live chicken before. But the Town Council reads the book and finds a helpful hint that may help them survive on more then just biscuits and pasta. They could always kill a chicken and have a great meal like the old settlers did. Somehow I wouldn’t doubt that Greg from the Blue team would have a problem lopping off a chicken’s head.

Sophia is still in the kitchen even though that’s Yellow’s job. Town Council is meeting again and the boys are all about killing some chickens though while the girls think it should be left up to the whole town. Laurel’s accent is really random. It just comes and goes. The town seems divided on killing the chickens. Greg is a former butcher. I KNEW IT!

Meanwhile Emilie seems like a nine year old member of PETA. Alright.

The vote is held and “killing chickens” wins out. Emilie lets the Town Council know she will leave if they kill chickens. Now she has locked herself and like two others in the chicken coop until they change their minds. Crazy hippie kids!

Another little town meeting and the hippies have agreed to let a couple chickens be killed. Greg has on his apron and they bring the chicken to a chopping log in the middle of a field. Now explain to me why the hippies are out there watching the execution if they are so against it? Greg chops the heads off and tosses them aside as the headless bodies run around. Jared, who was against killing the chickens, is now holding a dead one by the legs and excited about eating a good meal.

Is it wrong to want to hit an eleven year old?

Greg is really coming around this week and helping in the kitchen and with cutting up the chicken and all. Everyone is digging dinner big time. Emilie didn’t attend dinner. She simply sat in the bunk and got sad that everyone was having chicken for dinner and is getting really sick of everything around Bonanza City. Hippie.

It’s cold as can be. Half the Yellow team is not in the kitchen doing their jobs including Town Council member Taylor who is a spoiled brat. When asked to come to the kitchen, she says she doesn’t want to. And the water well is frozen because it is so cold. I honestly had no idea that could happen. Green team makes it happen though, especially Michael. They unfreeze the pump and get water.

Showdown time for class, jobs, and salary. A big ol’ inflatable heated water slide is set up. But it’s only one of the possible rewards if all four teams finish within an hour. Teams must put together a system of pipes from the windmill through an outhouse, a barrel, and other things to get the water to a waterwheel. Water is going to be shooting out the whole time to make things even more difficult. I want to be a kid again because of this show.

All four teams are moving very fast. Greg is proving to be extremely smart in this competition. Blue takes upper class! Red comes in second. Yellow comes in third with only five minutes to go and are once again the cooks. God it really sucks that Green is coming in last again because there are some seriously hard workers on that team. But now it’s inevitable and they are working for the big prize. And suspense…they couldn’t get it. Damn!

I feel so bad for those poor kids but everyone is still supporting them. That is a fantastic thing to see. The other prize they could have won which was revealed to them was unfreezable water pumps all over town. They’re still smiling though. These kids are awesome.

Yellow is once again, and unfortunately, in the kitchen. They don’t care and it’s quite sad. Taylor again brings up that she is a “pageant girl” and is above washing dishes. Blue is helping Sophia with the dishes. Town Council Mike is suspicious of Greg and wonders if he simply is working for the gold star. Isn’t that one of the ideas? Dur!

Some of the kids are running a pet daycare taking care of everyone’s stuffed animals. CUTE! Emilie the hippie has once again locked herself in the chicken coop. Go home ya dirty hippie.

Town Council meeting and gold star talk. Greg really needs the money for college; at least he has a goal. Mike again is totally against Greg getting it and it is so because he doesn’t like him, you can tell. Laurel and Mike want to give the star to Michael. Anjay and Taylor want Greg to get it. Uh-oh, tension!

DING-DING…Town Hall Meeting.

Everyone in town still approves of the work the Council is doing except for two, Savannah and Sophia. Yellow is about to be burned at the stake as everyone wants them to do their work in the kitchen.

Taylor: “We do our best and sometimes it’s just too cold to get in the kitchen. Yall are just going to have to starve.”

Michael speaks up again and says age is not an excuse. No-one wants to go home this week, even Emilie. Great, that means even more of her complaining and tree thumping next week. But now it is time for the gold star giveaway. Town Council confers for a minute and the winner is: Michael (Green).

He deserves it, but if Greg has another week like he did this week? Then he better win it. Michael is giving the star and money to his parents and now he’s calling them to let them know. Seriously, he is one great kid. Jealousy has now set in now with Greg and he says it was disrespectful and he’s going to do something about it. Dude, don’t! Three more days of hard work and you can get one too.

Next week Greg lets his temper get the best of him and he is showing it. The young kids want to prove they deserve the gold star too as it looks like there’s going to be some sheep wrangling. And a dust storm looks like it is going to destroy Bonanza City. This is your Captain speaking folks, and I’ll see you next week.

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