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“Happy U got a kick out of my EMAIL!!! Also nice video of Ozz,he used to do some stuff before Konnan started running AAA and decided that he should move him up to Main Event things with Kenzo and Banderas. It is turning into WWE all over down in AAA but still always a joy to watch on a boring Sat afternoon.

I got 2 questions for U tho.

#1 Any clue why Angel Williams got release from WWE beside the fact that she looks like a 45 yr old man?? I saw her wrestle in AAA and she was terrible/looked terrible!!!

#2 U remember Super Calo from his WCW days? Well he lost his mask a few weeks ago and let me tell U I wish he would’nt.Might be one of the ugliest people I ever seen. So my question is do you think the reason why so many Mexican Wrestlers or masked wrestlers wear masks is because they could be some of the UGLIEST people in the world or what??
Examples- Kane,Super Calo,Chris Benoit,Kanyon, and the list could go on and on!!!!”

– TJ

First, a brief recap of Angel William’s career for those who don’t know who you’re referring to. She was born in Toronto in 1981 and started appearing on indie cards in Ontario and the USA in 2000. A wrestler called Rob El Fuego trained her to be an actual wrestler and in 2005 she was signed to a WWE developmental deal. She did various deeds in Deep South Wrestling, such as competing in their first-ever bikini contest and managing the Gymini, and was then moved to OVW after Deep South’s demise earlier this year. One day after her debut match against Serena Deeb, Williams was released from her contract. She recently popped up in AAA as a member of Konnan’s Foreign Legion stable and will be in Whatever The Hell The Women Are Doing at TNA’s Bound For Glory next month. I’d imagine that she was released simply because it was that time of year when WWE thins out its rosters and they had nothing in particular lined up for her. Ironically, despite being a skinny, white, blonde woman, her look might have counted against her. After all, how many skinny, white, blonde women do they need for the main rosters? They’ve already got Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, the soon-to-return Ashley, Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Maria, Jillian Hall and even Lilian Garcia, not to mention that random French bird and whoever wins the Diva Search next. You can find out more about her here.

Oh, and if you want to see her wrestling again, which you clearly do, check out this effort in Brooke Adams’ debut match:

I’m told that Brooke is some type of ECW thing. I lost track of their names a long time ago.

As for the ugliness of masked wrestlers, well, you’re certainly onto something there. Mexico and Japan have broader cultural reasons for using masked wrestlers but elsewhere it’s pretty much a given that if a wrestler has a good-looking face the promoters won’t want to cover it up. Can you imagine how far Shawn Michaels would have gone as the Heartbreak Masked Man? Conversely, Rey Mysterio’s career low-point came when he was unmasked in WCW and thus lost all of his mystique. All people saw was a bland-looking little guy rather than an intriguing, unique and sympathetic character. WWE were thankfully savvy enough to mask him again, which caused a lot of controversy amongst Mexican wrestling fans at the time but has worked out just fine in the long run.

Still, if they feel the need to put Snitsky under a mask then I won’t complain.

If you’ve a wrestling question for us, send it in. We’ll be back soon with more answers for you.

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