Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher – Bionic Woman Review

What we’re dealing with: Jaime Sommers gets in a car accident and instead of letting her die, her scientist boyfriend decides to make her the next specimen in the series of “human improvements” experiments and replace her legs, one arm and one eye with bionic devices. But she doesn’t only deal with her new body. She has a delinquent hacker sister and there’s a rogue bionic woman running around and wreaking havoc all over the place.

For Fans of: The original Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man and bad sci-fi shows.

The Good: There are two actors that I like on that show. Miguel Ferrer (Traffic) and Molly Price (Third Watch).

The Bad: Everything else. I just didn’t like this show. I saw the original pilot during the summer and didn’t like it back then, but when I heard that it was redone with some changes, I decided to wait until the final pilot airs on TV before writing about it. Well, I waited and it turns out the only change is that Jaime’s sister is no loner deaf. That’s it. The story was boring and uninspired, I couldn’t relate to the characters and in general it looked and felt like something that belongs in the seventies or on late night reruns.

In Closing: If you’re looking for a show that features an Amazon woman kicking all kinds of ass, just hold on until January when The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres. In the mean time, there are better shows on that timeslot (Kitchen Nightmares is just one of them).

Sir Linksalot: Bionic Woman

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