TiVo Central – Grey's Anatomy – Episode 4-1

We are back for another fun-filled season. I wanted to say a few things about the end of last season before I get into this season, since I haven’t talked about them yet. I can’t say this enough. I LOVE the George/Izzie romantic relationship. It totally fits. All those who complain about the relationship should really watch the show from the beginning again. It actually makes sense. Some will ask “can’t girls and guys just be friends?” Yes, they can. But I am not counting out the fact that friends can be more as well. If it was Meredith and George, I wouldn’t buy it. But Izzie and George makes sense! This isn’t the “perfect relationship”, but that’s the point. It’s a little messy and it doesn’t look good on the surface, but deep at the heart of things this relationship should work in the end. It just won’t be pretty.

I say that only because the rumors have run rampant that the writers of this show may end that relationship pretty quick thanks to the complaints of fans. I’m starting to think this show may end up being another Dawson’s Creek. Some people wanted Joey to be with Dawson, while others wanted her to be with Pacey. In the end, some people were mad while others cheered. That’s the beauty of good television writing. They actually make you care about the characters and have strong opinions about every move on the show. We are a long ways off from this being settled, but it will be interesting to see what twists and turns await us this year.

I will also talk briefly about the departure of Preston Burke from the show. As a character, Burke will be missed. I always enjoyed his feuding with “McDreamy”. However, this is an ensemble cast and the show won’t suffer that much in his absence. They plan to introduce lots of new characters this year, and maybe some will stick around long enough to make us care about them as well.

One last thought about last season. Overall, I thought it wasn’t as good as the second season. Once again, the third season finished fairly strong, but the second season finale was better than the third season finale. Too many “spinning the wheels” episodes in the middle of the third season. They also start strong and finish strong, but the middle can get a little slow at times. Lets see if that changes for the fourth season. With all of that said, it’s now time to get to it.

We go back to the season one storyline with a group of new interns entering Seattle Grace hospital. They are led around by the new residents, Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex. George is left to do his internship again. Among the interns is Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie Grey. Lexie is under Cristina and George is under Meredith. Hmm, that also has another meaning to it, but I won’t go there.

Meredith finally meets her sister in an awkward situation. Derek also meets Lexie at the hospital. They both realize that they “met in a bar” the other night. They realize that in front of Meredith. That’s really nice!

The next piece of news is that Callie is the new “Chief Resident”. That really burns Bailey, and I think I might like this feud if it keeps up this season. Alex can’t stand Callie and I don’t think anyone really likes Callie at this point. Not even George. But he has a lot on his mind. More on that later.

In the most ridiculous medical patient on this show yet, Izzie is desperate for anyone to help. She wants to give her interns something to do. That anyone happens to the thing that caused a major car wreck. That thing also happens to be a deer. It’s not dead, though, and at the urging of a little boy Izzie admits the deer to the hospital. Yep, can’t make this stuff up. On a side medical note, a guy likes to eat everything in the hospital, including all the tools. That is REALLY weird.

Derek finally tells Cristina the news about Burke. He handed in his letter of resignation. He quit the hospital. Cristina is brave and pretends to take the news well. In an interesting twist for Derek, Mark wants to be friends with him again. At least try to be friends again. That will be easier with Addison down in Los Angeles at that “private practice”.

Who should Lexie be with? Again, probably no one will like it if she hooks up with someone on the show. Alex is a leading contender, but everyone would be screaming if that happened. Same for Derek. Too much there for that to happen. So I doubt she will get involved with any current character. Then again, life is a circle so who knows. So far, Lexie really hasn’t annoyed me yet so I will give her some time to develop as a character.

George becomes the “God of all Interns” when he delivers a baby. Did these interns not watch the show last year? **insert sarcasm here** How could they think this is George’s first day? In no way did he act like a “newbie” in this episode, so if they bought that they are in fact naive. But that fits for fresh-faced interns, so whatever works. Maybe we will learn more about them as the weeks go by.

In an odd moment, we do get the repeat of the end of the second season finale at the end of this episode. Meredith is stuck between two people calling out her name. One is Derek, while the other is Lexie. Hmm, I found that hilarious actually. But Meredith walks over to Derek and chooses him again over his family, just so that they could “break up” and have “makeup sex”. Now THAT was lame. No way they would end that relationship now.

But we finally get to the “big moment”. The good stuff. George shows up at Izzie’s front door and says “I love you too”. I can hear millions of people screaming at their television sets, and all I can do is smile. Now then I doubt this will last, because if it’s anything like life there will be plenty more “bumps” in the road. For now, though, all is right with the world.

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