MTV Mix – Volume 52

The same old drama with a twist this week. We’ve got engagement parties, skating competitions, graduation day, photo shoots, talking behind people’s backs, and “celebs” acting like idiots all this week. But what else would you expect on MTV? This is the “Mix”, so lets shake things up a bit…



The Hills

Jason drops the bomb on Lauren. Not a huge surprise to anyone who is a fan of this show, since they have been hyping this from the beginning. Jason has a girlfriend named Tasha and he wants Lauren to meet her. Lauren has some great facial expressions during this conversation. She gives in and says yes.

Whitney and Lauren have a big photo shoot for the band, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It’s up to Whitney to make this go through without any problems. The only problem with that is the the band wants Whitney, Lauren, and Audrina to come hang out with them the night before the photo shoot and do shots! They do a melody of shots including Jager and various combinations of that. Not good at all girls! During the photo shoot, one of the band members is a “diva” and doesn’t want to wear the jeans that Whitney picked out. Whitney later gets an “ass chewing” from her boss. She’s not happy with Whitney.

Meanwhile, Heidi goes wedding dress shopping. Jen thinks Heidi shouldn’t really get married right now. She thinks she is too young. Heidi may be having doubts as well after seeing how uninterested Spencer is in the wedding planning. They also can’t decide on when they should have the wedding nor where it will be located. Oh yeah, Spencer hasn’t even told his parents about the marriage yet either. Nice!

Later, the REAL bomb gets dropped on Lauren at the party at Jason’s house. Jason is engaged to Tasha after knowing her for 7 months. Lauren seems upset. Tasha doesn’t seem to like Lauren and Lauren feels the same by the looks of it. Jason is just trying to play peacemaker. But it doesn’t really work that well.

Whitney and Lauren discuss work and the Jason thing. Basically, Lauren says she loves Jason but she is “so glad” that she isn’t Tasha right now. She doesn’t want to get married right now, and knows she could have easily been in her position. Smart move Lauren. Now as for the preview next week, I don’t like it. But that will have to wait until next week…

Life of Ryan

Ryan is going to the big X-Games competition this week. He really wants to win a gold medal, since he hasn’t won one in awhile. But the problem with that is his dad wants to bring his new girlfriend to the competition as well. Ryan doesn’t like that idea. So he tries to go and talk to his dad about it. His dad tries to assure Ryan that he will never “move on” from his kids. He may have a new girlfriend, but they will always be his boys.

Taylor, Ryan’s friend, tries to tell Ryan exactly what his dad said before he said it to Ryan. Ryan’s dad’s girlfriend just wants to be accepted by Ryan. So they are just going to have to work things out.

Meanwhile, Ryan invites all of his friends to X-Games, including his new girl “friend”, Julia. Ryan’s agent doesn’t like that idea at all. He wants Ryan to be focused on the competition. The problem with that is Julia says that Tony told one of her friends that Ryan is “just going from girl to girl and she is just another girl”. That upsets Ryan and when he confronts Tony about it, he says he has no idea what he is talking about. As a result, Julia doesn’t go to X-Games.

Time for X-Games and Ryan’s whole family and friends are there. Ryan’s dad encourages him before he skates. But it doesn’t really help as Ryan falls and hurts his finger. That affects the rest of his run, but he does qualify for the finals. His dad wasn’t so sure about him qualifyin and tells Ryan just that. aRyan can’t believe that his dad said that when he knew Ryan was already worried about failing.

On the final day of the competition, Ryan’s dad says he is sick and doesn’t show up for the competition. Ryan is pissed and that really hurts his final run. He finishes in fourth place, which is not bad since that’s “Top 4 in the World”. His friends discuss the situation with his dad before we end this week.


The Real World: Sydney

The roommates get their jobs. They work at Contiki, a travel company. They have to create a travel trip to Sydney for people. If they create a good trip for Sydney, they succeed in their job. The job sounds easy, but Dunbar worries that they won’t be able to work together.

Parisa likes to sing early in the morning. This doesn’t please anyone else in the house. For some reason Dunbar complains loudest about this. Not too her, of course. That’s Trisha’s job. She rats him out to Parisa. Parisa thought that Dunbar was her friend, but Trisha says he talks crap behind her back all the time.

Trisha really can’t drive and proves that she really is a young girl. She acts like she is in high school still. She also gets caught in a lie. Parisa is mean to the guys, since she believes they don’t like her. Once Dunbar gets confronted by Parisa he gets upset. Dunbar says that Trisha is the one that says all of the things about her and blames it on the guys.

In the end, Parisa confronts all the guys and they say they have no beef with her. So back and forth we go. Parisa now asks Trisha about what she said. Parisa can’t trust anyone and no one wants to take the blame. Cohutta does a little foreshadowing when he says the house could come to blows at any minute with all the talk. Hmm…are you thinking what I am thinking?

Newport Beach: The Real Orange County

Chrissy doesn’t want to leave Clay behind when she graduates high school. It will be so sad. Chrissy doesn’t want to call Clay her “boyfriend”. He is just a “thing”. Clay wants to make things work. They will be miles apart, but they will try the “long distance” thing.

Meanwhile, Allie tries to act “mature” and apologize to her dad for her disrespectful attitude. Really she just wants to go to Italy with all her other friends. Allie later invites Chase to a party. But Taylor can’t come. She also confronts him about getting back with her, etc.

Time for the big bonfire party. Of course, Chase brings, Taylor and Allie and Samantha feel “awkward”. They want to go home now. They don’t want to watch them makeout. No one knows why she is here. Is Taylor like a sophomore or something? Allie says they only wanted the juniors and seniors there. Chase jokes with Taylor that Allie is “secretly in love with him”.

Why is this show in “fast-forward” mode? It’s already graduation day. Perhaps they should have thought this show out more. Or maybe they didn’t want to drag it out more than they should have. Probably just uncertain if this show would catch on like Laguna Beach. Anyways Chase, Samantha, Sasha, Chrissy, and Allie graduate. Lets all cry as the “childhood” montage plays. Allie even gets to go to Europe. No surprise there. “Shut up!”

The thing I love about this show is the California accents. They are classic. They are stereotypical, but they are accurate in this case. Clay with his “dude” and Allie with her “whiny valley talk”. Next week is the season finale, though! What will happen to all of the relationships? Find out next week on a “very special episode”!


Celebrity Rap Superstar

I continue to “fast-forward” through this show. This week the “celebs” perform with their rapping mentors. This might actually be decent. Here is a quick rundown of what happened on this episode:

– Sebastian Back and Korupt starts us off in a pretty good way.

– Kendra Wilkinson and Too Short get “hyphie” as they rap “Blow the Whistle”. Kendra shakes her ass. She still can’t rap that well.

– Shar Jackson and MC Lyte rap “Ruffneck”. Shar does the best so far to keep up with her mentor.

– Perez Hilton and Tone Loc rap “Funky Cold Medina”. I think Tone has been smoking WAY too much since he last made this song famous. That was just okay. Nothing too embarrassing.

– Countess Vaughn and Warren G were going to do “Regulate”. This would have been a classic, but Countess is done. Her voice is a wreck and she can’t sing for two weeks. So that means Countess Vaughn is the one gone this week!

– The final four is Shar, Sebastian, Perez, and Kendra. My money is on Shar, eventhough she has the most “boring” personality out of the remaining four. But we will see.

And that ends the 52nd volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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