Interview With Ian Rotten

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap – IWA-MS’s Ian Rotten
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Ian Rotten Recap

The most professional start to the show as Ian Rotten gives ten seconds of silence followed by the Doctor asking if many boys go to the Rotten household to discuss bookings, angles and the like. Apparently the question is all legit and the answer is not like back in the day. Ian reminisces of CM Punk recording and critiquing his matches and Sabu taking as much time to tell Ian’s wife how good the food is at thanksgiving than the time it takes for him to execute a successful Triple Jump Arabian Press.

Dr. Keith asks how Ian manages to keep going with all his dire financial woes? Ian says he tells the IWA fans and they come to his rescue. Ian then goes on to thank the fans of the European WXW to help him get over the death of Chris Candido. ‘I get down, I get so pissed off reading message boards,’ Ian then shoots on the message board geeks that state the Ted Petty tournament is a technical wrestling tournament. ‘The Ted Petty represents everything that Ted Petty was; Ted Petty was a high-flyer, Ted Petty could knock the living daylights out of you, so he could definitely work strong style and Ted Petty was a brawler.’

Ian talks about Eddie Gilbert almost being forgotten today and doesn’t wish for the same with Ted Petty and Chris Candido. Ian says that if he went out of business, he’d ‘make a lot of people happy for the wrong reasons.’ Keith demands names. Ian obliges! Jim Cornette is name number one. That ‘beat-nosed ASSHOLE’ Danny Daniels is number two, and Don Owens is also name -checked. And the reason? ~ JEALOUSY! Ian rips into AAW’s Daniels big time, claiming that he ‘made him.’ Ian says he is pleased for Ring of Honor’s success but that IWA Mid-South doesn’t get the respect that they deserve.

Retirement talks. Ian can honestly see himself leaving the squared circle as a performer mentioning the longer recovery rates and that he’ll be able to book better shows with more time behind the scenes. The future will see more local talent in IWA Mid South than big names. Ian talks about not running Chicago due to having to pay $1,000 for commercials and the never-ending-cycle when funds are low. The two put Chuck Taylor and Drake Younger over as the future of IWA Mid South with Ian giving a first hand account of Drake’s recent thumb I mean hand perils and a Peter North comparison.

Ian talks about his fear of the fans not paying to see the TPI tournament and why fans are pissed off at him over Jimmy Rave. Keith asks why Ian is more publicly open now about his business dealings this year? Ian agrees that it is a conscious decision on his part and talks candidly over his problems with J.C. Bailey. 2008 plans ~ Ian plans to host a raffle draw with the winning fan being given a budget with it book their own wrestling show. Ian utters the immortal words of Terrence Funk: ‘This ain’t ballet,’ alluding to whining wrestlers. Ian then discusses Jimmy Jacobs throwing the IWA-MS title in the garbage, and Jimmy coming back to the promotion and how angry this made IWA-MS Jim Fannon (the godfather to his son). When talking about guys working other promotions, Ian doesn’t mind, however Ian says he will always push guys more that are loyal to him over guys that aren’t and if you think otherwise then ‘you’re an idiot.’

Keith asks if Ian watches WWE if he is happy for CM Punk? Ian says he is elated for him and talks about his own goals for the future of the sport and has yet more aggravations. Ian says he hugged Punk at the Candido show and told him to ‘go become a millionaire.’ Smelly ring gear talk ~ YAY! Ian says the only wrestler he ever booked for himself was Dusty Rhodes. The biggest problems he faces being a promoter is working around other promoters’ schedules. Ian then transforms into Ole Anderson stating that everytime a name wrestler leaves he can create another. Ian says he knew Necro Butcher was rejoining ROH for months and wishes the internet would give him some credit. He says that the ROH project is often the same, although it is still spiffing. Ian trashes TNA revealing that the booking gives him a headache!

Deep South feud talk, along with his injured EYE and Freak Show discussion. Then CZW talk. Ian blames John Zandig’s ego for the reason the promotional feud wasn’t as successful as it could’ve been, and blames Zandig for a botched scaffold/tables spot. Ian said that Zandig got legitimately upset at some of the CZW fans and tells the listeners to the Dr. keith show why. Talk of the last IWA-MS Philly show and people phoning it in – and what the guys were doing backstage (Philly cheese steak talk)! Ian finishes by plugging this weekends Ted Petty Invitational tournament and several super smashing great IWA Mid South DVD deals at


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